Visit Timisoara, Romania: 10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss

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Visit Timisoara: Union Square
Union Square

Timisoara is a beautiful city on the Bega River in western Romania, 550 km away from the capital Bucharest. It’s the third most populous city in the country and one of the most significant educational centres in Romania. If you visit Timisoara, you will be able to see its colourful architecture, awesome monuments and lots of green spaces. You would just need a couple days to visit all the main attractions! Grab your backpack and hop on a plane to reach this lovely destination. Here are 10 places we recommend you to see in Timisoara!

1. Piaţa Unirii (Union Square)

To begin with, check out Timisoara’s beautiful Union Square. It’s a big open space surrounded by a varied series of buildings. With their colourful and elaborate facades they make one of the gems of this space. Here you will also find the Catholic Church of St. George, along with some restaurants, bars and little shops. At the centre of the square you can also see a fountain and the Statue of The Holy Trinity, a monument which symbolises the end of the plague epidemic that struck the city during the 18th century. You can go there for a break and sit on the benches or the grass. Or you stop to eat at one of the places, like the pizzeria La Pinochio or the restaurant In Thyme, and enjoy the view of the square from the outdoor tables.

2. St George’s Church

When you pass by Union Square you can stop to see George’s Church, the major gathering centre of Timisoara’s Catholic community. It’s one of the most valuable instances of Baroque architecture in the city and it was founded in 1736. Definitely another feature of the Piaţa Unirii that is worth a visit, especially if you’re interested in the art and the culture of the country and you want to know more about its history. You can visit it all day outside the mass hours.

3. Piaţa Victoriei (Victory Square)

Moving on, Victory Square is another unmissable stop when you visit Timisoara. It’s the city’s main square which was built subsequently to the fall of communism in 1989. Here you will be able to enjoy the beautiful floral decorations, which are part of the reasons why Timisoara holds the title of “city of flowers”. Moreover, you can admire a gorgeous fountain from the 1950s, Neoclassical buildings and a monument of the “Lupa Capitolina” with Romulus and Remus donated by Rome in the 1920s. The square also features the Orthodox Cathedral, the Romanian Opera House and a cinema.

4. Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Timisoara center square with Orthodox Cathedral on the background

Later on, you should move to the center square, where you will find most of the shops, restaurants, activities and monuments. One that definitely is worth to see when you visit Timisoara is the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. You will find it right in front of Victory Square. With its beautiful 11 towers and stunning interiors in neo-Byzantine style, you will indeed love the place. You can visit it along with the crypt which holds historical religious collections.

5. Romanian Opera House

One more place you will find in Victory Square is the Romanian Opera House. You fancy a night out at the theatre? Then this beautiful building from the 19th century is the right place for you. The first performance here was the Aida by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1895. The structure was struck by a fire some years later, but nowadays you can admire a restored facade which still maintains the original Renaissance style.

6. Historical Centre

Of course you can’t miss the opportunity to explore the city’s historical centre. All the streets are colourful, easily walkable and full of shops and other amenities. You can stroll by the river banks, cross the parks or, if it’s a warm sunny day, just relax, grab a table outdoors and have a good coffee or try some local food. Among our recommendations are the soups, chicken with curry and the typical Romanian dessert papanasi.

7. Rosenpark (Roses Park)

The seventh place we recommend you to see when you visit Timisoara is the Roses Park. You will find it near the Bega River and it’s one of the stunning green spaces in the city. It was designed back in 1891 and it officially reopened after the First World War, during the 1930s. This is a great place for a nice afternoon walk. What’s more, it indeed is the perfect location to take stunning pictures. Discover the beautiful rose compositions, all the different colours and flowerbeds, and enjoy some time out in the nature and away from the city traffic.

8. Muzeul Consumatorului Comunist (Museum of the Communist Consumer)

We now recommend you to visit the Museum of the Communist Consumer, located just outside the city centre. You can go there any day of the week and see their permanent expositions. They include many different items from private households, from furniture to objects of daily use to pictures and other forms of media. It’s set up and decorated like an actual apartment where you can walk freely and study all its details. Take the occasion get a glimpse of the life of the past Communist Romania.

9. Art Museum

If you’re up for some more museum tours, check out Timisoara’s art Museum. You will find it at the Baroque Palace in Union Square. Take a look at the 8 exhibitions of mostly contemporary and European art. You can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM until 6 PM.

10. Iulius Mall

Last but not least, we absolutely recommend you to visit the Iulius Mall. In this big shopping center you’ll find many different shops: clothing and accessory shops, jewelries, restaurants, fast food, cafes, food stalls, and also a supermarket where you can do your grocery shopping. It is perfect to spend a morning or an afternoon doing some shopping after a tour sightseeing. You can relax and maybe charge your phone or laptop, or have a good meal.

For further information and news about the city, check out Timisoara’s official website.

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