What is a Pub Crawl – Tips for an Unforgettable Night Out

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Imagine this: You are travelling to a new place, full of new opportunities and things for you to experience. You explore the city, wander around and discover beautiful sights and enjoy your time. But there might be a moment during your trip when you feel like doing something else. You might want to meet new people, especially if you’re travelling alone, or go out and party either alone or with your group of friends. If this time comes, what about joining a pub crawl?

This is an activity that brings travellers together in the most fun way. In our opinion, every city in the world has a lot to offer through this kind of experience. Here’s what we have to say about it.

The best way to discover the top bars and clubs

Malaga at night

You may want to party in a new city, visit the best bars and clubs. But usually, it is difficult to figure out which places are the best ones or which match your preferences. We have created a great plan for you to have fun in the city every night by selecting the best pubs and clubs that you’ll absolutely love.

Through this activity, we offer both tourists and locals an incredible experience, during which they will discover cool spots and distinctive spaces of Malaga’s nightlife.

We encourage you to keep reading and discover multiple reasons why you should be part of this amazing experience.

1. What is a pub crawl?

Every city’s pub crawl is different from the others. The meeting points, prices, drinks and overall organization are curated to fit every city and the needs of the participants. In this way, it is guaranteed that you will have the best experience possible while also navigating the city you’re visiting.

what is a pub crawl
What a pub crawl looks like

So, what exactly do I have to do to participate in a night life tour?

At first, things work in the same way everywhere. You pay for your ticket either to the person responsible for the pub crawl in person or online (if you booked the experience on a website like Airbnb). The local guides in charge of the pub crawl will pick you up from the meeting point at a specific time and then will proceed to take you from place to place in order for you to enjoy the drinks included in the price you paid for your ticket.

It is actually that easy to join in the experience! As described above, the only thing you have to do is buy your ticket and meet up with everyone at a specific time and place. Enjoy your free drinks and the free entrance in every one of the bars and clubs. Get ready for an amazing time, as local guides know the best places in the city of Malaga. We can guarantee you that you’ll love them as well.

2. What is a Pub Crawl: Why should I join?

If you’re still wondering why you should experience this, we’re here to help. Here are the best reasons why you should buy your ticket as soon as possible.

what is a pub crawl
Attending a pub crawl

Will I be meeting new people?

Meeting people in a new city can be a quite difficult task especially if you’re travelling alone. But it doesn’t have to be like that! A great amount of people like joining the pub crawl because it usually attracts those who are in the same situation. By joining, you will be able to meet them, have drinks together, discuss your interests and of course dance together in the clubs. Even if you’re coming along with your friends, why not take this great opportunity to expand your group and interact with people from all around the world over a drink?

Do I get free drinks in every place?

As mentioned before, the ticket you purchase includes a number of free drinks in every place you go. Why not take advantage of that opportunity? The money you pay for the whole experience is less than the amount you would pay to have all these drinks. And of course, the guides are with you all along, taking you from place to place and making sure you have the best experience possible.

Do I get free entrance in the clubs?

As you might already know, in most if not all of Malaga’s nightclubs, you have to pay for your entrance. The price differs from club to club and from day to day. In some of the most popular clubs, you usually have to pay an amount of 10 to 20 euros to enter. But if you are joining the pub crawl, you don’t have to worry about that! The entrance to both clubs that we visit is free for participants and you also get your free drinks inside. So you don’t have to worry about overspending during your night out, just relax and enjoy your drinks.

Are there local guides in a bar crawl?

The guides that are organizing the pub crawl have a great knowledge of the city and its nightlife. From the moment they pick you up at the meeting point until the end of your night, they always accompany you and are there to help you. Our guides have a great experience with the pub crawl and are there to guarantee that you’ll have an excellent time. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help or any questions you have about the pub crawl or the city itself. They’ll be happy to help and provide you with the best night you can imagine.

3. What should I know before I join a pub crawl?

Now that we have covered what a pub crawl is and what is offered along with it, read below to learn some important information about the event.

Drinking tips in a night life tour

what is a pub crawl
Shots with other people attending the pub crawl

The pub crawl’s main focus might be to have fun and visit new places but drinking is also a big part of it. Don’t feel obliged to drink more than you can handle. Joining the pub crawl doesn’t mean that you have to get drunk or not respect your personal boundaries. It’s all about having fun, trying new things and meeting new people. Keep in mind that you have to feel good in order to enjoy your night and be mindful. Everyone has different limits and that should be respected in any situation, even in that of a pub crawl.

Dress code in a pub crawl

Keep in mind that most clubs in Malaga have a dress code. That doesn’t mean that you have to dress more formally or dress in a certain way at all. We advise you to avoid wearing sweatpants or sandals though, as these pieces of clothing might not be considered appropriate in some places.

Be your best self

For the pub crawl to run smoothly, we would love to have your full cooperation. Pub Crawl happens every night but not all nights are the same. Some are busier than others and the groups vary in size every time. In order to enjoy it, we ask you to have patience and understand that our guides are doing the best they can to keep everyone happy. Keep treating them with respect and kindness and of course don’t hesitate to express your concerns to them, as the night goes on.

Useful links

We are thrilled to have you participate in one (or more) of our pub crawls. They happen every night and you can find us in the links below. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

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