What to do in Granada on a Sunday: Top 4

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It is Sunday which means Monday is just around the corner. That’s why you should enjoy the day by doing whatever you want to do. It does not matter if you want to relax or do something exciting, we provide you with ideas to not get bored on a Sunday in Granada. Granada is an interesting city every day of the week. Do not worry there is plenty to do on a Sunday in Granada. If you manage to leave the house on a Sunday in Granada, we got you covered with nice suggestions for Sunday activities in Granada.

What to do in Granada on a Sunday: Café y Copa

Even though coffee is not as prominent in Spanish culture as in Italy, Spanish people still love to enjoy their cups of coffee. They love to really prolong the coffee procedure to relax and talk to friends. Especially on Sunday, you can see people sitting in cafes to kick back and relax. Sunday is also the perfect time to enjoy the traditional café y copa. In Granada, multiple cafes offer special deals for café y copa, which is the tradition of drinking coffee and an alcoholic drink.

There is a noticeable amount of cute and cosy cafes with delicious coffee in Granada. Many speciality coffee roasters have opened their doors in recent years. Some of our favourite places are La Finca Coffee and Kamaleon Coffee. Both places serve their own delicious speciality coffee, which makes every Sunday special. Not only the coffee is remarkable but also the interior is very cosy and hip. A lovely place to sit outside is Café 4 Gatos. There you can enjoy your coffee while taking in the beautiful Alhambra. Grab a coffee and a good book, sit back and enjoy your afternoon. It sounds simple but sometimes that is the best thing to do on a Sunday in Granada.

what to do in Granada on a Sunday
Coffee, Cake and a good book on a Sunday in Granada

Walk through the Garcia Lorca Park

If you do not know what to do in Granada on a Sunday, try to get out of the city centre and take a walk through the beautiful Garcia Lorca Park. The park is on the grounds of the famous Spanish poet’s family’s summer residence. Within the park, you will also find the house in which Federico García Lorca used to spend many summers. The house has been turned into a museum in honour of the poet.

This park has something for everyone. It has amazing green spaces for picnics, designated dog areas, playgrounds for children and beautiful pathways with different kinds of trees and plants. The most romantic part of the park is the rosaleda. This rose garden offers an amazing sight as it displays hundreds of species of roses. Do not miss out on this stunning park while exploring Granada on a Sunday!

If you are curious about other beautiful parks in Granada, click here and take a look at our article about the best parks and gardens in Granada.

what to do in Granada on a Sunday
Take in beautiful roses in Granada

Discover Street Art in Granada

If you do not want to spend the Sunday in a stuffy museum, have a look at the beautiful and colourful street art in Granada. You can be outside and still enjoy amazing art. Moreover, you will be able to explore the city some more. There are hidden murals and graffiti all over the city. These artworks make the city even more unique and breathtaking.

Here are some suggestions on where to look for Graffiti in Granada. Realejo, the old Jewish district in Granada, is home to many stunning street artworks, particularly by the famous artist Raúl Ruiz. One of his largest murals is on the walls of the school Colegio Santo Domingo. In collaboration with other artists, this piece of art is regularly updated which means it is constantly changing and might be different if you walk past it more than once. Check out Calle Molinos 44, Hotel Molinos and Plaza Joe Strummer for more of Ruiz’s artwork. The latter will be particularly pleasing for music fans as the mural portrays the famous Joe Strummer, lead singer of The Clash.

The neighbourhood of Albayzin might seem very whitewashed at the first sight but when walking through the district you will find multiple colourful artworks by different local artists as well. If you do not know what to do in Granada on a Sunday, go on an adventure and discover the amazing street art in Granada.

discover street art in Granada on a sunday
Street art in Granada

Sunday in Granada: Hike the Los Cahorros trail

If a simple walk through Granada on a Sunday is not enough for you, try hiking the Los Cahorros trail. It is a beautiful hike passing waterfalls and rocks eroded by the Monachil riverbed as well as crossing suspension bridges. The best part, however, is the breathtaking views you will be able to enjoy.

The starting point of the hike is in a town called Monachil. The town is located in a valley in the national park of the Sierra Nevada which provides Monachil with a beautiful natural setting. Monachil is about 14 km away from Granada but there is a bus going back and forth every day. The hike is considered not to be difficult as it is also appropriate for children. The hike takes about two and a half hours.

The trail is also known for bird-watching, enjoying the beautiful wildflowers, picking fruit from fruit trees and finding peace outside of the busy city streets. This is a great Sunday activity if you are in the province of Granada.

Sunday Granada aactivities
A bridge next to a waterfall on the Los Cahorros trail

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