12 Best Unusual Things to Do in Granada

Have you already visited the historic sites of Granada and want to do something different? Whether in the city center or on the outskirts, there are plenty of activities you can do. If you want to have an unforgettable experience, there are plenty of hidden gems to mix in amongst the cultural and local sights of this mysterious city.. Still don’t know how? Here you will find a curious list of the best unusual things to do in Granada.

1. Visit the Fine Arts Museum of Granada

best unusual things to do in Granada
best unusual things to do in Granada

This museum is situated in, almost hidden, in the depths of the Alhambra. In it, you can find collections that are mostly made up of fascinating sculptures and paintings from the 15th to the 20th century. Visiting this museum is one of the best unusual things to do in Granada. Although it is located inside the Alhambra, it has paintings with religious themes, mostly Christian, and mixes tastefully old with contemporary art.

2. Discover Granada Street art

best unusual things to do in Granada
best unusual things to do in Granada

Street art in Granada is as common as the local tapas are. Many talented artists have transformed the streets of this city with their colorful murals and works of art. If you want to see the most impressive masterpieces take a stroll through the streets of Realejo. This neighborhood is home to one of Spain’s best-known artists: Raul Ruiz, better known as “El Niño de las Pinturas” (“The kid with the paintings”). You can find his murals in the streets of the Jewish quarter of Granada. The ones that will impress you the most are in Calle Sta. Escolastica, a street that crosses the whole quarter. Also, from here you will have access to all the little streets leading to the Alhambra and you will be able to appreciate the best street art in Granada.

3. Zafra House – best unusual thing to do in Granada

best unusual things to do in Granada

This is one of the wonders you can visit in the Albaicín neighborhood. The Casa de Zafra was a property owned by the secretary of the Catholic Monarchs and is one of the best-preserved examples of Hispano-Muslim architecture in Granada. Also, the general admission costs only 3 euros.

4. The Realejo and the Sephardic Museum

best unusual things to do in Granada
best unusual things to do in Granada
best unusual things to do in Granada

The best-known quarter of Granada is the Alabaicin. However, the Realejo quarter is the perfect place to drop in after visiting the Alhambra. A fifteen-to-twenty-minute walk through unpredictable streets will take you to the Plaza del Realejo, the central axis of what was once the Jewish neighborhood of the city of Granada. In this quarter you will also find El Museo Sefardí de Granada, officially Museo de la Judería, a small museum in the city of Granada, Spain. It is dedicated to the recreation of the culture, history, characters, and traditions of the Sephardic Jews of Jewish Granada. The museum offers private tours as it is located in a typical house in the neighborhood, perfect for smaller groups.

5. Shopping in Calle Caldereria Nueva

best unusual things to do in Granada
best unusual things to do in Granada

We all know the Alcaecería, the dazzling shopping area of Granada, but if you want to do your shopping in a street that will transport you to a Moorish medina, this is the perfect place for you. Here you will find fajalauza painted ceramics, inlaid objects, Moroccan, Egyptian and Grenadian handicrafts. You can also have an aromatic tea in one of its many Andalusian tea shops and try the delicious Arab pastries, something you should not miss.

6. Flamenco Show in the Caves of Sacromonte

best unusual things to do in Granada
best unusual things to do in Granada

The Sacromonte quarter is the cradle of flamenco in Granada. The caves were the homes of the gypsies who settled in this area in the 18th century. Nowadays they are museums that will help you to get to know better the environment and the history of this wonderful neighborhood. If you are in this area, we recommend you attend a Gypsy Zambra and discover the rich cultural mix through this particular show usually in the evening.

7. Savor a delicious Arab teabest unusual thing to do in Granada

Without a doubt, when you walk through the streets of Granada you can’t miss the smell of all the condiments and aromas. The same happens when you enter a tea shop and taste a delicious tea with fruity and floral aromas. We recommend the following tea shops:

Baghdad tea shop

El Folcrore Andalusi tea shop

Generalife tea shop

8. Dinner with views of the Alhambra

best unusual things to do in Granada

After admiring the best views of Granada from the viewpoint of San Nicolas, we recommend you have dinner in one of the restaurants near the viewpoint and watch the sun go down over the city. These are our recommendations:

El Trillo Restaurant

Las Tomasas Restaurant

Carmen el Agua Restaurant

Best unusual things to do in Granada near Granada

9. Picnic in the Dehesa del Generalife

The province of Granada has 42 areas in nature ready to enjoy a day outdoors and enjoy a picnic. The Llano de la Perdiz, located in the Dehesa del Generalife is the best area where you can barbecue and also enjoy the vegetation near the capital of Granada.

10. Relax in the Lanjaron Spa Resortbest unusual thing to do near Granada

This spa is a unique destination for relaxation. The purity of the springs, its thermal treatments, and its location in the Alpujarra of Granada make this place an ideal place for wellness. During this experience, you will be able to enjoy its pools, savor the ecological gastronomy and stroll at your leisure around Lanjaron.

11. Visit the Trevelez Ham Museum

Have you ever been curious about the whole process of ham making? If the answer is no, this is one of our best unusual things to do in Granada. At the Jamones Vallejo Museum, you are offered a complete and interesting guided tour where you will see how the master ham makers work and what the process of drying ham is like. When you enter the ham drying room for the first time you will be surprised by the amount of stored ham and the unmistakable smell it gives off. In this museum the products stand out for their meticulous elaboration and high quality, resulting in an excellent final flavor. For this, they follow an artisan process that involves a completely natural drying process. This might not be the most suitable adventure for vegetarians, however it will be a memorable visit for those interested and is still child friendly.

12. Hiking along the Moanchil River

The Ruta de Los Cahorros de Monachil in Granada is a very interesting route through a narrow gorge with 5 hanging bridges, waterfalls, and a refreshing riverside landscape. There are several options for this route. Our recommended route is the 8-kilometer one which starts from the town of Monachil.

If you want to know more about hiking in this area, here you will find all the routes, including more demanding hikes for experienced hikers.

We hope this article helps you discover a different type of adventure in Granada. Moreover, If you want to experience similar hidden delights in Malaga, consider reading this article.