20 Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

Is it your first time in Malaga or are you a returning traveller? Well, it does not really matter because whoever comes to this amazing city wants a unique and unforgettable experience, something that is off the beaten track. Malaga is a city that has a lot of faces and there is a lot on the tourist trail that keeps the casual visitor entertained, however, if you want something extraordinary you have to be a bit more daring. Are you curious of what are some of the best unusual things to do in Malaga? If so, make sure to read till the end and collect all of our tips.

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

1. Discover Malaga’s street art at Soho

Soho district is an intriguing cultural and commercial area located close to the central part of the city. Can you imagine that once it was a decaying neighbourhood? You will be surprised by how local street artists have transformed and renovated it. It became the icon of urban art and underground culture. If you want to uncover the artistic side of Malaga, this is a great starting point!

unusual things to do in malaga

2. Experience a local phenomenon at Misericordia beach

It is 2 kilometres long beach, surrounded by a lovely promenade with chiringuitos (beach restaurants), a cycling road, green spaces and playgrounds.

Why is this beach on our list? Well, because it has a very interesting feature which has become a symbol of the summer in Malaga. During the summer, around 19.00 pm, you can witness a phenomenon called Ola del Melillero (Melillero Wave). The arrivals of high-speed ferries from Melilla docks to the Port of Málaga cause a slight increase in sea level which produces nice waves. You can witness 4 or 5 unexpected big waves and it is quite funny to see the reaction of those who do not know about this phenomenon.

unusual things to do in malaga

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

3. Try the Malaga version of churros

You simply cannot leave Spain without trying churros. It is impossible to resist the sweet smell of freshly fried churros and hot chocolate. However, once you are in Malaga, you must try the original Malaga version.
The ‘tejeringos’ are the traditional variety of churros in Malaga. It is leavened with yeast and has a smaller, smooth surface and ring shape.

Some of the best places to try churros:

Casa Aranda
Café Madrid
Los Valle
Bar El Caracol

unusual things to do in malaga

4. Time Travel at the Automobile and Fashion Museum

You must know that Malaga is full of museums, most of which are related to art. But let me tell you that this museum is different from the others. The Automobile and Fashion Museum houses one of the most important collections of old cars in southern Europe.

You will see about 100 classic cars, like Cadillacs, Aston Martins and Bugatti. But that is not everything. Besides classic cars, the museum also offers a fashion collection. You can visit a total of seven fashion galleries and, you will see 200 original pieces of haute-couture, all from different decades. It is definitely an unusual thing to do in Malaga and a perfect antidote for anyone who has had enough of sightseeing.

unusual things to do in malaga

5. Experience la Semana Santa (the Holy Week)

The Holy Week has an ancient tradition that dates back to the age of the Catholic Monarchs. For more than 500 years of history, the Holy Week of Malaga has been constantly present in the religious and popular feeling of local people. So it is truly a big deal!

During this period, many processions are held along the city. People carry wooden sculptures and extravagant thrones representing the events of the Passion of Christ. Even if you do not believe in the Christian religion, it is quite impressive and definitely something that you cannot experience in any other country.

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

6. Take a walk along El Caminito del Rey (the King’s Pathway)

It is an almost 8-kilometer long trail that is truly spectacular and undoubtedly unforgettable! The pathway was originally built between two waterfalls in order to bring workers and materials to the local hydroelectric dam. Since the walkways zigzag along cliff-sides, canyons and a big valley, this trail is not for the faint-hearted. El Caminito del Rey is full of adrenaline and scenic views!

7. Visit Mapas y Compañía shop

Do you fancy unique shops? Mapas y Compañía is an eclectic shop overflowing with books and the maps on the walls and globes suspending from the ceilings. The store has an extensive selection of maps, beautiful globes, wooden puzzles, illustrated books, stationery, unique gifts and decoration. Stepping into this shop is like entering wonderland!

8. Wander in Jardines de Puerta Oscura

Jardines de Puerta Oscura is a lovely landscaped public garden in the heart of the city. You can see and smell jacarandas, cypresses and other botanical species that complement to the surroundings of the Alcazaba. It is open 24 hours a day.

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

9. Cycle around Palmeral de las Sorpresas

Did you know that Malaga has amazing cycling routes? The best one is the east coast route where you can cycle approximately 20 kilometres relatively free from traffic. Cycle through the port of Malaga in the direction of the lighthouse and as soon as you reach Pedregalejo or Palo beach, don’t be afraid to get tempted by any of the beach bars offering fresh seafood. The smell is irresistible!

Get the most out of your stay by renting a bike!

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

10. Taste some craft beer

If you love drinking and tasting the specialities of a city, you are lucky because Malaga is packed full with a whole load of bars, pubs and microbreweries.

We have collected some excellent places where you can enjoy some of the best craft beer in Malaga: Central Beers Craft Beer (microbrewery with 15 rotating taps and 150 varieties of bottled beer), La Madriguera (has 8 home-brewed beers on tap), Cervecería Arte Y Sana (more than 700 bottled international beers) and Central Beers (offers an excellent selection of craft beers from all over Spain and Europe).

11. Experience la Feria de Malaga

Every year in August, Malaga is getting ready for its biggest summer festival of the year: Malaga Fair. It is a long week of celebrating Spanish culture and traditions, full of dancing, eating and drinking. The streets of the city become vibrant at this time of the year decorated with flowers and paper lanterns. There is nothing more Spanish or Andalusian! Just forget about the mundane problems and take the time off to party.

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

12. Go to Museo del Vidrio y Cristal (Glass and Crystal Museum)

Though it is a lesser-known museum, it has a vast collection of unique glass decorations from various periods, paintings, furniture and decorative objects that correspond perfectly to the historical period that they represent. The glass collection from Roman, Greek and Byzantine cultures is the most intriguing one in the museum. Let’s not forget that the collection is located in an 18th century mansion which is pretty impressive in itself too!

13. Discover the Torrijos Trail

Torrijos trail is considered to be the most interesting in the Montes de Málaga Natural Park. It is an easy, 8 kilometres long circular route that zigzags along a beautiful landscape of riverside vegetation and pine forests of repopulation.

The starting point is the Lagar de Torrijos which is an interesting ecomuseum. It houses antique instruments that were used to make sweet Malaga wine, bread and extra virgin olive oil.

14. Visit Castillo Monumento Colomares

Castillo Monumento Colomares is situated in the city of Benalmadena which is only a 25 minute drive from Malaga. The truth is that it is not actually a castle but like a monument that resembles a castle. It was built to celebrate the life and adventures of Christopher Columbus.

If you fancy different architectural styles you will be fond of this lovely little “castle” since you will be able to discover Gothic, Romanesque, Byzantine and Moorish Revival elements on the building. It is like something you see in an adventure movie!

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

15. Go to Malaga Aeronautical Museum

Located next to Malaga Airport, it is a very interesting and varied aviation museum including complete aeroplanes, helicopters, airliner cockpit, engines and airport equipment. If you are interested, you can also get to know the history of the airport of Malaga here. We can recommend it to everyone, both adults and children.

unusual things to do in malaga

16. Try the ice cream of Malaga

Malaga is famous for numerous ice cream shops which all offer a great variety of flavours. Casa Mira is the most popular ice cream shop in Malaga where you can try unique flavours like orange with chocolate, pistachio, turrano or mint. Each of them is so creamy and yummy! Furthermore, did you know that they have Malaga flavour too? It is made with sweet wine and raisins from the province. Sounds amazing, right?

unusual things to do in malaga

17. Spend the day in a less-known beach: Peñón del Cuervo

Peñón del Cuervo Beach belongs to an idyllic little beachside town outside of Malaga, La Cala de Moral. It is definitely among the most beautiful beaches in Malaga. Peñón del Cuervo gets its name from a famous rock formation that divides the shore into two areas.

If you are driving to Peñón del Cuervo from Malaga city centre, it takes about 17 minutes, however, we recommend renting a bike and cycling along the scenic path that runs next to the sea. The beauty of this shore will leave you speechless!

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

18. Go birdwatching

Did you know that Malaga has a surprisingly rich birdlife? Well, you can spot birds just about anywhere in Malaga, but if you want to spot different species and some unique birds, we recommend going to Guadalhorce Nature Reserve. It is a 120 hectares of protected nature reserve where you can spot osprey, sanderlings, spoonbills, herons, cattle egrets and many more interesting residents.
Grab your binoculars and notebook, and discover some beautiful species in Malaga.

unusual things to do in malaga

19. Have a night out

You have to know one thing about Malaga: it is a crazy city at night with all the clubs partying all night long. Set aside your tourist mentality and have a true night out like a local would do. Without any doubt, nightlife in Malaga has much to offer.

Note that Spanish nightlife starts very late. We recommend not to go out until 12 am, since most of the clubs do not even open until 11 pm. Keep your energy well into the night!

unusual things to do in malaga

Unusual Things To Do in Malaga

20. Experience the surrounding of Malaga 

Did you know that you can have several amazing day trips from the city of Malaga? You can take a couple of days off from the city and have some kind of different experience. One of your best choices would be Nerja and Frigiliana. Bost of them are beautiful whitewashed towns on the east side of Malaga province. Over the centuries they could maintain the typical traces of the Moorish era of Al-Andalus which makes them extremely charming. Just imagine strolling down a narrow, cobblestoned street where the windows and balconies are full of flowers that contrast with the white walls of the houses. It is impossible not to fall in love with these charming villages!

You can also consider going to the famous British territory, Gibraltar. It has so much to offer: marvel at the legendary Rock of Gibraltar, get lost in St Michael’s Cave, meet the cheeky Barbary monkeys or just simply indulge in the British atmosphere.

unusual things to do in malaga
Before you go, make sure to check some of the official pages of the above-mentioned places:

Automobile and Fashion Museum
Mapas y Compañía shop (only in Spanish)
Museo del Vidrio y Cristal (only in Spanish)
Malaga Aeronautical Museum

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