5 Places You Should Visit In Mostar

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Mostar is a beautiful city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can easily reach it from Croatia, maybe for a quick trip. Not only does it have a lot of history, but it also features great places you definitely should visit. Want to learn about some of them? Read this list and find out our recommendations!

1. Old Bridge

Stari Most

The first place that you should visit in Mostar is the Stari Most, or Old Bridge. It’s the most characteristic sight of the city, from which it takes its name. This beautiful Ottoman architecture was first built way back in the 16th century and was originally made of wood. Nowadays you will visit a construction which actually is a rebuild from 2004: the original bridge was in fact destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian War. Because of its beauty, cultural variety and rich history, it has been recognised as part of the World Heritage by UNESCO. Cross it while enjoying the view of the city. And if you’re brave enough, even jump from it and bathe in the river. But beware, you will need to pay a fee to do that!

2. Museum of The Old Bridge

You also should visit: The Old Bridge Museum

Walk right beneath the Old Bridge and you will find the Muzej Stari Most. Opened in 2006, two years after the reconstruction of the bridge, in its three sections you will find archeological relics, informative signs and videos with details of the city’s history. You can also see a photo gallery with old shots of the bridge and images from the various phases of the restoration. We also recommend going to the fifth floor of the first section of the museum to take a break and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

3. Mostar Old Town

Visit Mostar's Old Town

If you visited the Stari Most and its museum, you should stick around to visit Mostar’s Old Town. Also destroyed during the war, it was recently rebuilt along with the Old Bridge. You can now walk through its little streets full of colours, buy souvenirs and lots of typical products in the shops, and of course try local food such as Cevapi, Baklava, Burek and more in places like Cafe Stari Grad or Tima – Irma.

4. The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

Visit The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque in Mostar

If you want to enjoy another example of Ottoman architecture in Mostar then you should check out The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque, designed in Instanbul and built in the 17th century. It only takes a 2-minute walk from Stari Most. Once inside you will see beautiful stained glass windows, tapestries and frescoes. Also remember to take some beautiful pictures of the river from outside the mosque. It’s not functioning anymore, so you can visit freely during opening hours.

5. Museum Of War And Genocide Victims 1992 – 1995

Things you should see when you visit Mostar
Mostar ruins from the Bosnian War

When you go to Mostar, you can’t miss this museum. Here you can learn more about the history of the most terrible war and genocide that has occurred in Europe since WWII. Ticket prices are also very affordable. Read a lot of information about the causes and results of the war, and pay attention to the victim’s testimonies and heart-wrenching images of the destruction of the city of Mostar. Get to know a darker yet very significant side of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s and the Balkan’s history.

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