7 Souvenirs you Should Not Bring Home from a Trip

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Each country has its own special things related to the culture, history, and traditions of this state. It can be food, alcohol, fabrics, jewelry, fur, spices, incense, ceramics, clothing, and much more. Usually, tourists choose something that embodies the country’s traditions. However, there are some souvenirs you should not bring home from a trip and we’ll explain why in the following paragraphs.

Tourists bring different souvenirs from each country. For example, in Greece, travelers buy cosmetics based on olive oil, in Spain — jamon (dried meat) and wine, in Turkey – oriental sweets, Turkish coffee, and aromatic oils, in the Czech Republic — beer, beer mugs, Bohemian glasses, and crystals. The list is endless.

souvenirs you should not bring home from a trip

But not all souvenirs will be a good gift. Our ancestors were sure that each thing has not only positive but also negative energy. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing gifts from other countries. To believe or not to believe in their energy, it’s up to you.

Souvenirs you should not bring home from a trip:

1. Sea souvenirs

Admit it, do you periodically grab rocks and shells from the beaches, so that you can look at them and remember your wonderful vacation? It is believed that shells cannot be stored at home. Otherwise, you will notice that your vital energy will gradually leave and you’ll become weaker. For instance, apathy, melancholy and poor health will become your constant companions. If you are still sure that these items will perfectly complement your marine-style interior, then upon returning home, be sure to lower the shell into saltwater and leave it there for a couple of hours. This will help neutralize the effect of negative energy.

2. Figurines and antique coins

Figurines of aggressive birds and animals can bring discord, conflicts, and troubles to your home. What’s more, those of dogs or lions sitting on their hind legs and with their mouths open are magnets for attracting trouble.

No matter how aesthetic they look

Such a harmless talisman of Feng Shui in the form of an elephant with a lowered trunk will lead to despondency, longing, and apathy. Figurines in the form of a miniature skull or bones are also better left on the shelf in the store. Gothic symbols of the otherworld are definitely not good in your home, no matter how attractive they look.

As for old coins, bioenergetics experts warn against such purchases. Most people are sure that such coins will help them “lure” happiness and well-being. But it may turn out that after receiving this gift, a person may lose everything. Often, such coins have a special conspiracy for failures and sought to transfer to someone as soon as possible in order to “give” their bad luck along with the money.

Souvenirs you should not bring home from a trip:

3. Masks and dolls with clearly drawn faces

Realistic images of people (the masks, for example) have someone else’s unfavorable energy, which will not bring you anything good. This is the reason why dolls used to be made without special details for what concerns their appearance, otherwise, according to our ancestors, they could be used during witchcraft.

souvenirs you should not bring home from a trip

4. Symbolism of the other world

While choosing a souvenir in an exotic country, remember to avoid figurines associated with magical symbols. After all, by buying some cute idol, you can’t guarantee that he won’t bring trouble to your house. For example, many African idols are a copy of a very specific person who has passed away. And local shamans believe that the soul of the deceased will wander around the world until it finds shelter.

Beware of objects related to death

For example, do not forget that the Egyptian pyramids, recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world, are nothing more than a tomb for the pharaohs – a burial place. Are you sure that such a thing will bring you happiness and good luck? Images of jackals, Anubis, pagan gods, rituals, strange hieroglyphs should also not become a decoration of your home or a gift for colleagues and friends. Try not to acquire those things whose meaning you do not fully understand.

souvenirs you should not bring home from a trip

Souvenirs you should not bring home from a trip

5. Ritual musical instruments

Tibetan gyaling – a wind instrument similar to an oboe – is often showcased in foreign markets. It is better to avoid it and in no case purchase it as an original gift. These so-called ritual tools carry powerful negative energy and are not intended at all to become a home decoration.

6. Icons and other religious symbols

Any religious paraphernalia, even if it is not a real icon, requires respect. Experts do not recommend carrying icons in bags or attaching them to the car panel. These items were created for certain purposes, and not in order to one day become a souvenir for some. Church candles and incense are also not suitable as a gift.

7. Skins (and tails) of certain animals

If suddenly at some oriental bazaar you come across a big fluffy tail of a yak, then think ten times whether you really want to buy this item. After all, it’s one thing to brush crumbs off the table with them, and quite another to accidentally (or intentionally) start twisting them over your head. In this case, you can incur troubles and misfortunes. As for the skins of marmots, ground squirrels, and squirrels, you should not bring them home as a souvenir either. Many people believe that holy hermits reincarnate in these animals, so by acquiring something like this, it’s as if you are witnessing a crime. Besides, killing animals for their skins, especially these ones, is immoral.

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