Solo female travel: Tips for your first solo trip.

Traveling solo as a woman might seem scary and not that safe. However, there are thousands of women who travel solo and are more independent and confident because of it. You will find many social media accounts or articles of women who love solo travel and turn it into their job, empowering other women to do the same.

It isn’t always possible to find friends who are able to travel with you. This shouldn’t stop you from going where you want, whenever you want, and exploring places in the world that you’ve dreamt of. So, here are some tips from other female solo travelers that you should know if you already are or want to become a solo traveler.

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1. Plan your trip beforehand and travel during the day when possible

Solo travel does require attention to detail. You can improve your trip simply by understanding why you want to go and where you want to go. Having considered almost everything from departure to transfers and accommodation, will help you travel with less stress and more confidence. Meanwhile, it is a fact that wandering around at night can be dangerous. It’s always helpful to plan on arriving at a destination during the day because you will feel safer. Think of arriving in an unknown country during the night without transportation or people to ask for information as you don’t know the place. Bad right?

2. Solo Travel: You’re Never Alone.

Usually, you will meet so many people on your solo travels that it is hard to feel like you’re actually on your own. Be open to meeting people from different countries and cultures. You can meet new people e.g. from the hostel you will be staying in or even talk to locals and get out of your comfort zone. If you have the feeling of loneliness remember that you are not alone.

3. Stay Aware

One basic tip is to avoid listening to music with headphones, especially during the night. Also, make sure you have enough knowledge about risky areas within the region where you’re planning to travel. Finally, if you go to a bar alone or with people you just have met, just remember that it is okay to have a couple of drinks but getting drunk in a foreign place could put you in danger.

4. Solo Travel: Stay Connected.

Letting people know where and when you will be traveling is a very good safety trick if you are traveling solo. A really good idea is to regularly update your location on some form of social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you will feel safer for sure. Also, you can email people e.g. a copy of your itinerary or other tickets that you have.

5. Most importantly, enjoy it.

Sometimes you need to be alone. To get some peace and to get space to think. And this is only possible when there are no other people around you or at least friends or relatives. Enjoy your time traveling and do whatever you want. For instance, go for a walk just by yourself, drink a coffee, go to a museum or do something adventurous. It can be anything. You will see that eventually, you will enjoy your own company way more than you would have expected.

Solo travel is an absolutely incredible chance to learn more about yourself and test your limits.

Take a chance because you will never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be.

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