Top 10 tips to save money while travelling

Travelling is everyone’s dream but sometimes its not possible because it can get really expensive. This is why we’re going to give you 10 tips to save money while travelling.

Peak season is a no-go!

Going on vacation in July and August may sound fun but it’s actually the most expensive time to go travelling. This is called the ‘peak-season’ it’s when everything is very expensive! If you want to save some money you should avoid these periods.

Accumulate and use your airpoints

You get airpoints every time you travel and with these points you can save a lot of money on your flights. This is something that every frequent traveler uses to travel cheaper and then use the saved money to spend it on nice things during their vacation.

Don’t pack too much

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Baggage can be very expensive so bringing a lot of outfits to wear on vacation may be tempting but you should try to avoid it. Only pack the necessary stuff! Weighing your baggage beforehand is the best way to know if you’ve packed too much.

Discover new places!

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Going to the best known places in the world is amazing and expensive at the same time but discovering new places and saving money while doing it feels even more amazing. There are so many beautiful places in the world that not a lot of people go to because it’s not as well known as the other stuff.
Here you can find places that are underrated but are worth a visit.

The city-center is too expensive

Staying in the center of the cities you visit may be super convenient because everything is close to you but it’s so expensive. You can find the best places to sleep for a good night on Airbnb but you can also sleep at hostel. Camping is even more cheaper but we know it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do.

Walking > Public transport


Walking is not only a good way too lose the extra fats from the holiday season but it’s also the cheapest way to get everywhere. Taking the public transportation may be faster but you skip out on the beautiful stuff you could see while walking.

Be flexible

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This is related to our first point, not only can you avoid peak season but you can also avoid some days of the week. It may sound weird but there are certain days and weeks where travelling is more expensive than other days. If you want to travel you should keep like a month free and then lookup you’re  dream destination and see when it’s the best time to travel for a good price.

Home-cooking is the best

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Going out for a meal and going drinking every night is the best thing ever but if you’re on a short budget you should consider cooking yourself and buying the drinks in the supermarket. The food you make yourself may not look like every restaurants meal but it can sure taste the same or even better. This is one of the most important points to save money while travelling

Shopping is so expensive!

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Buying new clothes in every new city you travel too is so nice but it’s the worst for your wallet! Clothes are so expensive! If you want to remember the places you went to it’s best that you take pictures instead of buying a lot of souvenirs.

Visit free places

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Public attractions are always very expensive so try to find places you can visit for free or for the best price possible. In this case Google will be your best friend! In Malaga for example every public attraction is free on Sundays but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t look it up on Google.

Here you can find new places to visit and for free!