Best Coffee in Seville: Top 5 Cafes

The breathtaking capital of Andalucia has a rich history which shows in its monuments and architecture. Seville is best known for the magnificent Plaza de España, the detailed Giralda and the striking Alcazar. However, there is more than the historical aspect to Seville. The city with amazing gastronomy will not disappoint you when it comes to delicious food and beverages. There are fantastic restaurants and bars, including vegan restaurants and brunch places. In recent years, the coffee scene in Seville grew as well. The third wave of coffee has reached the South of Spain. Lately, there have been openings of new coffee shops serving speciality coffee all over town. If you are a coffee lover or an enthusiast of finer things in life, then you should check out the following cafes for the best coffee in Seville.

best coffee in Seville
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1. MUY Coffee – best coffee in Seville

Located in the Feria neighbourhood of Seville, you will find one of the best cafes in Seville. This small but charming coffee shop is called MUY Coffee. As the name suggests, there is a lot of coffee to try and drink. They serve amazing Specialty coffee from a roastery in Seville called Ineffable Roastery. However, they also sell organic bread and cakes as well as organic drinks. Furthermore, if you want to brew the perfect coffee at home, they have all the necessary equipment there, ready for purchase. The focus of MUY coffee is organic, fair trade and local. Support this cute little place by trying the best coffee in Seville and take one of the amazing pastries or delicious bread. You will be able to taste the intense and fantastic flavours of their organic beverages and foods.

Location: Correduría, 14, local 3

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2. Virgin Coffee

This coffee shop in Seville was the first cafe serving Specialty coffee in Seville. Close to one of the city’s landmarks, Setas de Sevilla, the biggest wooden structure in the world, you will find Virgin Coffee. It is a tiny coffee shop and is mainly for takeaway purposes.

The interior has a clean look. White walls with wooden and metal details make the tiny cafe look very modern. Pedro, the cafe’s owner, was inspired by the lack of high-quality coffee in town and you can taste his passion for coffee in the coffee he is brewing. He roasts his own beans which you can also purchase in a bag at the shop. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you need to visit this place. Since it was the first coffee shop to serve speciality coffee in Seville, it is part of the coffee history in Seville. Go to Virgin Coffee, for the best coffee in Seville.

Location: Calle Regina, 1

best coffee in Seville
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3. Parcería café – best coffee in Seville

Parcería translated means partnership. Thus, the Parcería Cafe is a place for coffee friends and it rightly is among the best cafes in Seville. Located in the Hipster neighbourhood of Seville called Feria, you will find this coffee gem. This spacious modern cafe with its funky floors and brightly coloured tables and chairs will intrigue you to walk inside. The place fits right into the colourful neighbourhood of Feria.

As you enter you will be greeted by the lovely staff, feeling the warm hospitality of the people working there. While they do not roast their own beans, they serve coffee from a local roastery called Alquimista Coffee Lab. Their speciality coffee will blow your mind. You can really taste the expertise in the roasting procedure as well as in the brewing process. If you want to have a taste of the best coffee in Seville, you should definitely check out Parcería Cafe in Feria.

Location: Calle Calderón de la Barca, 9

best coffee in Seville
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4. El Viajero Sedentario

In Alameda de Hercules square in the Feria neighbourhood are multiple bars and restaurants. Also El Viajero Sedentario can be found there. This cute cafe in Seville has a beautiful outside area as well as inside seating. The outside is colourfully painted with lovely figures and animals. There are plants and cute tables and pillows. The inside, on the other hand, looks a little bit like a library. It is very cosy and perfect if you need to work or study in peace. Furthermore, you can borrow a book and have a little read. The atmosphere is welcoming and you will not want to leave. They serve delicious coffee and sweets. Particularly the vegan croissant and the vegan muffin are delicious.

This place is, however, so much more than a simple cafe. The cafe supports the local lgbtqia+ community and organises events regarding this and other social matters. Furthermore, it is used as a stage for local music events, poetry slams or dancing events like salsa dancing.

Location: Alameda de Hércules, 77

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5. Lalita Café – best coffee in Seville

Located near the main train station San Justa, you can find Lalita Cafe in the Nervión neighbourhood of Sevilla. With its industrial yet clean and modern interior mixed with some splashes of blue and yellow, this cafe will lure you into its doors. Follow the smell of fresh coffee beans being ground and brewed! The owner of the coffee shop is passionate about his job and it shows in the flavours and taste of his own roasted beans. He is particularly interested in filter coffee. He has already taken part in multiple championships. Grab a delicious speciality coffee and sit down in their comfortable seating area and treat yourself to a homemade cake. They also serve homemade bread which you should definitely try.

Location: Calle José Luis de Casso, 38

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