Best Vegan Restaurants in Seville: Top 6

Finding vegan food in the South of Spain can be rather tricky. Especially if you are looking for more than just chips and tomato soup. However, the vegan movement is slowly but surely reaching Andalucia. While it is still a lot easier to find good vegan food in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, there are some amazing choices in cities like Seville, Granada and Malaga as well. In this article, you will find out about the best vegan restaurants in Seville.

What started out as a healthy trend has become a lifestyle choice for thousands of people around the world. Veganism is slowly conquering the world and more and more people decide to choose a vegan diet. The main reasons for changing to a plant-based diet are health-, environment-, and animal rights-related. These recommendations are for committed vegans, those who are curious and those who try to reduce their meat and dairy intake. Vegan restaurants are for everyone, and not exclusively for vegans. Try something new and indulge in some delicious dishes in Seville!

1. Best Vegan Restaurants in Seville

Since the vegan scene in the South of Spain is still in its early beginnings, unfortunately, there are only a few fully vegan restaurants in Seville but the following are definitely worth a try. Check out the best vegan restaurants in Seville.

Vegani – Best Vegan Restaurants in Seville

If you want to taste the authentic flavours of Andalucian cuisine but are following a vegan diet, try Vegani. This place offers traditional Andalucian Tapas but everything is completely vegan. In the alternative neighbourhood of Seville called Feria, you will find this tiny but cute little place. They serve everything Andalucian from typical croquetas and tortilla de patatas to vegan chorizo and albondigas, meatballs. This is everything a vegan tapas fan could wish for. Furthermore, due to the fact that they are tapas, the portions are very small and thus, perfect to try something new. Hence, if you are curious to try vegan tapas or vegan food in general, this is the perfect place to give the vegan diet a shot. This is why Vegani cannot be missing from the list of best vegan restaurants in Seville.

Location: Correduría, 7

best vegan restaurants in Seville
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Veganitessen – Best Vegan Restaurants in Seville

A little outside of the Casca Antiguo, the old town, you can find the delicious vegan gem called Veganitessen in the Mercado Arenal, a traditional food market. The market building was built in the 17th century and is located beautifully near the Guadalquivir river, the Cathedral and the Triana neighborhood. You can enjoy amazing vegan food in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. You will feel right at home while tasting your way through the incredible menu. Try their extensive menu from hamburgers and salads to pizza and nachos. This female-owned restaurant is great for every vegan and vegan-to- be. Furthermore, do not forget to grab one of their marvellous sweets like their famous cheesecake. Veganitessen is one of the best vegan restaurants in Seville for many reasons. Thus, do not miss out on this vegan treat in Seville.

Location: Mercado del Arenal, C. Pastor y Landero

best vegan restaurants in Seville
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Vegan Rock – Best Vegan Restaurants in Seville

In the beautiful neighborhood of Triana, you will find one of the best vegan restaurants in Seville called Vegan Rock. this is another amazing place to try vegan tapas in Seville. While they serve traditional Tapas veganized like albondigas con Tomate which are meatballs in tomato sauce, they also have their own specific specialities. On their menu, you will find interesting meat alternatives like vegan gambas, no-bacon and Veso, vegan queso, which stands for vegan cheese. This place is particularly exciting for people who are interested in trying vegan meat alternatives.

Location: Calle Rockero Silvio

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Verdetariano – Best Vegan Restaurants in Seville

Verdetariano is among the best vegan restaurants in Seville. It is a small family-run business in the neighborhood of Rosaleda. This place focuses on healthy food. You will get different and fresh food every day. Everything they serve is homemade and the owners are very particular and proud of their high-quality products. Do not forget to book a table otherwise, you can also order to take away. If you feel like you need some high-quality delicious vegan food full of vitamins, you need to check out this place. Since their plant-based menu is changing daily, you can come her plenty of times and enjoy new dishes every day.

Location: Ctra. de Carmona, n° 10, local 3

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2. Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants

While the following restaurants are not fully plant-based, they still have a nice selection of vegan dishes. They are worth mentioning as they offer something for every diet and could be a good idea if vegans and non-vegans go out to have dinner together. Check out these vegan-friendly restautrants in Seville!

La Bartola

La Bartola is an easygoing, vibrant Tapas bar which also serves the vegan crowd. Among their vegan dishes, the restaurant offers vegan sushi, salads, and other rice dishes. The bar with a touch of Asian Cuisine is located in the Jewish quarter Santa Cruz and is thus close to the Alcazar and other Tourist attractions. If you are in the centre and looking for something vegan, this la Bartola is a good and safe choice to enjoy delicious vegan food. Do not hesitate and try this vegan-friendly place in the heart of the Capital of Andalucia.

Location: Calle San José, 24

Taqueria La Lupe Alameda

Within the Hipster neighbourhood of Seville, Feria, you will stumble across this vegan-friendly gem called Taqueria La Lupe on the square of Alameda de Hercules. What makes this place particularly vegan-friendly is its own separate vegan menu. One of the best things on the menu of this Mexican restaurant is the vegan quesadillas as they use vegan cheese which makes it all the more enjoyable. Do not miss out on this cute restaurant in the hippest area of Seville!

Location: Alameda de Hércules, 56

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