Best places to go for breakfast in Granada

If you have visited Granada at least once, you are definitely in love with the city and the options that provide! Even the fact that Granada is not the capital of Andalusia and it is actually a small city, it is a place where you can find everything you are looking for. So before visiting the famous fortress of Alhambra in Granada or the Cathedral, traveling back in time by following the winding cobbled streets of Albaicin, or admiring the beautiful views from the numerous Miradores, start your day by finding the best places to eat breakfast or brunch in this charming city.

Keep in mind that Granada has the advantage of being a city that specializes in bars and restaurants that offer unique gastronomy for breakfast. Therefore, it is not an easy task to choose only 5 places, where you can have a toast or a coffee with an attractive quality-price offer and a nice atmosphere as well!

Below you will find our list of the top 5 places you can go for breakfast or brunch in beautiful Granada:

1. Best places to go for breakfast in Granada: Café 4 Gatos

First on our list is the Café 4 Gatos. Located in the old center of the city, this café will certainly not disappoint you!

To begin with, Cafe 4 Gatos prides itself on being much more than just a cafe.  We could say that it is more like a meeting point for friends, students, or even strangers willing to meet new people. What is more,  in Café 4 Gatos you will have the chance to enjoy a good breakfast or brunch accompanied by a lovely atmosphere, nice music, good vibes, and the best coffee in town! Also, you should not miss the opportunity to try one of their breakfast specials: the 4 Gatos special (tomato and oil toast) or omega 3 special (salmon toast), or one of their special and homemade pastries. Moreover, you can enjoy your breakfast on the beautiful terrace of the cafe.

Where can I find Café 4 Gatos? Plaza Cruz Verde, 6, Granada

2. Café Baraka

Café Baraka is another great idea if you happen to be in the city center of Granada and you are looking for a place to enjoy a great breakfast! It is a café where quality, good service, and a good atmosphere are not incompatible with a good price. Obviously, this is a combination that you shouldn´t miss!

In this café, you can choose between two delicious brunch menus, each with two drinks and two yogurts. Both of them will definitely satisfy even the most demanding client. Also, the place is well known for its pancakes which are considered the best in town.  Moreover, the place serves good quality juices and tasty smoothies. Last but not least, this café is pet-friendly, so you can always bring your small friend there!

Where can I find Café Baraka? Calle San Jerónimo, 24, Granada

3. Best places to go for breakfast in Granada: I Need Coffee

Another perfect place to enjoy your coffee and breakfast in the heart of Granada is I Need Coffee!

The first thing we should mention is that the staff there is really friendly and all of them are always willing to help you.  Also, this bar provides a quiet atmosphere and beautiful decorations that will help you relax before starting your day in the city.

In this place, you can combine your coffee, juice, or smoothie with delicious toast, or sandwiches. Besides, if you are more of a sweet-lover, try the homemade pastries. Specifically, don’t leave the café without enjoying their perfectly crafted croissants, appealing biscuits, or unique madeleines. Moreover, the magnificent chai latte tea there is also highly recommended. Give it a try and you won´t regret it!

Where can I find I Need Coffee? Plaza Cuesta del Realejo 5, Granada

4. Toma TÉ Pan

The next place on our list of the top places to go for breakfast or brunch is Toma TÉ Pan. This is an awesome great idea if you are searching for good breakfast options in the city center of Granada. Also, the great location of this place makes it very easy to reach even during rush hours.

Toma TÉ Pan provides a cozy atmosphere and a romantic decoration, which is really different from any other cafeteria you have seen. It is a chill place to go for breakfast, offering many different options. Once you go there, try their perfectly crafted chocolate cake, their fruit cake, or their unique croissants. In terms of coffee, we recommend you to choose between their sensational cappuccino, their extraordinary tea, or their excellent fruit smoothies. Furthermore, they offer high-quality products and the prices are affordable. You should definitely love this place!

Where can I find Toma TÉ Pan? Cam. de Rda., 43, Granada

5. Best places to go for breakfast in Granada: MiMiMi

Another great idea if you are up to go for brunch is the café MIMIMI. This place is also located in the heart of Granada, so it wouldn’t be difficult to reach it!

Firstly, if you love vegetarian cuisine, you should certainly visit MiMiMi at least once, when you are in Granada. MiMiMi is well-known for its amazing tomato toast and the homemade salads that you will find there. Moreover, you should try their delicate chocolate cake, their fruit cake, or the well-prepared muffins. Start your breakfast with an excellent café au lait, a great milkshake, or one of their fresh juices. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this place!

Where can I find MiMiMi? Pje. Prof. Sainz Cantero, 7, Granada

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