Best Romantic Getaways in Granada: Top 8

Romantic. It’s an abstract word, right? For some, this means watching TV series at home with your partner and sharing “hot” macaronies. For others, it can be planning a trip to Everest together. The word “romantic” doesn’t have the same connotation from one couple to another. This is why we will give you the best romantic getaways in Granada, according to what type of duo you are!

Best romantic getaways in Granada for chill couples

1. See a flamenco show together

Flamenco Granada
Flamenco Granada

UNESCO describes flamenco as beautiful and complex art, a Spanish heritage that has gone beyond its borders. During a traditional show, musicians set up the ambiance and dancers move to the frantic or languorous rhythm of instruments. Cante jondo sings about death, sadness, joy… and celebrates love. 

Flamenco is an art expressing multiple passions, that’s why it’s one of the best romantic getaways in Granada. It’s also the opportunity to enjoy Spanish culture, and have a chill night hand-in-hand.

Sometimes Granada hosts special events on its streets, where you’ll enjoy flamenco shows for free. But if you can’t attend them, we advise you to go to Venta el Gallo Restaurant. It’s a place where you’ll appreciate a flamenco show while sharing a tasteful meal with your love. It’s located on Sacromonte, in a cave where Spanish people used to live.

2. Admire the sunset with your lover

Alhambra palace in Granada
Alhambra palace in Granada

Another romantic getaway in Granada: gazing at the sunset at one of Granada’s miradors. Just imagine the picture. After a day of exploring Granada’s beautiful neighborhoods, you’ll go up a hill to have a panoramic view of the city. You’ll sit down with your partner, shoulder against shoulder, and admire together ​​the night that slowly covers the city. La Sierra Nevada mountain will have a golden hue, before being enveloped by darkness. You won’t be the only ones in the mirador but you won’t care, it will be a special moment…

As we said in the article “Best things to do in Granada Spain: Top 12”, you should witness the sunset at Mirador San Miguel. Mirador de San Nicolás is the most famous spot, where a lot of people come to enjoy a nice view of the city. It’s a crowded place at certain key times of the day, just before the sunset for example. So, if you fully want to enjoy the moment, you should go higher and reach Mirador San Miguel. We assure you that the effort is worth the view.

3. Chill at an Arab tea house

Arab tea house in Granada
Arab tea house in Granada

The Moorish culture has left a strong mark on the Spanish scenery. In every Spanish city, you can gaze at Islamic architecture, enjoy Hammans… and go to an Arab tea house. It’s a unique romantic getaway in Granada and the perfect place to chill. You’ll experience a unique atmosphere, different from other places in the city. You’ll share a hookah pipe with your partner sitting on plush cushion seats, while admiring Moorish decorations. Furthermore, if hunger makes your stomach growl, you can try traditional bread and cake. 

We recommend you to try Tetería El Folclore Andalusí, at Calle Elvira. You’ll emerge into an oriental atmosphere while drinking typical Arab teas.

Best romantic getaways in Granada for the eternal adventurers

4. Reach the Alhambra

Best romantic getaways in Granada

This is the first thing that pops up when you search for what to do in the city. It’s an obligatory stop for everybody, one of the best romantic getaways in Granada as well. Adventurous couples will love it. It’s located on the top of a hill and is considered an outstanding Spanish heritage by UNESCO. The palace was constructed during the Moorish occupation and has kept its splendor through the centuries. 

The must-see inside is the Patio de Los Leones, with a fountain in the middle. In this beautiful place, surprisingly detailed Arabic craftsmanship surrounds the lions, which support the water feature. Otherwise, el Generalife and el Partal inside the palace are also worth taking a look at. They are less frequented and therefore quieter than the rest of Alhambra. But in general, it’s really nice to discover everything inside the fortress. You’ll pass through outstanding gardens, monuments, and water features while admiring the city’s panoramic view. 

It’s four hours to explore all of it, and we advise you to book for an early time and in advance. It’s the most beautiful Arabic palace in Spain, so you won’t be the only one over there. It takes a little more planning but you’ll remember this moment!

5. Having horse ride under the full moon

Best romantic getaways in Granada
Best romantic getaways in Granada

This is more than a romantic getaway in Granada, it’s also an unusual activity to do in Granada as a duo. It’s something you’ll both remember. It entails riding a horse and discovering the old city at night, with only the moon as a witness…

Granada is well-known for its multiple equestrian clubs. Scattered around the city, they are the result of a long horse riding tradition. That’s why several local companies offer the chance to be on horseback under the full moon at a reasonable price. 

To enjoy this unique experience in Granada, the best option for you is to rent a car. With that, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the surroundings during the day and to drive to an equestrian club for the tour at night.

Best romantic getaways in Granada for the gourmets duo

6. Sharing tapas and having a glass of wine together

Best romantic getaways in Granada
Best romantic getaways in Granada

Granada is the city in Southern Spain for gourmet epicureans. A lot of great tapas places are hidden in the city and offer a unique experience in Granada. Because you are on vacation, we advise you to be a bit adventurous and try small local Spanish restaurants. It’s usually there where you eat delicious traditional tapas. You know it but sometimes you’re too afraid to try. But being in Granada also means getting out of your comfort zone!

Eating tapas means tasting a bit of different Spanish meals with your other half. You will share this culinary moment together, over a glass of wine. And if you manage well, you may even eat on a terrace with a panoramic view of Granada! Tortillas, croquetas, and patatas bravas are the most famous tapas in Spain. But they are not cooked in the same way from one restaurant to another. And here again, we advise you to try dishes that you have never tasted before. You will have more good surprises than bad ones.

Best romantic getaways in Granada for Instagram couples

7. Going on a walking tour

Best romantic getaways in Granada
Best romantic getaways in Granada

The best way to discover the city and to make memorable pictures is to go on a walking tour! You’ll wander through Granada’s streets accompanied by a guide. It’s the same system as being on horseback under the full moon: companies will offer you a walking tour, at a reasonable price. You can even find suitable walking tours for free! 

It’s also the best option if you’re not staying in Granada for long, and don’t have time to visit the main spots by yourself. The local expert will dive into the city’s history and show you the profound impact left by the Moorish occupation, a few centuries ago. 

You will sink into the Albaicín neighborhood and explore its hidden gardens. You can take great pictures on the colorful cobblestone streets and in the souks. 

Then, the local expert will guide you to Granada’s cathedral. Constructed for Queen Isabella, it’s the fourth largest basilica in the world. The outside is a preview of the inside. You can take beautiful pictures of your partner on both sides of the cathedral’s walls. The guide will describe the place as a wonderful monument composed of several smaller chapels. Next to it stands the Royal Chapel, a religious sanctuary for the monarchy. The expert might also guide you to San Juan de Dios basilic. The outside is humble but the inside is full of gold decorations!

During the tour, you can ask any questions to the guide. They will be happy to answer you! And to thank them for their work, be sure to tip them at the end for one of the best romantic getaways in Granada.

8. Other beautiful spots to take pictures of

Best romantic getaways in Granada
Best romantic getaways in Granada

Of course, some places mentioned earlier are also worth a shot, and tagged as a romantic getaway in Granada!

In Alhambra, the landmarks are uncountable. The Hall of Sisters, Palace of Charles V, and The Court of Lions are the most well-known spots but you can take beautiful snaps with your other half in Generalife! The gardens, courtyards, and panoramic views will leave your followers speechless. Otherwise, miradors during the golden hours are great spots. Professional photographers all agree: it’s the perfect time for the perfect light! Furthermore, if you’re staying in the city during winter, you can take a picture of snow-capped mountains during sunset. This could be a really nice option…

Finally, Sacromonte is the most traditional place in Granada! It was the gypsy area, located on the border of the city. People still live in caves excavated a few centuries ago. Some are open for visitors to see. It’s really impressive to gaze at a room dug into stone. Just something you should know, you’ll have to go up a bit before reaching Sacromonte. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can still take a bus from Plaza Nueva. 

We haven’t listed all the couple types but you get our point: Granada is a romantic place to explore with your other half! But if you want to chill at the beach and then party at night, we advise you to go to another charming city in Southern Spain: Marbella.