Best tattoo and piercing studios in Malaga: Top 7

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Aside from the beauty of the historic center, wandering the small streets of the city, the sightseeing, the traditional foods like tapas, and the great history of Malaga, it is good to know that there is the modern side of the city as well. Therefore, you can find activities in Malaga, just like in any other big city. For instance, if you are a visitor or resident of Malaga and you are interested in finding out where you can get a tattoo or piercing, keep reading this article!

Here, you will find a list of the top 10 tattoo and piercing studios in the capital of Costa del Sol:

1. Piercing and tattoo in Malaga: Trece Tattoo

One of the best options for tattoos or piercings in Malaga. Trece Tattoo is located in the heart of Malaga, in Calle Carreteria. In addition, the staff has over 16 years of experience, as well as relevant titles and certificates. Also, at Trece Tattoo Studio you can have a piercing. Feel free to go to the studio with your own ideas and discuss them with the people in charge. Undoubtedly, they will help you choose the right design that fits your needs.

Where to find Trece Tattoo: Calle Carretería, 58, Malaga

Trece Tattoo
Trece Tattoo

2. Tattoo Stone

Second, on our list, is Tattoo Stone Studio. This studio is considered a home to talented tattoo artists, ready to turn your body into a canvas! Moreover, this place is well-known for its high standards of hygiene and quality.

Also, the staff there uses certified inks, and all of the equipment and materials are disposed of or sterilized after each project. In this tattoo studio, you can find a relaxed atmosphere and top-quality services. What is more, you can enjoy personalized attention and advice on your design so that you have a unique and personal tattoo!

Where to find Tattoo Stone Studio: Avenida de Carlos Haya, 15, Malaga

Tattoo Stone- piercing and tattoo malaga
Tattoo Stone

3. Red Roses Tattoo

Red Roses Tattoo is another great studio if you are up for a tattoo or piercing! This studio is situated in the historic center of Malaga, in Calle Carreteria. The staff consists of professional tattoo artists, with more than 10 years of experience, specializing in different styles and techniques.

Furthermore, the peculiarity of this studio is that it provides more services than tattoos and piercings. Specifically, if you want to cover your previous tattoo with a new quality tattoo that you like, you should definitely try Red Roses Tattoo studio! Also, the staff there take care of removing the tattoo you want to make disappear with laser technology. What is more, they perform quality henna tattoos for women or men on the hand, arm, leg, or other areas of the body with careful and attractive designs.

Where to find Red Roses Tattoo: Calle Carretería, 16, Malaga

Red Roses Tattoo
Red Roses Tattoo

4. Brutal Tinta

Another good suggestion is to go for piercing or tattooing in Brutal Tinta studio. This studio is located in Teatinos, not in the center of the city. However, this area is easily accessible by public transport, so you can reach it without any problem.

Moreover, at Brutal Tinta you can get top-quality tattoos made with different techniques and styles: realism, dark art, blackwork, comic, anime, tribal, ethnic, and whatever you are looking for. Lastly, the staff performs piercings as well.

Where to find Brutal Tinta: Avenida de Gregorio Pieto, 9, Malaga

Brutal Tinta-piercing and tattoo malaga
Brutal Tinta

5. Soho Tattoo Málaga

One more idea if you are interested in doing a tattoo or piercing would be Soho Tattoo Malaga. This studio is located in the center of Malaga, Soho area, a step away from the historic center of the city.

In this place, you can get the tattoo you want at a good price! The staff has a lot of experience in the field of tattooing, as well as relevant titles and certificates. Don’t hesitate to go there with the design you like and discuss your ideas with the experts!

Where to find Soho Tattoo Malaga: Barrio de las artes, Calle Vendeja, 7, Malaga

6. Malaga INK Tattoo Studio

Malaga INK Tattoo studio is a great option if you wish for a tattoo or piercing! It is situated away from the center of Malaga, in Carretera de Cadiz. Again, is easy to find the place, as the area is connected to the city center by public transport.

To begin with, in this studio you can have a tattoo, a micropigmentation, or a piercing. Moreover, Malaga INK Tattoo provides all kinds of tattoos. There is also a laser for tattoo removal, for those who wish to get rid of an old tattoo.

What is more, the studio offers courses (tattoo, micropigmantacion, and piercing) for those interested in learning how to do one by themselves! Of course, these courses are officially approved by the Junta de Andalucia.

Where to find Malaga INK Tattoo Studio : Calle Héroe de Sostoa, 152, Malaga

 Malaga INK Tattoo Studio
Malaga INK Tattoo Studio

7. Cruel Addiction Tattoo

Last but not least on our list of the top tattoo and piercing places in Malaga is Cruel Addiction Tattoo Studio. You can find it in Benalmadena – Malaga, outside of Malaga capital.

To start with, the most important thing for the staff of the studio is to always offer the best possible service and quality! The professional tattoo artists working there count more than 10 years of experience in the field of tattooing and they are truly willing to share both their knowledge and ideas with you! They certainly know that each person is unique, so they offer the exclusivity of designing your own Tattoo with them!

Cruel Addiction Tattoo consists of a tattoo room, a room for piercing and tattoo removal, a sterilization room, and a waiting area with a relaxing atmosphere to make the customers feel like they are at home. Furthermore, they offer a wide variety of accessories such as piercing, bags, wallets, and t-shirts that you can always buy.

Where to find Cruel Addiction Tattoo: Calle de Los Cármenes, 13, Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga

Cruel Addiction Tattoo-piercing and tattoo malaga
Cruel Addiction Tattoo

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