Caminito del Rey from Granada: How to Plan it

Looking for an adventure where you can capture a stunning natural beauty while experiencing an exhilarating hiking trail? Caminito del Rey from Granada is the perfect trip for you to embark on. It will not just boast captivating and scenic views with a touch of Malaga’s rich history, but it will also give you that thrilling experience you’ve been looking for. In this article, you will find all the information you need to prepare for an unforgettable trip to Caminito del Rey from Granada.

1. History of Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey, famously known as the “King’s Pathway”, is a famous trail that is situated in the province of Malaga, Spain. Its nickname was coined when King Alfonso XIII traversed the perilous path during the inauguration of the Conde del Guadalhorce Dam in 1921. This royal visit made a way for the pathway to become popular despite its dangerous condition.

The pathway, which took four years to complete from 1901 to 1905, was originally built in the early 20th century as access for workers at the Chorro Falls hydroelectric plant. Despite the perilous path, laborers were able to transport supplies and conduct inspections in the said powerplant.

Over time, the trail began to deteriorate, as numerous sections collapsed, leaving large gaps. However, in 2011, its restoration was initiated through the initiative of a joint program between the Andalusian and Malaga governments. The modernization project was logistically challenging and required the assistance of several expert alpinists. The estimated project cost was €9 million and its completion took three years to complete.

Prior to the renovation, several daring climbers attempted to illegally conquer the trail despite the treacherous journey. Many lost their lives and this prompted the Spanish government to temporarily close the site for about 15 years. Today, it has been renovated and is open to the public as a unique tourist attraction.

Caminito del Rey from Granada is an awe-inspiring experience that every adventure seeker and nature enthusiast should not miss. The walkway stretches along the walls of the Gaitanes Gorge, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, including the Guadalhorce River and the beautiful Andalusian countryside. It is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, capture stunning photographs, and challenge yourself with a thrilling hike.

caminito del rey from granda

2. How to Get to Caminito del Rey from Granada

The most convenient way to reach Caminito del Rey from Granada is by driving your car or renting one. Driving to Caminito del Rey from Granada takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Parking spaces are available although limited at Caminito del Rey. We recommend trying to arrive early to secure one, especially during peak seasons such as holidays or during weekends.

Alternatively, you can also take a bus or a train to Malaga and to Caminito del Rey from Granada. There are several buses and trains available for this trip and the journey takes around 1.5 hours to Malaga. You will also need to transfer to another bus or train to reach the entrance of Caminito del Rey. From Málaga, you can catch a bus to the town of Ardales, where Caminito del Rey is located. The shuttle is available from 7:40 a.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Bus and train schedules may vary depending on the day of the week and the season. We recommend checking the train and bus schedules in advance to avoid conflicts in your trip. Additionally, we advise purchasing a round-trip ticket to ensure a smooth return journey.

There are several transportation options for you to take on this trip. Here are eight different ways to reach this famous trail from Granada:

2.1. BEST OPTION: Train + Bus

  • Train from Granada → Madrid-Puerta De Atocha → Estación de tren Madrid – Atocha Cercanías → Estación de tren Madrid-Sol → Moncloa →  Bus to Martin Muñoz De Las Posadas → Camino del Rey
  • Total of 6 hours and 22 minutes (€81 to €114)

2.2. CHEAPEST OPTION: N1158 Bus via Madrid

  • Bus to Madrid → Train from Mendez Alvaro → Avenida de America → Bus from Madrid Estacion Sur → Martin Muñoz De Las Posadas → Taxi to Caminito del Rey
  • 8 hours and 28 minutes (€65 to €89)


  • 5 hours and 35 minutes (€90 to €140 fuel cost)
  • Car rental starts at €30 per day


  • AVE Train + Train + Taxi: 7 hours and 24 minutes (€89 to €123)
  • Bus + Taxi: 7 hours and 49 minutes (€89 to €127)
  • Plane from Granada-Jaen + Train + Bus + Taxi: 5 hours and 41 minutes (€65 to €209)
  • Train to Malaga + Plane to Madrid + Subway + Bus + Taxi: 7 hours and 15 minutes (€75 to €179)
  • Train to Almeria + Plane to Madrid + Subway + Bus + Taxi: 7 hours and 57 minutes (€122 to €325)

3. Ticket Reservation

Ticket reservation is one of the major things to prioritize on your checklist for your Caminito del Rey trip. The site imposes limited daily access, so it is important to reserve your tickets in advance. Take note that the tourist site may close during bad weather. It is important to do a weather check before finalizing your date and schedule it on a clear day.

To start off, visit the official website of Caminito del Rey and check the availability of tickets for your desired date trip. As part of their rules, you can only reserve tickets for a maximum of 10 persons per transaction. A standard admission ticket costs approximately  €10, with discounts for senior citizens and children above 8 years old. Guided tours have different rates and are considered to have higher rates.

Once you have finalized your reservation and completed the payment, you will receive an email with a ticket confirmation. You may download or print your ticket, as you may be required to show it upon arrival at Caminito del Rey. In addition, it is essential to book the tickets early to secure your spot. High-traffic days—such as those that fall on weekends and holidays—tend to sell out quickly. For those who opt for a guided tour, make sure to transact only with an authorized or accredited tour operator.

4. Hike Duration and Timing

4.1. Trail Distance & Ascent

The trail has a distance of 7.7  kilometers and it approximately takes 3 to 4 hours to finish on an average basis. However, the duration may also vary depending on factors such as walking pace, number of stops, and crowd density.

It is also important to be physically fit during your trip, to ensure that you will be able to complete the trail without any health condition hindrances. Traversing the trail will entail endurance. It is advisable that senior citizens and children above eight years old be accompanied by a responsible guardian to ensure safety during the walk.

The pathway measures a mere one meter in width ( 3 feet and 3 inches) and ascends to a height of 100 meters. The walk duration includes both linear walkways and the surrounding trails. The attraction typically is available and open throughout the year, except on certain holidays or special circumstances.

4.2. Trail Difficulty

The walkway is one-way, which makes a limited chance to turn back or exit until you reach the endpoint. The trail is composed of mixed pathways, footbridges, and cliffside trails. There may be uphill sections that are not overly steep. It is mostly concrete, but there are sections that are narrow and have exposed edges which can be nerve-wracking. It is important to maintain a comfortable pace, so you can enjoy the scenery and finish the trail.

There are also sections that will require you to crawl or climb. Safety is one of their priority, and that is why handrails and protective fencing are installed along the pathways. Surprisingly, the trail is generally designed to be completed on foot and does not require specialized climbing equipment, making it manageable for most hikers. However, it may not be advisable for those who have a fear of heights and are claustrophobic.

4.3. Best Times for Hiking

Caminito del Rey operates with designated time slots for entry. This is to ensure that all tourists will enjoy and have a pleasant experience at the trail while managing the flow of visitors at the site. The best time to book your hike is on weekdays and the early morning schedule.

Consider the following factors such as weather conditions and daylight hours when planning your visit. It is advisable to start early in the morning going to Caminito del Rey from Granada to avoid crowds and the scorching heat of the sun, especially during the summer months ( June to August). Spring season (March to May) is the ideal time to hike because the weather is mild and the wildflowers are in full bloom. Guadalhorce waters tend to be higher during this season, which enhances the breathtaking view of the site.

Hiking in the autumn season (September to November) can also be advisable. It is considered to be less crowded, plus the autumn vibes add up to the attractive color of the landscape. Winter months from December to February are the least ideal times to hike since the winds are too chilly and the trail becomes too wet due to occasional rainfall.

5. Packing Essentials for a trip to Caminito del Rey from Granda

When going on a hike hear, wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear, as most of the activity will be walking. It is important to stay hydrated and be protected from the sun during your hike. Apply sunscreen and bring a hat for sun protection. It is also advisable to only bring a small backpack where you can pack your extra clothes, snacks, and enough water supply. You can also bring extra clothes such as light jackets or layers in cases of unexpected weather changes. Hikers can eat snacks at the designated rest areas. Just make sure that you don’t litter along the pathway.

Bring a basic first aid kit that contains bandages, antiseptic wipes, and essential medicines such as pain relievers or personal medication. Make sure to keep a list of contacts and important information in your backpack in case of emergency. Ensure that your phone is fully charged and if possible, bring a portable power bank in case you may need to make emergency calls or use the GPS.

Hikers are allowed to bring smartphones and cameras so they can capture superb views.

However, selfie sticks and drones are strictly prohibited to prevent obstruction at the site and to ensure safety for all hikers. Large backpacks are also not allowed as they may impede your movement. Lastly, pets are not allowed, as they may disrupt the preservation of the ecosystem.  It is important to read, be aware, and follow the rules and regulations stated during the hike to ensure that you and all the visitors are safe throughout the trip.

6. Route and Safety

One of the things you should keep in mind when planning the hike to Caminito del Rey from Granada is the route and safety instructions. The trail is approximately 7.7 kilometers, providing a thrilling adventure. The journey begins at the Ardales entrance, where you will find the Visitor Reception Center. Here, you can collect your audio guide and get valuable information about the trail. 

As you embark on the trail, be prepared to traverse narrow walkways attached to the gorge walls, hanging high above the Guadalhorce River. You can take time to admire the breathtaking views while you carefully make your way forward. It is better to familiarize yourself with the trail and follow the designated path. However, there is no need to worry as safety fences and handrails are installed for you to hold onto.

The Caminito del Rey trail can be challenging but along the way, you will be able to capture stunning views and appreciate what nature has to offer. Guests are required to follow all safety guidelines, including wearing a safety helmet provided at the entrance. It is necessary to keep a safe distance from the edges and respect the rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Persons who are on crutches and wheelchairs are not advised to join the trip. This is also not recommended for those who are claustrophobic, suffer from vertigo, and fear heights. This is not to discriminate but to ensure the safety of all visitors.

caminito del rey from granada

7. Accommodation and Additional Activities

Caminito del Rey hike only offers a day tour. Camping is not permitted in the vicinity. Its surrounding area is a protected natural reserve which should be preserved and maintained. However, if you wish to extend your visit to Caminito del Rey from Granada, you may consider staying overnight in nearby towns like Ardales or El Chorro.

Several guesthouses and hotels are available, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury options. The establishments offer comfortable and friendly accommodations. Make sure to book in advance to secure available rooms and enjoy your staycation. If you prefer camping, there are also available sites nearby where you can experience a closer connection with nature. Make sure to bring essential camping tools for you to use.

El Chorro from above

8. Other Activities Near Caminito del Rey

Alternatively, you can visit charming villages near Caminito del Rey, such as Setenil de las Bodegas and Ronda. These towns are known for their historical and unique architecture which highlights the traditional Andalusian way of life. Experience the local life through the Andalusian countryside. You may go horseback riding and enjoy the sumptuous local cuisine. These activities will add to your memorable experience on your trip to Caminito del Rey from Granada.

You may also visit the old medina of Bobastro from the South access of Caminito del Rey. It boasts of historical importance in the late 19th century. The site was a military fortress where you could feel the presence of the Andulusian’s rich history and culture. The Bath in El Chorro is the perfect place for you to relax your senses. It has several bathing areas where you can just lay down your towel and feel the beach vibes, without the waves. There are also recreational areas like benches, fountains, and barbecue zones.

Caminito del Rey is not just a renowned hiking site but is also a gateway for people to experience the natural and cultural wonders of Andalusia. It is a journey that should not be missed if you are in Spain. Therefore, carefully planning the trip to Caminito del Rey from Granada is highly recommended. Research before you plan and put them on your checklist. With all the detailed information and essential tips in this article, you can be confident to explore the superb journey and create unforgettable memories.

9. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. How to travel to Caminito del Rey from Granada?

Riding by car or bus is the most common way of transportation to travel to Caminito del Rey from Granada. You may drive your own car or rent one. It takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the destination. Alternatively, buses are available from Granada going to Ardales. After which you may take a shuttle, going to the main trail site.

2. Are guided tours available at Caminito del Rey from Granada?

Yes, guided tours are available for those who opt for it and would like a hassle-free approach. The package tour generally includes transportation, trail tickets, and a guided tour. Take note that there may be additional charges once you avail the tour package. It is important to only avail the services of accredited and authorized guided tour operators at Caminito del Rey.

3. Can I visit Caminito del Rey from Granada on a day trip?

Yes, it’s possible to visit Caminito del Rey as a day trip from Granada. However, advance planning is recommended. You should also book tickets and arrange your transportation in advance to guarantee a smooth day trip.

4. Are there any age or fitness restrictions for visiting Caminito del Rey?

Caminito del Rey has no age restrictions for adults—even senior citizens are allowed to take the trail. Children above eight years old are allowed to enter the site. However, it is important to be physically fit to be able to finish the trail since it can be challenging with all the steep and narrow sections and the walking distance.

5. Who shouldn’t do the trail of Caminito del Rey from Granada?

People who suffer from vertigo, claustrophobia, and fear of heights are not advised to take the trail. There are caves and narrow sections along the trail, and the height of the site is 100 meters above the river. These settings could trigger their anxiety or condition.  In addition, people in wheelchairs and crutches are also not allowed to traverse the trail since it can be unsafe for them.

6. Can I take my dog with me to Caminito del Rey from Granada?

No, pets are not allowed inside the vicinity of the trail for safety purposes. This also helps prevent the disruption of the ecosystem’s preservation.

7. Are there any restrooms along the trail of Caminito del Rey?

No, there are no restrooms along the trail of Caminito del Rey, so it is important to use the facility before commencing your hike.

8. When is the best time to visit Caminito del Rey from Granada?

The best time to visit Caminito del Rey from Granada is during the Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. The weather is clear and the seasonal vibes add up to the spectacular view. Summer (June to August) can be too hot and Winter (December to February) can be too cold to traverse the trail.

9. What should I wear during my trip to Caminito del Rey?

Most of the activities in your trip to Caminito del Rey will be walking, it is important to wear comfortable and sturdy shoes suitable for hiking to enjoy the hike. Wear also hiking clothes and a hat. You may bring extra clothes that will fit into your backpack in case you may need to change.

10. What are the items that are prohibited at Caminito del Rey?

Bulky items like large backpacks, drones, selfie sticks are prohibited at the site for safety purposes. However, you can still bring your smartphone or camera to capture your thrilling experience here.

You can also learn more about this thrilling hike by reading our ultimate guide to Caminito del Rey. If you are interested in other hiking trails apart from Caminito del Rey you can click on our article about Top 10 Off-track Hiking Trails in Malaga. If you want an easier hiking alternative in Granada, you can join our Granada Hiking Tour to Sierra Nevada mountains.

Are you looking for more information on Granada? Take a look at Granda’s official tourism website or plan out your travel route by consulting Granada’s official website for public transportation.