El Saltillo, the new Caminito del Rey opens its doors

El Saltillo path

If you are familiar with the main attractions near Malaga, then you’ll probably have heard about the Caminito del Rey. Well, if heights and nature are your cup of tea, then this is definitely suitable for you. El Saltillo is now open to the public and you will be able to discover its stunning spots by taking the 7.7 km path which runs by the gorge of Los Gaitanes. Furthermore, it also follows the course of a river and that is why you will be able to cross the bridge of El Saltillo and enjoy a breathtaking view. The latter connects Senella with Canillas de Aceituno and is actually one of the largest bridges surrounded by nature near Malaga.

The Route

El Saltillo is one of the 35 paths which form the Gran Senda de Malaga, an area that goes from one side of the province to the other, covering about 700 kilometers of land. Of all of these, el Saltillo is the second largest, with a length of 25 kilometers. It covers the area from Competa to Canillas de Aceituno, passing by many gorges. On the way, the route also takes to Axarquia, one of the nine districts of Malaga. Then, it continues by connecting a total of 5 towns: Cómpeta, Canillas de Albaida, Salares, Sedella y Canillas de Aceituno. All of these are separated by several streams, for example of the Almanchares river.

El Saltillo: The Bridge

Since the 26th of October 2020, Málaga has been classified as one of the top cities in Spain regarding long bridges. Apart from the bridge of El Castillo, there are other two important ones that are worth mentioning. One is the bridge of Los Cahorros in Granada, with a length of 63 meters. The second is one of the many bridges which connect Congost de Montrebei, with a length of 83 meters.

For what concerns the bridge of El Saltillo, it is 50 meters in length and links two extremes of a bluff, and is only 1.20 meters in width, although it is 62 meters above the bed of the river Almanchares. Therefore, the path and its bridge, make it easier for hikers to continue their walk. In fact, before it opened, the route was quite tricky and dangerous. Those who were willing to get to the end of the path, crossing up to four natural parks, in some cases had to walk on the side of the motorway. The construction of this bridge, not only offers a safer route to these stunning locations but also enhances the beauty and heritage of this appealing location.

How to get to El Castillo

Getting to this spectacular bridge is not that simple, but don’t worry. We are here to give you some instructions. There are several ways in which you can get to the route to the bridge, some easier than others.

From Canillas de Aceituno: This is one is pretty straightforward. By going past la Inglesia de Nuestra Señora Expectación and the Ermita de San Antón, you can quickly get to the first of the new existing bridges along the road.

From Sedella: Another way is to start your trip from Sedella. In this spot, you will find a ditch that provides the surrounding fields with water and follows the path until it enters the bluffs. Walk a bit further, and you will find El Castillo, then head to Canillas de Aceituno.

From Cómpeta: The toughest one, but also the most fascinating. From Cómpeta, the path extends for 25 kilometers and will take you up to 850 meters above sea level. In this context, El Saltillo is at the end of the route, as a culmination of the path which crosses five towns and four natural parks.

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