Discover Montenegro: 5 cities you should visit

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Over the past few years, this country has been making an effort into welcoming foreigners to their untouched beaches and lands. Foreign travel media argues that this tiny Balkan state is the last stronghold of untouched nature in Europe. Even the poet Byron once said that Montenegro is “the most beautiful meeting place of land and sea on the planet.” Trust him, he knew a lot about good rest. Pack your bags while this country is still clean, democratic, and is not a touristy destination yet. So, read on and discover Montenegro and what it has to offer!

1. Discover Montenegro: Tivat

Why Tivat?

The best sunsets and views in the entire Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Modern Tivat is the main infrastructure center of the Bay of Kotor. Boka Kotorska, as the locals call it, is an impressive submerged canyon, almost the largest in Europe.

Hotels in Tivat

Porto Montenegro has an excellent five-star Regent hotel in the style of a Venetian palace, a regular participant in the ratings of the best places for honeymoons. In summer, it is, however, crowded and expensive – from 300 euro per night. During the low season, you can spend the night here for 150-170 euro. If you need a cheaper option, but close to the pub gatherings, choose Hotel Pine, a double room will cost 90-100 euro during high season. Apartments and hotels are simpler – myriads, you can easily find ones for 30-40 euro.

Restaurants in Tivat

With predominantly Mediterranean cuisine, you have to try to find Montenegrin cuisine. For what international cuisine, the Italian Al Posto Giusto and Lebanese Byblos are worth a visit. For an evening beer or cocktail, head to the Australian “The Clubhouse”, where natural sailors gather from docked yachts. The atmosphere is somewhat similar to the one in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, only the contingent is younger and much nicer.

2. Kotor

The pearl of the Boka Bay. Kotor is a small town with a rich heritage of the Venetian Republic.

Hotels in Kotor

Stay the night at the Vardar Hotel in the main square or the Hippocampus, with a terrace overlooking St. Nicholas Cathedral. When you get hungry, go to the Galion fish restaurant, it will not disappoint you with either the food or the view of the ubiquitous bay. Another safe bet is Astoria’s restaurant with an unusual interior (a huge tree grows inside) and a panoramic terrace.

3. Discover Montenegro: Perast

First of all, take a water taxi right in the city center for 5 euro round trip and go to the famous islands 300 meters from the waterfront. The island of St.George is closed to the public. There is a 12th-century Catholic monastery on it, which can be viewed from the water. The second is man-made. It is called Gospa od Shkrpiela, that is, the Mother of God on the Rock or Madonna on the Reef.

Discover Montenegro

Restaurant in Perast

You can also swim in Perast, even if there are no beaches as such. But there is a Pirate Bar club with sun loungers on stone slabs – a good compromise option. For lunch or dinner, feel free to go to Conte Nautilus, famous for seafood, fish soup, and selected Negus prosciutto – the younger brother of Italian prosciutto and Spanish Jamon. It is traditionally made in the village of Njegushi, the ancestral nest of the dynasty of the Montenegrin kings Petrovici-Njegosy.

4. Cetinje

The city is located at the foot of Mount Lovcen, the most convenient way to get there is by car. However, you can also take a bus from Kotor, Budva, or the capital Podgorica.

Restaurants in Cetinje

Moreover, Cetinje has a rich culinary tradition. You should try wheat and cornbread baked in ovens in iron pans, country cheese, prosciutto, and river fish. If you come here on Friday to go to the local market and try a little bit of everything. But if you want to go to a restaurant, choose Kole with a large assortment of Montenegrin cuisine.

5. Discover Montenegro: Budva

Discover Montenegro

In the afternoon, go to Casper with a terrace offering a view of the old town or Mozart trees at the main castle gate. And at night, dance until dawn at Top Hill recognized five years ago as the best club in the world. Otherwise, there’s the more intimate Trocadero.

And of course, visit the beaches of the Budva Riviera, there are almost 25 kilometers of them. First, the compact beach under the city walls is Richard’s Head, named after Richard Widmark, who shot one of his films here in the 1960s. Secondly, a little further away there is Jaz Beach, famous for live concerts. At various times, such artists as the Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, Goran Bregovic, and many others performed on it. The city also has its own symbol – an analog of the Copenhagen mermaid. This is a statue of a girl erected on a rock who is either dancing or doing yoga.

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