Discover Sussex, South East England

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Are you planning a trip to discover Sussex? You might be wondering which main attractions you mustn’t miss. Here is a selection of locations which are easy to get to by car as well as by using public transport. These locations and sights are not far from London. Therefore, consider getting away from the rush of city life to visit some of these quieter places.



Chichester is a small town, but here you can find all sorts of interesting sights to visit. It takes about one hour and a half from London Victoria to get here by train. First of all, you could go for a stroll in the center and view the city walls. Moreover, the Chichester Festival Theatre takes place here in summer, one of the most important festivals of this kind. At this time of the year, you will be able to watch extremely high-quality shows. Also, while you are here, West Dean College of Arts is another must-see. Situated in the countryside, this building is surrounded by a charming park with streams and various types of plants you can admire. Last but not least, enjoy a meal at the pub in Dell-Quay. This overlooks a harbor with alluring views, especially when the tide is low.

Discover Sussex: Arundel Castle


This fascinating site is 30 minutes from Chichester by train. As soon as you get off the train, you should walk for just about ten minutes to find this fascinating castle. At first sight, you might think that this is one of the Harry Potter movie sets because indeed it seems to resemble parts of Hogwarts. The idea for this building came from Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Arundel in 1067. After many changes of ownership, the castle was later restored by the 15th Duke of Norfolk (1847 – 1914). At present time, it is possible to visit the inside of the castle and its surroundings. In addition to that, why not attend some of the gigs in Arundel’s Jailhouse. Not only will you be able to enter a Gregorian/Victorian prison, but you will also have a wide range of activities from which you can choose: live music, ghost tours, murder mysteries, etc.

Weald and Downland Living Museum

Weald and Downland Living Museum

Not far from Chichester, you will find the Weald and Downland Living Museum. It is actually possible to get here by bike from Chichester and cycle through the woods if you wish to. This 40-acre site is unique because it recreates the types of housing in which people were living throughout the centuries. The path will take you through the different stages of housing construction and its developments. What makes this site even more peculiar, is the fact that there are actors dressed up in the traditional clothes of that period of time. The aim is to demonstrate how life was at that time, what kind of jobs existed and which were the main roles and duties.

Discover Sussex: Brighton

Brighton, UK

Brighton is a well-known city in the south of England. If you are eager to look for vintage articles, this is the right place to go to. As soon as you get to the core of the city, you will find yourself surrounded by shops selling all sorts of quirky items, not only clothing but also many other objects belonging to the past. In a way, it might seem like entering some kind of museum full of a past to discover, but also to purchase. But in Brighton, there are several other sites you should see. For example, you could go for a stroll on the beach and up to the Pier, or visit the Royal Pavillion. If you like partying, stay the night in one of the many hostels, and go to the best clubs in the area.

Seven Sisters Country Park

Seven Sisters, UK

Situated in the South-Downs hills, this National Park is definitely a must-see because of its stunning views and surrounding nature. Access to the main paths is easy and can be reached by car or by bus. The route on the hills will take you along the south coast, on the top of the cliffs facing the ocean. The Seven Sisters Country Park is also a great location to spot wildlife, such as many species of birds. It is also perfect for picnics and camping. Furthermore, you could also go horseriding here. Contact some of the locals who provide this service and enjoy your ride!

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