Drive in Cinema Malaga: An American time travel in Spain

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Autocine Málaga Metrovacesa is the newest outdoor, drive in cinema in Malaga. This 50s aesthetic, American-styled outdoor cinema and diner will not disappoint. Plus, it is the second-largest drive-in cinema in Europe! During the pandemic, movie-lovers had a hard time as they could not go to movie theatres. But at the end of 2021, Autocine Málaga Metrovacesa opened its doors and now everyone can enjoy the magic of cinema, in the comfort of their cars! Now you can watch your favorite movies and movie stars under the stars! Sounds like a great time? Let’s get this show on the road and discover more about the drive-in cinema in Malaga!

drive in cinema malaga

# Where can I find the drive in cinema in Malaga?

So Autocine Málaga Metrovacesa is located at the Guadalhorce industrial estate. It is a huge parking lot occupying over 16,000 square meters! The American diner-themed food court also takes up 3,000 m2.

By car, it is a 20-minute drive from Malaga’s city center. If you decide to visit Autocine by public transport, it can take 40-60 minutes to get there by bus. The following buses can take you there: 19, 20, 25, 27, and the C1 train.

Location: Ctra. de la Azucarera Intelhorce, 29004 Málaga

# How does the drive in cinema in Malaga work?

Autocine has two areas available. There is a specific space for cars up to 250, and also an area in front of the screen with 250 deckchairs. This way, even those without a car can enjoy the experience. Moreover, the films are screened on a huge 250m2 screen – the biggest in Andalusia! Also, make sure to arrive early since the movie theatre works on a first-come, first-served basis.

# What movies do they screen?

And the listings will combine the latest releases with classic movies. So for classic movies, Autocine screened movies like Grease, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, La La Land, Pretty Woman, etc. For new releases, you can watch premieres ofTop Gun: Maverick, Sonic 2, Death on the Nile, Firestarter, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, etc. There is something for everyone, whether you are a musical theatre lover or an action movie enthusiast.

Moreover, they also cater to families by screening children’s movies. From Lion King to Frozen 2 and Despicable me, there is a big variety. Check out their Instagram page to see the current screenings!

# How much does the ticket cost?

Tickets for the classic movies cost 7€ on weekends, 6.5€ on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and 6€ on Wednesdays. Children from 4 to 12 years old pay 5.50€. It is important to know that you pay per person, not per car.

# What language are the movies in?

drive in cinema malaga

With a very clever twist, the owners came up with a solution to cater to both Spanish and English-speaking viewers watching from their cars. To listen to the audio of the film, you just have to turn on your car’s radio system and through the cinema’s FM frequency you can choose the language. Simple as that! Isn’t that amazing? Plus, to get the most retro experience, you can rent portable radios for 1 Euro. So if you want to watch the movie while snacking on something delicious at the diner area, you can comfortably do that.

# What about the food? Where can I get my popcorn?

Well, if anything, this will impress you. The drive in cinema also has a 3,000 m2 food court with an American-themed diner restaurant and various food trucks. From hamburgers to hot dogs and even healthy food options, you can fill your stomach with all sorts of delicious meals! What is even more special, is that you can order your food through the cinema’s mobile app, designed for the pandemic but also for your comfort. Check out the menu here.

# Do they have options for special diets?

For sure they have! What I especially like about their approach is that they take special diets very seriously. Autocine has gluten-free options, supported by Asociación de Celíacos y Sensibles al Gluten. Their staff is trained to avoid food cross-contamination, which is super impressive. Other than that, they also offer vegetarian options for customers, such as burgers, pizza, and even poke bowls, so everyone can enjoy their meals!

# What about the weather?

drive in cinema malaga

It is a permanent outdoor movie theatre, meaning you can visit it all year around. Therefore, it is a perfect program whether it is raining or sunny. The huge screen is waterproof, so no problem there. Also, your car can protect you from the weather conditions so it is the best solution.

# Can I bring my kids and pets?

Yes! This is a family and pet-friendly environment.  Children from 0 to 3 years old can enter free of charge. Moreover, Autocine has a play area for children. Plus, they have special family and food package offers, for instance, you can get a discount for large families. There are also activities organized for children sometimes, so we would recommend checking out their events!

# Vegas, baby!

If you thought the Americanness ended there, unfortunately, you are wrong. Autocine Málaga Metrovacesa also hosts a wide range of activities: gastronomy events, live concerts, markets, exhibitions, etc. Other than that, they have rockabilly shows and even Las Vegas themes Elvis weddings! Moreover, every weekend and during public holidays they organize ‘Rita’s Brunch’ where you can try the various food trucks and enjoy the special atmosphere. Lastly, you get to attend movie-themed parties and dress up in costumes to show how big of a fan you are. How fun is that? Here you can check out their events schedule.

# Why should I go to the drive in cinema in Malaga?

If you want to elope from the Spanish culture and immerse yourself in the unique American atmosphere without having to pay for a flight ticket, we definitely recommend you to visit the only drive in cinema in Malaga. Also, it is a local, female-owned business so you would support local businesses. But most importantly, the atmosphere itself is incredible! On a warm summer night, under the starry sky, there is nothing better to do than being with your friends, snacking while watching your favorite movie, and having an amazing time!

If you are interested, continue to Autocine Málaga Metrovacesa’s website!

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