Events in unfamiliar cities and how to search for them

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So, you are on holiday, and it’s time to pulsate in the rhythm of the city in which you are. It would be nice to be aware of current events and gigs: concerts, festivals, markets, and more. Where to head for a unique experience, how not to miss a concert of your favorite band and where to hang out and enjoy the best parties with the locals. Read on if you want to know how to search for events in unfamiliar cities.

Events in unfamiliar cities: Apps

Firstly, searching for events in unfamiliar cities using mobile apps is convenient for those who do not like to bother with planning too much. Now you are there, and you need to find something interesting for the next couple of days, or maybe tonight. So, here are the most popular and reliable services for this case.

All Events in City – a popular app for events that operates in 30 thousand cities around the world. Moreover, you have different big cities like Berlin, Milan, London, Dublin, and New York. It is easy to select events by category and personal interest, and you can also get personalized recommendations selected just for you. If you find something interesting, you easily add it to your Google calendar.

Vamos – the service will especially appeal to those who have a decent number of foreign friends on Facebook. The application will show the movements of your friends. A great way to surprise a foreign friend and “accidentally” go to a party that he or she is attending. The app can be used in a wide range of cities – it is available in 50 countries of the world.


Universe – an app that, using standard filters, quickly finds events near the location you need. Simple, easy to use, with maps and categories to choose from. Universe also allows you to immediately buy a ticket for the desired event.

Party with a Local – the best thing a traveler (s) can do on a trip is to get acquainted with the locals. So that the trip can sparkle with new colors. All you have to do is register, get to know some people, and specify what kind of event you would like to attend. After that, your new friends will take you to the best places according to your interests.

Events in unfamiliar cities

Events in unfamiliar cities: Websites

Secondly, if you belong to the category of travelers who plan their trip program in advance, clearly and point by point, sites with posters of cultural events are what you need. You sit at home in the evening, with a cup of tea, and you carefully scour the page looking for events in the city you would like to go to. Unlike apps, websites may give you a more complete picture of what is happening in the place you are visiting.

Some websites:

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Norway –,

Italy –

Ukraine –,

Spain –,

Poland –, 

Certainly, planning your trip will allow you to get the most out of the place you are visiting, but also have time to experience its true vibes. Even if something doesn’t go according to your plan, you can still find something else to do, just have a look at some of the services we mentioned.

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