Finland: top 7 tips for a low-cost traveling experience

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This is the country of happiness, aurora borealis, incredible design, and even things you can buy for 1 euro. You will have a special love for this country because it surprises its visitors with its color, minimalism, and extraordinary nature. To go to Northern Europe is, first of all, to immerse yourself in nature. Forests, fields, Christmas trees, flowers, ponds, rocks – you will see all of this from the plane while landing on the Scandinavian lands and other northern countries. Read on and discover how to make the best out of your traveling experience in Finland.

# Apps and websites

Before planning your trip to Finland, I suggest you open a website where you can see when all the museums in Helsinki can be visited for free during the year. Here is a link to the website. In addition to that, here you will find maps to download to your phone and additional postcards with events.

The last page will come in handy if you plan to visit not only the capital of Finland but are considering staying there a little longer. This is the official website of Finland, where you can view information about events, concerts, and exhibitions. And if suddenly, when you arrive in Finland, your mobile operator refuses to work, I advise you to take a look at this link to find free internet.

# Finland: Capital – Helsinki

Traveling experience in Finland: Helsinki

Helsinki is not a big capital, although the transport system here is good but very expensive. The price of one ticket is 3.20 euros if you buy it from the driver. Therefore, purchase it at a vending machine instead for only 2.70 euros. However, there is a significant difference between a tram and a bus ticket, as a special tram ticket costs 2.50 euros. The capital is well known for its path along the waterfront, so I recommend walking there and then stopping by a pub or cafe to warm up. You can buy a bus ticket from Turku to Helsinki at any time on the website. Buses depart every day and the journey takes only 1.5 hours. This is a good opportunity to visit two cities without having to spend a lot of money.

# Free tour

One of the coolest opportunities that Europe offers is the Free Tour. I have attended them in Prague and Italy several times. This opportunity is also available in Finland, it is worth remembering that the first one starts at 10.30. You can choose the language on the spot or during the registration at the site. The tour lasts about two and a half hours, so do not be greedy to tip your guide.

# Finland: Caffe Regatta

In Helsinki, you can also spend time near Elaintarhanlahti Bay. The wonderful landscape stretches to the Botanical Garden. An ideal place not only in the warm season. Café Regatta is one of the places that locals also call the gingerbread house by the sea. Here you can try the most delicious coffee and pastries in a cozy rural atmosphere. The café is right next to the monument of Sibelius, Finland’s most famous figure.

# Bars

Of all the places I visited, there were a few bars and pubs that are worth mentioning. Here is a small list in which I hope you will find something that’s in your bag:

  • Navy Jerry’s (Hietaniemenkatu 2) – a place where I would advise to spend the evening and even the night. The bar offers the best author’s cocktails, people from different parts of the world dance incendiary dances, and the hall is filled with dim light. If you love to break away and listen to the music of the ’50s, then this place is just for you.
  • The next highlight will be the bar Loose (Annankatu 21). It is on weekends that the owner organizes buzzing parties and invites everyone. If you see the inscription “A liberal living room for good people” on the wall, you have come to the right place.  

Finland is a country of art, history, and not as cold in winter as we used to think. I am convinced that every trip there will be a new discovery for you. If you want to read more, click here for an article on the 5 Tips for Madrid on a budget.