Granada Districts: Top 5 Must-See Neighbourhoods

Granada is one of the most breathtaking cities in Spain. Its rich cultural history and staggering beauty draw people from all over the world. The Alhambra as a UNESCO World Heritage site is among the most stunning sights in Andalucia. Due to its history, the city has a particular mystical and captivating atmosphere. Another UNESCO world heritage site in Granada is the white neighbourhood of Albayzín. However, there are more fascinating neighbourhoods in Granada which all have distinct vibes. Granada Districts are unique. If you are intrigued about the best areas to visit in Granada, then keep on reading.

1. Centro Historico – Granada Districts

The heart of the centre of Granada extends from the busy Plaza Nueva over the Calle Reyes Católicos to the huge cathedral of Granada. Follow the amazing streets and discover pretty squares in the old town. Here you will also find the busy main shopping areas. However, there are more than the average clothing store everyone knows. Do not miss out on the best food market in Granada called Mercado San Augustin. If you are on the hunt for delicious fresh tapas, this is the place to find them.

Another impressive market you need to visit in the centre is the Alcaiceria market. This Arabic market which used to be a bazaar during the rule of the Arabs will enchant you with beautiful lamps, jewellery and other souvenirs. It will transport into a different time. In the centre of Granada are a lot of amazing tapas bars, restaurants and cafes as well. Furthermore, check out the talented street performers at Plaza Nueva. Often you can enjoy a Flamenco show there with the glorious Alhambra in the Background. After taking in this astonishing square, follow the most charming street in Granada called Carrera del Darro until you arrive in the old Arabic district.

Granada centre
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2. Albayzín

Probably the most iconic area of Granada districts is Albayzín. Albayzín is Granada’s former Arabic district. The stunning bohemian whitewashed barrio is the centre of art. Located on a hill it might be a little tiresome to walk through the district. However, you will be rewarded with stunning little alleys, colourful flowers adorning white walls and Spanish guitar music at every other corner.

Forget maps and time and let these cobbled streets enchant you by getting lost in the Albayzín. Walk all the way up to get to Mirador San Nicolás which is the best lookout. It guarantees spectacular views of the Alhambra. Moreover, You will not only be able to enjoy the Alhambra in all its glory but also traditional folkloric music played by Roma people. The flamenco guitar and the traditional singing will add to the wonderful and unique atmosphere in the Arabic quarter of Granada. Simply listen and explore the Albayzín by following the charming flamenco music!

Granada districts
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3. Sacromonte – Granada Districts

The next important place on the list of Granada neighbourhoods is Sacromonte. Sacromonte is known as the Cave neighbourhood. Due to the high location on the hillside, it is possible to look down on the white streets of Albayzín. The barrio is very rustic and it feels like time stood still here. To this day local Roma people live in caves in Sacromonte. In this barrio in Granada, you will be able to see the best Flamenco shows. The unique sounds of Flamenco music coming out of the rock caves will enchant you all night long.

The district behind the Albayzín is so high up, and remote from the city centre that you almost forget that you are still in Granada. Do not miss out on an impressive Flamenco show in one of the many caves up the hill as Flamenco has a long history in Andalucia. During the day in Sacromonte, you should visit the cave museum to learn all about the Roma and cave-dwelling people who invented Flamenco and made it a famous tradition in Granada. Among all the Granada districts, this will show you a completely unique and new side of the beautiful and multifaceted city.

Granada districts

4. Realejo

Granada districts are versatile and unique. The Jewish neighbourhood in Granada is called Realejo. Realejo is very distinct from the aforementioned districts. Taking a stroll through Realejo is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Granada. The district is not as steep as Albayzín, which makes strolling and exploring less exhausting and more relaxing. You can find the pretty Iglesia Santo Domingo and have a look inside.

However, the district is best known as being the hip, trendy and young quarter of Granada. Find the best graffiti in this edgy and creative area. Particularly famous are the spray paintings by the artist Raul Ruiz who is known as ‘El Niño’. Vibrant, colourful and creative graffiti turn the run-down facades of the neighbourhood into charming and beautiful pieces of art. Wandering around in this part of the city will lead you to nice bars and tapas places. Be careful, however, as there are some tourist traps in this area as well, particularly along Calle Navas. Reading reviews on the internet beforehand can be really helpful in avoiding overpriced taverns. Since this Granada neighbourhood is also a popular residential quarter, you can find cute tapas bars only locals visit. Seek out these bars to enjoy traditional Andalucian food!

spanish neighbourhood street art

5. Beiro

Last but not least on the list of Granada districts, is Beiro. Since it is central, affordable, full of nightlife and culture, and well connected with public transportation, this Granada neighbourhood is particularly popular among young tourists and backpackers. If you are on a budget, check out the hostels or other accommodation options in this area in Granada. Granada nightlife is vibrant and fun. Especially in this neighbourhood, you will be able to experience this. You will find amazing bars and clubs with international music as well as reggaeton depending on your taste. Furthermore, as it is close to the Albayzín district, you can also detect ancient Arabic influences here as well. Try out one of the many tea houses there! Due to the great public transport connection within this area, you can easily take a day trip out of the city. You could visit one of the beautiful beaches on the south coast.

While this neighbourhood is great for accommodations it is also great for visiting. The Beiro neighbourhood is home to the Plaza de Toros which is the Bull fighting arena in Granada. Furthermore, since many locals live in this area, you can find the most authentic and affordable tapas in Beiro. Check out this unique district in Granada, for amazing food while enjoying a more ‘local vibe’.

Arabic influences Andalucia
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