Granada Nightlife: The Ultimate Guide to Party

Granada is a popular tourist destination at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the South of Spain. This city offers the beauty of nature with the mountains and beaches in combination with the architecture and rich cultural history especially due to the Alhambra. Granada has it all: Nature, culture, beautiful architecture, amazing museums, rich history, and delicious food and drinks. Furthermore, Granada nightlife has all pre-conditions to guarantee an amazing night out. Not only tourists love this magnificent city but also students from all over Europe love to do their Erasmus semester in Granada.

As a famous university city, the nightlife in Granada is constantly flourishing. Since many students live here, Granada nightlife is lively and vibrant every day of the week which makes it one of the best city’s to party in Andalucia. The bars and nightclubs offer a wide range of different music styles. From reggaeton to alternative and from electronic to pop; No matter the personal taste in music, everyone will find the right place serving to one’s own style.

The nightlife in Granada starts rather late but don’t worry, the partying lasts long into the night and past dawn. Granada nightlife attends to everyone’s taste. It does not matter if you are looking for a chill night or a wild night with a lot of dancing. You can have a more comfortable and fun night enjoying some tapas and drinks, go to a fancy bar drinking good cocktails, have beers at Irish Pubs or dance until dawn at the best nightclubs in Andalucia. The choice is yours to make. In Granada, an amazing and unforgettable night is guaranteed.

1. What is Granada Nightlife like?

Granada nightlife

If you want to start the night the proper Spanish way, you begin by having tapas at a tapas bar in Granada. Enjoy delicious Spanish food with good drinks. In most bars, you get free tapas with your drinks. This means you only pay for the drinks you order, which are accompanied by a small Spanish snack for free. It is easy to forget the time when you are sitting in a tapas bar with friends, enjoying your evening and taking in the amazing atmosphere of Granada at night.

Are you not ready to go home after the Spanish Tapas? Then move on to one of the many great bars in Granada. At around 11 pm bars and pubs slowly start filling up. Have a cocktail or some typical Spanish drinks like Sangria, and Tinto Verano, or try a Spanish beer. Granada has amazing bars. Check out Granada’s best rooftop bars, cocktail bars and Irish pubs as you explore the nightlife in Granada. No one will be disappointed by the wide variety of bars serving different styles and people. From fancy rooftop bars to grimy underground hipster places; The wide range of bars accommodates everyone’s taste.

Spanish people only go out to nightclubs when it’s way past midnight. It is recommended to stay at bars until 1 am since before, there will not be any people at the discos. If you crave a wild night, dancing until dawn to your favourite music, Granada is the place for you. Granada has techno, alternative, pop, reggaeton, rock and funk clubs. Whatever kind of music you love, Granada can deliver. Partying like a local means staying out until around 8 am. Be prepared for an incredible night full of music, people, drinks and memories.

2. Is Granada Nightlife Worth the Hype?

Granada nightlife

The easy answer is: YES! Granada nightlife is vibrant, colourful and lively. Due to its status as a university city, Granada’s young citizens ensure constant growth, change and improvement of the nightlife. Hence, every night can look different and unique. The nightlife never stands still.

It does not matter if you are a techno-raver, a reggaeton lover or an alternative fan, in Granada you will find a place to fit right in. From the best DJs in clubs to live acoustic music in cute bars – the options in Granada are endless. Furthermore, Granada also offers multiple gay-friendly and LGBTQIA+ bars and clubs.

Depending on your mood, Granada attends to your needs. From easygoing evenings in tapas bars to unforgettable nights dancing in discos until the morning hours – In Granada, you will find whatever your heart desires. Experience the unique Granada nightlife, you will not regret it!

3. The Best Places to Party in Granada

The biggest quantity of tapas places and bars is in the centro historico in Granada. There you will find many places serving free tapas with your drinks. While walking through the centre and enjoying the sites like the cathedral and the madraza, look at the bars you will be passing, some of them have happy hours or other specials. We recommend going to Calle Elvira in Granada. There you will find many incredible bars and delicious tapas. In the centre of Granada is a mixture of all kinds of people which makes this place more vibrant and interesting. Expats, Erasmus students, tourists and locals come together in the centro historico to enjoy this beautiful city.

Another great neighbourhood to spend the night in is the Jewish district Realejo-San Matias in Granada. Set at the foot of the Alhambra, the Jewish district has a lot to offer regarding the nightlife in Granada. While exploring the narrow and steep streets, and admiring the famous street art in Realejo-San Matias, watch out for cute bars there. Check out Calle Ganivet and Calle Navas for amazing tapas taverns and bars in Granada.

Pedro Antonio is another extraordinary place to go for a night out in Granada. This area is famous among students. There you will find cheap tapas, trendy bars and amazing nightclubs. Make sure to go there, if you are a student as you will find many like-minded people there.

4. The Best Party in Granada – Pub Crawl Granada

If you are looking for the best party in Granada, you need to join the Granada Pub Crawl! There you will have the chance to meet like-minded people from all over the world wanting to experience true Spanish nightlife. The Pub Crawl Granada is the best way to get a feeling for the Granada nightlife and have an unforgettable night.

Enjoy the Granada nightlife tour while the amazing tour guides look for the best party locations in town so you do not have to. The tour includes free drinks at 2 of the best bars in Granada as well as free VIP entry without waiting in line to an amazing nightclub.

While you will be able to enjoy an amazing night with amazing drinks and great music, the best part about the Pub Crawl is you. The lovely and interesting people who want to have a good time and join the Pub Crawl Granada are what make the experience exceptional. Students, expats, digital nomads and travellers from all over the world meet to share a unique and remarkable experience during the Pub Crawl. Make connections and friends while creating memories that will last a lifetime! Do not miss out on this unbelievable night full of fun!

5. The Best Tapas in Granada – Tapas Tour Granada

Are you looking for the best places to go to have delicious and typical Spanish tapas? Are you overwhelmed by the number of places there are in Granada and you want to make sure to choose the right tapas bar? The best way to explore the true Spanish ways of the delicious little tapas in Granada is by joining a tapas tour in Granada. That way a local tour guide will show you the best places and a delicious time is guaranteed.

Do you prefer exploring on your own? Here are some great tapas bars in Granada you should check out.

Los Manueles

Los Manueles has become an institution in Granada due to its amazing typical Andalucian Tapas. This is why they have now multiple locations in Granada. If you are looking for traditional tapas in Granada this is the place to go. Los Manueles might not be the cheapest Tapas Bar but definitely worth visiting to try authentic Spanish food.

Reyes Católicos, 61
Monjas del Carmen, 1
Plaza Bib-rambla, 16

Tapas Granada

La Goma

La Goma is the perfect place for vegetarians, vegans and open-minded people who want to try something new. They serve amazing vegetarian and vegan tapas. Furthermore, you should check out their breakfast menu. Besides the excellent food, la Goma convinces its customers with a cosy yet eclectic atmosphere.

Location: Calle Gracia, 40

vegan tapas spain

Los diamantes

This is the place where locals and tourists meet. Los Diamantes is popular with everyone because of its good price, amazing authentic Andalucian Tapas and central location. Opened in 1942, Los Diamantes is defending its title as one of the best tapas bars in Granada. They specialise in fish and seafood but also serve other options.

Location: Plaza Nueva, 13

tapas spain

6. The Best Bars in Granada

Due to the wide variety of bars in Granada nightlife, you will certainly not be bored. There are different styles, different drinks and different people depending on the place you choose. Are you in the mood for a fancy cocktail? Or would you prefer a local beer? Whatever you are looking for, Granada will attend to your needs.

The Best Venue for Live Music in Granada Nightlife – La Liberia

If you are looking for live music, check out La Liberia. Ever since it opened in 1984, it regularly hosts local bands and musicians. Every other night you have the chance to be amazed and enchanted by some local artists, you probably have never heard of before. On days La Liberia does not offer live music, you have the chance to play darts or foosball with friends. Enjoy a cold beer or a mojito and have a chill yet amazing night while enjoying beautiful music at La Liberia.

Location:  Calle Duquesa, 8

live music la liberia

The Best Irish Pub in Granada Nightlife – Hannigan and Sons

Hannigan and Sons is for all beer lovers. They offer a wide selection of international beers and local beers. This is the perfect place to try something you haven’t tried yet. They also have big TVs where sports events are broadcasted. Check out this Irish Pub for a fun night with beers, hamburgers and friends!

Location: Calle Cetti Meriem, 1

Granada nightlife

The Best Bar in Realejo-San Matias – Sala Premier

This bar is a very relaxed and cosy place. Sala Premier is perfect to meet up with friends as the first stop on a night out. Enjoy either cocktails or beers, the options are endless here.

Location: Plaza de Mariana Pineda, 1

nightlife in Granada

7. The Best Clubs in Granada Nightlife

Granada nightclubs are vibrant, lively and fun. There is the perfect place to party for everyone. No matter the music genre, vibe and size – Granada nightlife can offer the perfect party location for every taste. Rock, Pop, Techno, Reggaeton and many more music styles are available in Granada nightclubs. Although there are so many amazing places, here are two recommendations that you should definitely check out when in Granada.

Best Club in Granada – Mae West club

Three rooms, two floors and one terrace – Mae West grants the best party experience in Granada in this location. Every Party room has a different theme and a different style of music. What makes this nightclub in Granada special is that the building imitates a theatre with loges and stalls. Walking out on the stunning terrace, you will feel transported to the old orient. Do not miss out on this amazing nightclub when exploring Granada nightlife!

Location: Centro Comercial Neptuno, Arabial

party in Granada

Alternative Music in Granada Nightlife – Lemon Rock

Are you not in the mood for mainstream music? Would you like to listen to some live alternative music? Then Lemon Rock is the perfect place for you. Step inside this old building from the 17th century and enjoy alternative music in Granada until the morning hours.

Location: Calle Montalbán, 6

Granada nightlife

What are you waiting for? Explore the vibrant and amazing nightlife in Granada! Join the Granada Pub Crawl to experience the ultimate party.

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