Hidden Gems to Visit in Granada: Top 6

Due to the incredible UNESCO world heritage site Alhambra and the stunning natural setting at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain, people from all over the world visit Granada to enjoy its endless beauty. However, there is much more to see and discover in this old mysterious city than just the typical tourist attractions. By wandering around the city and exploring its intriguing streets, you can find some interesting and beautiful hidden gems off the beaten track in Granada. Here is a list of our top 6 hidden gems to visit in Granada if you ever need a break from the busy and crowded main tourist attractions.

1. Getting lost in Albayzín

If you really want to get an authentic feel for the city, you simply have to get lost in the neighbourhood of Albayzín. Forget maps, in order to experience Granada truly just wander around the narrow streets that are full of culture and staggering beauty. By wandering around aimlessly, you have the chance to not only take in Granada in all its uniqueness but also stumble upon cute squares and restaurants or impressive and intriguing flamenco shows. Furthermore, the Moorish architecture and narrow streets allow you to have a glance into medieval times in Granada.

hidden gems in Granada
Albayzín neighbourhood in Granada

2. Hidden Gems to Visit in Granada: Casa de Zafra

From the outside, this house might not look special, but on the inside, Casa de Zafra displays what the old Arabian houses used to look like. Within the Albayzín neighbourhood, you can discover this hidden gem in Granada. The house allows you to get away from the busy streets of Granada. You can relax a little while wandering around in this Alcazar look-alike. On the inside, you will find a small museum where you can learn more about the rich history of Granada. This house is definitely worth a visit, especially since it is free of charge.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm.
Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.
Closed on Monday.

off the beaten track in Granada
Casa de Zafra in Granada

3. Hidden Gems to Visit in Granada: Enjoying Tea in an Arabian Teahouse

The easiest way to get out of the bustling streets of Granada is to discover the calming atmosphere of an Arabian Teahouse in Granada. You should sample different kinds of fresh teas, to calm down and relax after exploring the hectic outsides of Granada. You can find plenty of beautiful and authentic places in the Albayzín neighbourhood. Teteria Baghdad is a fantastic place with Moroccan flair, a cosy atmosphere and an exceptionally terrific tea selection. Another great choice is Abaco Té. Besides having a great tea selection, Abaco Té offers a beautiful view of the city. Sit back, sip tea and unwind. Simply leave the hectic city life behind for a little bit while getting off the beaten track in Granada.

secret spot in Granada
Tea room in Granada

4. Hidden gems to Visit in Granada: Parque Federica García Lorca

Love is the kiss in the quiet nest while the leaves are trembling, mirrored in the water – Federico García Lorca

Only 15 minutes from the Cathedral, you will find the Parque Federica García Lorca, one of our favourite hidden gems to visit in Granada. Since it is in the more modern part of Granada, many tourists do not know about this secret treasure. Thus, this park in Granada is the perfect place to take a break and enjoy nature by just strolling through it or relaxing on one of the benches.

This stunning park is set on the grounds of the famous Spanish poet Federica García Lorca. Within those grounds, you can also look at his family’s summer residence. It has been turned into a museum in honour of his works. The museum, Huerta de San Vicente, is worth a visit as well if you have time. You will learn more about Federica García Lorca’s life and poetry. Otherwise, if you do not have time, you can always just enjoy it from the outside while walking through one of Europe’s biggest and most marvellous rose gardens. This park is proof of why getting off the beaten path in Granada can be rewarding.

hidden gems in Granada
Parque de Garcia Federico Lorca

5. Hammam Arabian Baths

If a simple stroll through a park is not enough for you to unwind, how about a Hammam bath? Do you want the ultimate relaxation experience? Then go ahead and feel luxurious in one of the many Hammam Arabian Baths. These baths are an important part of Granada’s history. Originally these baths stood for cleansing and purity within the Muslim culture. Unfortunately, however, later Christians destroyed many of those baths as they considered them to be decadent. Step into these buildings and catch a glimpse of life in old Granada. This unique experience is one of our favourite exclusive things to do in Granada. Alongside massages and rituals, enjoy the authentic atmosphere. Forget everything else and unwind in this hidden gem in Granada.

hidden gems in Granada
Hammam Baths in Granada

6. Strolling down to Arco de las Pesas

While most tourists do not walk further after Mirador San Nicolas, it is actually worth continuing the path downhill on the opposite side of the viewpoint. You will reach a lovely area called Bajo Albayzín. It is lovely to stroll around there or sit down in one of the many nice restaurants and cafes with charming terraces to sit outside. If you continue walking, you will end up at Plaza Larga, the main square of this area. This is where you will find the Arco de las Pesas.

This hidden gem in Granada was built in the 8th century and is one of the oldest examples of Islamic architecture to look at in the city. Moreover, the gate was not only one of the entry gates but also a part of a wall to defend the city from intruders. Due to its old history, you should not miss out on this secret spot in Granada.

secret spots in Granada
Arco de las Pesas

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