Malaga Fair in August – What do we celebrate?

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If you plan on going to Malaga in August, you must definitely visit the Malaga Fair! It attracts thousands of people every year, and it’s worth looking forward to it. The celebration runs for 7 days and both local people and tourists cannot wait to attend. You might not have heard about this event before, especially if you haven’t been to Andalusia yet. But no worries! In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Malaga Fair in August.

General information about Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair, in Spanish Feria de Malaga, is a festival that takes place every year in two areas in the city. One is happening during the day downtown and the other during the night at Cortijo de Torres. It is always a big thing for the city, with as many as 2 million visitors some years. During the fair, you’ll have the chance to enjoy multiple events and activities for all ages and tastes, as well as performances by famous artists.

What’s the history behind this event?

The Malaga fair commemorates the city becoming part of Castille. On August 19, 1487, the Catholic King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella conquered Malaga from the Moors. The council subsequently decided to hold a celebration on August 15, 1491. On that day a procession took place, starting from the Cathedral of Malaga to the church of Santiago where a Mass was celebrated. The celebration has been held and is being organized every year since then. The Fair evolved year after year, it became more a popular celebration than a Catholic victory event. It changed locations throughout the years, from Pier Heredia (port of Malaga) to the park of Malaga and Teatinos. Today it takes place next to the Congress Centre of Malaga at Cortijo de Torres.

When does it usually take place?

Malaga Fair is, as mentioned before, celebrated during the month of August, The weather is especially nice during this period and the temperature is always pretty high. As for the exact dates, it is usually celebrated between the 12 and 22 of August. On the night before the fair starts, there is a huge firework display near the port in the Paseo del Parque at midnight. This is a way to mark the beginning of the celebration. You can also see it from miles away. The best view though is from the Port area from one of the rooftop terrace bars of city centre hotels. But it doesn’t end there. Festivities continue after midnight in La Malagueta beach. There, a concert takes place, usually featuring well-known Spanish artists.

More details about the actual event:

As mentioned above, there are two celebrations, one takes place during the day and the other during the night. Read below to find out more about them individually.

Feria de Dia – Malaga fair during the day

Malaga feria

The Day Fair or Feria de Dia in Spanish takes place in the city center from the morning until around 18:00 pm. You will find it around the main shopping street called Calle Marques de Larios, decorated with paper lanterns and flags for the occasion. During the Day Fair, you will find a large number of people from around the world, but also locals who decided to hang around for this special event and enjoy good food and drinks.

Don’t miss the traditional Andalusian dance

Along with loads of people on the street, you will also see women in flamenco dresses dancing, drinking and having fun. The traditional dance of Andalucia is the ‘Sevillanas’ and it combines four distinct dances along with finger-clicking and foot-stomping. This is where you can appreciate the dancers in the street who perform their dancing with passion and love.

Look out for people in traditional Andalusian costumes as well as the daily parade of horses and carriages. During the fair, there are free concerts in several squares in the old quarter such as Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza Uncibay and many more. Walk around the city and discover every event easily. As for food and drinks, you can always stop at a bar or a restaurant when you get hungry. Enjoy some typical feria drinks and food such as Malaga Dulce wine, Rebujito and Pescaito.

Feria de Noche – Malaga Fair at night

Malaga Fair night

In a different location than the Day Fair, at Cortijo de Torres, the Night Fair is characterized by a large number of rides for all ages and a better temperature compared to the morning one. At Cortijo de Torres, next to the Palacio de Congresos building you will find various ‘casetas‘, big huts or booths with everything you can really imagine. From food and drinks to games and things to buy, wander around and discover everything. The fair is usually packed with people, both children and adults enjoying their time, eating and getting on the rides. Keep in mind that the main booth or ‘caseta municipal’ is always free and offers multiple acts and live music for everyone to enjoy.

What kind of vibes can I expect?

The feeling you get when you visit the night fair is like no other. On the outside, the fair can be best described as a vast, bright fairyland of dazzling lights, deafening music, ferris wheels and dodgem cars. It is truly beautiful and incomparable to any ‘conventional’ fair elsewhere. Within its 500,000 square metres, you will find over 15 stalls, as well as a fairground. Each year Malaga City Council anticipates the costs for around 300,000 electric light bulbs, 200,000 street lanterns and 150 lampposts. Those who go to the fair, are on average 2 to 3 million people each year and have the time of their life.

This is everything you need to know about Feria de Malaga. Pack your bags, grab your friends, and don’t miss your chance to enjoy this amazing happening. We hope you’ll have the best time and you’ll enjoy your time in Malaga as much as we do!

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