Malaga off the beaten track: 5 non-touristy places to visit

To start with, Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, is a beautiful city, which undoubtedly offers many activities, countless natural landscapes, and unforgettable walks that combine both natural beauty and unsurpassed views. However, if you really want to explore the outskirts of Malaga and discover places that are not that touristy, if you have an appetite to get a taste of places known only by the locals, to get lost in the hidden parts of Malaga, then it’s time to find out some information that is only for those who want to know how to approach the unrevealed parts of Malaga off the beaten track!

Discover non–touristy places outside of Malaga

Sometimes you need to “escape” the city dynamics and discover a calm place where to stay for several hours or an entire day. Here, there is a list of the 5 non-touristy places that are just a few kilometers away from sunny Malaga:

1. Malaga off the beaten track: Playa de Maro in Nerja

We all know that Malaga is a seaside town, with long beaches that stretch along the whole city. The most famous beach is Malagueta, a beach close to the city center of Malaga. Nevertheless, there are many other beaches equally beautiful, but not as popular as the one mentioned. One of them is Maro Beach, a small beach close to the city of Nerja.

A great introduction to Malaga off the beaten track is definitely Nerja, a city located nearby Malaga. Its Muslim name is Narixa which translates in English as an “abundant source”. Nerja has narrow streets, white houses, and a lot of sunlight. Besides, it retains the authentic charm of a traditional Spanish town. Nerja is located 56 km east of Malaga and offers a spectacular panoramic view, especially from the well-known “Balcon de Europa”.

The Maro beach is one of the best beaches in southern Spain. It is situated in the Maro district of Nerja, under the cliffs of the Tejeda Mountain. It is a calm and peaceful beach, ideal for those who want to avoid touristy places and enjoy the beauty of a hidden paradise.

Malaga off the beaten track - The peaceful Maro Beach (Playa de Maro) in Nerja
Maro Beach – Nerja

2. Malaga off the beaten track: Try a visit to El Torcal de Antequera

A visit to the picturesque city of Antequera is considered a popular destination for those wanting to explore the beautiful destinations in close distance of the city of Malaga. Antequera is a city located on the Andalusian hills, 62 km from the center of Malaga.  This place exudes a special charm that refers to another era, specifically medieval times. It is known for its preserved ruins, which are located in a valley that produces, among other things, delicious olives and lively sunflowers.

The castle of Antequera is another thing worth mentioning. Its walls and its numerous towers promote the popular architecture of the region. Ιn other words, they construct the Arabic atmosphere, which is spread all over Andalucia. Speaking about the place’s culinary specialties, do not forget to try its famous muffins, the ajoblanco or the porra antequerana.

What is more, the landmark of Antequera, is El Torcal de Antequera Natural Park. It is a park that consists of the most impressive examples of karstic landscape in all of Europe. Also, it owes its name to the sinkholes or torcas. In El Torcal there are limestones, meaning rocks that are more than 150 million years old. These landscapes are extremely impressive; there is no doubt that they are going to offer you a unique visual experience!

malaga off the beaten track- el torcal
El Torcal de Antequera Natural Park

3. Next stop: El fuente de Piedra Lagoon

The next stop on our list of non-touristy places near Malaga is the hidden paradise of Piedra Lagoon, located 19 km away from Antequera. It is another peaceful place, perfect for those who love natural landscapes.

El Fuente de Piedra Lagoon is a national park that hosts almost 170 different species of birds. Furthermore, in this area, there is the largest flamingo colony (second in Europe), which lives and breeds in the Iberian Peninsula. The lagoon in Fuente de Piedra is full of freshwater. Moreover, there is a wide variety of marine species living there. El Fuente de Piedra promises many different images and landscapes. It is a wonderful destination that allows you to explore nature; discover its special fauna and flora, and take beautiful photos of the flamingos and the other bird species living there.

El fuente de Piedra Lagoon
Flamingos – El fuente de Piedra Lagoon

4. Malaga off the beaten track: El Saltillo de Malaga

 Are you one of those who prefer to be on the move when traveling? Then this route suits you the best! The route of El Saltillo outside of Malaga is one of the best non-touristy things for an adventure lover.

 El Saltillo, known as the second “Caminito Del Rey”, is located in the Sierra de Tejeda and corresponds to the seventh stage of the Great Path of Malaga. It is also known for the large suspension bridge (54 meters long), which crosses the Almanchares River at a height of 70 meters. It allows you to continue the Gran Senda de Málaga. Moreover, there are several ways to get to the aforementioned bridge, depending on both your physical condition and your desire to hike. Note that some of the paths are recommended only to experienced hikers. So, before you decide to take one, I would strongly recommend first checking the level of the difficulty!


5. Last but not least: Embalse del Limonero

Embalse del Limonero couldn’t be out of our list with the non-touristy places in the municipality of Malaga. It is really close to the Malaga capital. In fact, it is located in a forest park (Presa del Limonero); that provides routes for those interested in walking or hiking.

The Presa del Limonero hiking route is an easy route suitable for all visitors. This makes it one of the most famous hiking paths in Malaga; it is a perfect plan for the weekend at any time of the year! In addition to hiking, there is always the option to admire the beauty of the place; a quiet spot in the park or the water fountain on the Guadalmedina River present an unforgettable view.

Witness a Malaguenan Sunday picnic

Another reason why this place is really worth a visit is that, among its beauty, it is also a perfect spot to get to know some locals. As a matter of fact, you’ll find some picnic areas with the lively atmosphere provided by the Malaguenos, who definitely know how to entertain and organize a Sunday brunch party under the warm Andalusian sun!

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