Seville at Christmas: Weather, Activities, Traditions

Seville at Christmas time has a very unique atmosphere. Due to the weather, it might be very different to what you are used to in your own country during this time of year. However, do not underestimate the Spanish Christmas spirit in this city. Seville at Christmas does not fail to bring the Christmas joy across. Walking through Christmas markets, indulging in Turrón and admiring the Christmas lights while Christmas carols can be heard in the background – this is the holiday season in Seville.

1. Weather in Seville in Winter

The keyword for the winter in Seville is layers. While during the day it can reach 20 degrees celsius in the sun, the air can feel more chilly in the shade. At night the temperature drops to under 10 degrees. Thus, make sure to layer your clothes so that you are prepared for any weather conditions. There is also the possibility of rain in the winter in Seville, although it is not the norm.

2. Seville at Christmas – Activities

Seville at Christmas has a lot of activities to offer. Enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere in Seville while walking through the Christmas wonderland in the South of Spain. Admiring Christmas lights, exploring Christmas markets, attending Christmas concerts and seeking out Nativity scenes are must-dos if you spend Christmas in Seville.

Christmas Lights

At the end of November, the Christmas lights are installed in Seville. Hundreds of streets are lit up during December. At night the city is aglow with hundreds of beautiful lights. Particularly, the historic centre gleams in the most amazing way. Check out the main shopping streets, the plazas surrounding the Seville cathedral and Avenue de la Constitucion. Seville also installs a Christmas village which is cutely lit up and decorated with Christmas lights. Do not miss out on the Christmas lights in Seville as they contribute to the magical atmosphere this time of the year.

Furthermore, there are multiple trees put up around the city. However, not real fir trees but tree-shaped structures made of lights. You will find those massive yet impressive trees mostly in the city centre.

lights in Spain
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Christmas Markets in Seville

Not only the Christmas lights are installed at the end of November but also the Christmas markets. Seville at Christmas offers multiple cute Christmas markets selling nativity scenes’ figurines, typical Spanish sweets, toys and hand-made crafts like jewellery or purses made of leather. We recommend visiting the Christmas market along the Avenue de la Constitucion. This market has the stunning cathedral of Seville in the background. That is why it is a must-visit during Christmas time in Seville. You should definitely treat yourself to some Turrón or candid nuts!

Holiday season Spain
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Christmas Concerts

Attend a Christmas concert to experience the Spanish Christmas spirit. This time of year, choirs, groups and orchestras perform regularly all over the city to spread the festive mood. If you enjoy organ music, you should attend the Christmas concert in the cathedral. At the Teatro de la Maestranza, the Royal Orchestra of Seville performs a special Christmas concert which will be beautifully stunning to listen to and will definitely bring festive joy.

If you prefer something more casual, walk around the city centre and discover the music there. Usually this time of the year many street performers play the most popular Christmas songs on their instruments. The beautiful singing will accompany you while exploring the stunning city of Seville at the most wonderful and cheerful time.

Christmas music Spain
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Nativity Scenes

Discover multiple displays of Nativity scenes in Seville. In December and January, Nativity scenes also called Belén are installed all over the city. They range from miniature displays in small shop windows to life-sized representations depending on budgets and space. There are multiple cooperations and groups that install these Nativity scenes all over town and hang up signs so people do not miss out on any scenes. Some displays are really big and it might happen that you have to wait in line to have a look at the display. The life-sized nativity scenes in the city can cost thousands of Euros. They can be very extravagant. Thus, waiting in a queue will be worth it.

3. Seville at Christmas – Traditions

Christmas traditions in Spain are a little bit different to other European countries. On the 24th of December, Nochebuena (the good night) is celebrated. The festivities begin in the afternoon and evening. Since Spain is a very catholic country, many Spanish people go to church on Christmas Eve. Afterwards, it is common to have dinner with family. Restaurants and bars close earlier on the 24th so make sure to check the opening times if you do not want to cook yourself. The typical Christmas meal in Seville consists of a turkey, chicken or seafood. The dinner table would not be complete without Jamón Serrano. In the weeks before Christmas, you will already be able to see the massive salted and air-dried pig legs hanging in all supermarkets. If you want to experience a traditional Christmas in Seville, you need to try this ham.

Seville at Christmas
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While in many countries the 25th of December is celebrated the most, Christmas day in Seville is more casual. Nevertheless, it is a national holiday which means shops are closed and only some bars and restaurants are open. Christmas day is spent with the family. Families take walks through the streets and parks enjoying a nice time together and taking in Seville’s unique atmosphere and beauty at Christmas.

6th of January – Three Kings Day in Seville

In Spain, the Christmas festivities last until the 6th of January, the Three Kings’ day, which is the climax of the holiday season. On the preceding day, the people of Seville assemble for the Three Kings’ Parade. The streets of Seville will be full of people, carriages and floats. Performers in extravagant costumes dressed as Kings, their ladies and squires throw sweets from the carriages down to the viewers. Do not miss out on this colourful, fun and huge parade in the centre of Seville!

The parade represents part of the nativity story when the three Kings follow a star to come and see the newborn Jesus. The wise men come bearing gifts namely, gold, incense and myrrh. On the 5th the kings arrive in Seville and on the 6th they bring presents to all children. That is why, the exchange of gifts in Spain is on the 6th of January, in contrast to other countries on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Seville at Christmas
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