Best Cafes in Malaga: Speciality Coffee Cafes Top 5

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Comfy seat, a delicious piece of cake and an excellent, freshly brewed coffee in hand. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect scenario? There are many Cafes in Malaga that will serve you a hot cup to wake you up. The following places, however, are so much more than just simple cafes. These are the best cafes in Malaga that serve you high-quality specialty coffee!

Not like your average American chain, the following cafes in Malaga serve you a cup full of high-quality, sustainable and fairtrade coffee. With the rising danger and awareness of climate change as well as refocusing back on quality instead of quantity, the third wave of coffee has reached Spain. Everywhere small coffee roasters decide to open up their own cafes, offering excellent coffee with high standards revolutionizing the coffee industry and mounting resistance to commercialism. If you love coffee, want to support local businesses and care about the environment, then you will be a fan of these cafes in Malaga with the best coffee aligning with the guidelines of speciality coffee.

best cafe in Malaga

Are you looking for the best coffee in Malaga? Look no further! This is a list of the best cafes with speciality coffee in Malaga. Coffee addicts, enthusiasts of finer things, supporters of sustainability and local businesses will love these cafes in Malaga.

1. Best Cafes in Malaga: Mia Coffee House

Mia coffee house is a must-visit in Malaga if you enjoy delicious high-quality coffee. They roast their own speciality coffee beans and they obviously know what they are doing. Drinking their coffee feels like a warm hug, you do not ever want to end. The employees clearly have excellent knowledge about coffee and how to prepare and brew it. Their baristas have been Aeropress champions in 2018 and 2021 as well as have won “El Delantal” barista of the year 2022.

The Cafe itself is rather small, but people work on their laptops there regularly enjoying their Filter cafe or cappuccinos accompanied by a homemade cookie or piece of cake. Mia Coffee House is among the best Cafes in Malaga, so do not forget to grab a coffee and maybe even treat yourself and take a bag of speciality coffee beans home with you.

Location: Plaza de los Mártires Ciriaco y Paula 4

Speciality coffee

2. Next Level Specialty Coffee

This cafe close to the historic centre of Malaga was opened in 2020 by a lovely Argentinian-Spanish couple. Next Level Specialty Coffee will serve you amazing speciality coffee brewed perfectly by their talented Baristas. Sit inside to enjoy the quaint hipster place and maybe even order something to eat as well. They serve pastries, cakes and also savoury snacks which make it a perfect place for breakfast as well. Alongside their regular beans from the Malaga-based roaster Mountain Coffee, they also serve coffee by other fantastic guest roasters. Step inside and treat yourself to an excellent cup of speciality coffee in Malaga at Next Level Speciality Coffee!

Location: Calle Panaderos 14

Bertani coffee

3. Bertani Café in Malaga

On the list of best Cafes in Malaga, Bertani Cafe is indispensable. Bertani Cafe was the first coffee shop serving Specialty Coffee in Malaga which makes it an institution in the coffee scene in Malaga. They opened their doors in 2012 and serve delicious coffee ever since. Their motto is ‘Aroma para llevar’ which perfectly describes the place.

Bertani Cafe is a tiny Cafe bar, that is easily overlooked but definitely shouldn’t be. Particularly in the morning, the place is always busy. People on their way to work want to quickly grab a cup to go before going to the office. Although serving people in a rush, the coffee does not lack taste or quality. Their Specialty Coffee is by a Barcelona-based roastery called Café de Finca. Bertani Cafe offers the perfect coffee to start the day in the city centre of Malaga. If you are also looking for a sweet treat to start the day, they have a selection of vegan cookies you need to try!

Location: Calle San Juan 40

best cafe in Malaga

4. Delicotte Specialty Coffee & Tea

Delicotte is a small coffee bar close to the Picasso Museum in Malaga. The mixture of white tiles, light brown wood and black walls makes the bright and colourful logo stand out, making the Cafe look modern yet cute. This special cafe is not only for those who call themselves coffee lovers but also for those who love to enjoy a hot and fresh cup of tea. Delicotte serves its own specialty coffee as well as tea. The lovely staff clearly knows what they are doing so get enchanted by their excellent coffee or tea. As this Cafe mixes tea and coffee culture and exceeds all expectations in taste and flavour, Delicotte deserves to be called one of the best cafes in Malaga.

Location: Calle Méndez Núñez 3

coffee in Spain

5. Best Cafes in Malaga: Kima Coffee

Kima Coffee is a high-quality coffee roastery as well as a coffee shop. Due to the completely white interior with simple details, this stylish, modern cafe in Malaga has a very clean look. Kima Coffee has very high standards for its speciality coffee and highly values transparency. In 2022 Kima coffee won 1st place in the Spain Roasters Competition. The lovely staff is very well-trained and always helpful and ready to answer any questions customers might have about coffee. One of the reasons the baristas are so excellent is that Kima coffee attaches particular importance to the knowledge and skills of brewing. Thus, Kima Coffee even offers courses for professional baristas as well as for amateurs.

Kima coffee will impress you with amazing flavours and skills. Take a moment to enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee with beautiful latte art and watch people passing by one of the best cafes in Malaga. If you are craving something sweet, we recommend trying their homemade banana bread. Do not miss out on Kima coffee and its exquisite specialty coffee in Malaga.

Location: Calle Carretería 51

best coffee in Malaga

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