Specialty Coffee in Granada: Top 6 Best Cafés

Are you a coffee addict? Do you try to avoid big American chains? Do you love to support local businesses? If you screamed out a big “YES” to all these questions then you surely enjoy these lovely coffee places in Granada. In recent years many Specialty Coffee places have opened their doors in Granada to satisfy everyone’s coffee needs while still considering sustainability and high quality.

With the third wave of coffee beginning in the 2000s, smaller coffee roasters opened their businesses. They are particularly concerned with the quality of beans, the origins of the beans, and the professional knowledge of the barista. Moreover, sustainability as well as treating and paying the coffee farmers fairly, play a big role in the third-wave movement. Speciality or Specialty coffee is way more than just a means of staying awake. No Speciality coffee tastes the same as they have different flavours depending on the roasting process. The flavours range from hints of different fruits to chocolate to nuts. If you want high-quality coffee, check out these cafés offering Specialty Coffee in Granada.

1. La Finca Coffee

One of the best Cafés in Granada is La Finca Coffee. Hidden in a cute little Calle close to the Cathedral de Granada, you can enjoy the amazing La Finca coffee. They have their own roastery and you can buy the beans directly in the café. Inside, the café is kept rather simple with a lot of black and white and some wooden details in between. This interior gives off an industrial vibe with a hint of Hipster flair.

Stepping in you will most likely find some students and freelancers working on their laptops enjoying their freshly brewed Specialty Coffee. The well-trained barista will enchant you with a life-changing sip of this Specialty Coffee in Granada. Furthermore, if you get the chance to sit outside, you can enjoy not only your delicious beverage but also the view and atmosphere of a cute little Spanish alley. A plus for people who do not like to drink cow milk, the oat milk is free!

Specialty coffee in Granada
La Finca coffee

2. Kamaleon Coffee

Another great place for Speciality Coffee is Kamaleon Coffee in Granada. It is close to the train station in Granada and it is definitely worth stepping inside if you are looking for a delicious cup of coffee. The yellow walls, the colourful art, and the plants make this place seem very friendly and welcoming. You will want to sit down with good company or even bring your laptop and work there as they have free wifi access. Furthermore, they have a big selection of homemade cookies which you will not be able to resist. Enjoy a cup of Specialty Coffee in Granada accompanied by an exquisite cookie!

best specialty coffee in Granada
Kamaleon Coffee

3. Perspectives – Café & Honest Food

If you are a coffee lover, or foodie, and care about sustainability and fair trade, Perspectives is the place for you. Their philosophy is to combine creativity and sustainability that caters to all diets. They offer vegetarian as well as vegan options and change their menu seasonally. Moreover, they work with local suppliers and most of the ingredients they use are organic. This is one of the best cafés in Granada because of its delicious Speciality Coffee as well as tasty brunch food and cakes. Among their regular Specialty Coffee beans, every week Perspectives also serves coffee roasted by guest roasters. While exploring the Albyzin neighbourhood, stepping into this place to get Specialty Coffee in Granada is a great idea. This cosy café in the Albayzin in Calle Elvira is perfect for a coffee break or a snack if you are hungry.

best specialty coffee in Granada
Perspectives café

4. Kona Specialty Coffee in Granada

Kona cannot be missing from a list of best cafés in Granada. Not only do they have amazing Specialty Coffee but also a variety of breakfasts and toasts including vegetarian and vegan options. Kona Specialty Coffee in Granada offers a wide range of coffee from national and international roasters. If you enjoy the coffee you can purchase a bag of beans there and take them home right away. While there is not too much room inside the café, they have a nice seating area outside with plenty of tables. Looking at a cute little square, we would recommend sitting outside while enjoying this delicious speciality coffee in Granada. This place is great if you are curious to try different speciality coffees but also enjoy great aesthetics at the same time.

Beautiful cups at Kona Specialty Coffee

5. Despiertoo Specialty Coffee in Granada

Depiertoo Specialty Coffee is a modern and stylish third-wave café in Granada and an unmissable stop for all coffee lovers. They roast their own beans and are particularly careful and transparent with their farming in Guatemala. Despierto is the Spanish word for awake. However, this coffee is so much more than just for waking you up. You can taste that the people behind Despiertoo Specialty Coffee are passionate about what they are doing and have extensive knowledge about growing, roasting, and brewing. Despiertoo also offers breakfast and some sweets like a life-changing cheesecake that you need to try. Step into this amazing café in Granada close to the Cathedral and enjoy an incredible high-quality cup of coffee!

speciality coffee Granada
Despiertoo Specialty Coffee

6. La Tienda de los Unicornios

La Tienda de Los Unicornios which translates as the Unicorn shop is another great café in Granada offering specialty coffee. They offer excellent speciality coffee to go as well as to stay. We recommend staying and trying something from their completely vegan menu while enjoying the cute and eclectic interior which matches the bohemian vibe. It is a great place to enjoy brunch combined with amazing coffee in Granada. Moreover, you should bring your friends as they have a cupboard full of board and card games that you can borrow and play there. Don’t miss out on this fun place with delicious food and heavenly Specialty Coffee in Granada!

best cafes in Granada
La Tienda de Los Unicornios from the outside

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