Seville Neighborhoods: Top 7 Districts to Visit

As the capital of Andalucia, Seville has a lot to offer. The world-renowned architecture and the rich history in Seville are why tourists from all over the world visit this unique city. From the famous Alcazar and the huge Giralda to the breathtaking Plaza de España – the sights in Seville seem endless. Around every corner, you find something new and special. Enjoy flamenco dancers on the street, listen to street musicians or dive into some outstanding tapas at a bar in a small alley. These small and spontaneous things make the experience in Seville incomparably wonderful. It pays off to spontaneously wander around in Seville and explore the diverse districts. Seville neighborhoods are all a little bit different and are known for specific things and people. Check out the best and must-visit Seville neighborhoods.

Seville neighborhoods
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1. Santa Cruz Seville

Santa Cruz is the old Jewish neighborhood in Seville. This district is known for its fantastic architecture and it is home to many of the main sights in Seville. Due to the attractions, this area is usually very busy with tourists. Nevertheless, the cobbled streets of Santa Cruz have not lost their charm. On the central Plaza towers the stunning cathedral of Seville, Giralda, with its Moorish architecture and beautiful details. Keep walking to find the century-old fortress the Real Alcazar in all its glory and grandeur. One of the most wonderful streets in Santa Cruz is Calle Agua which runs alongside the walls of the Alcazar leading you to the Plaza Alfaro. On this square is the balcony which allegedly inspired the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. Furthermore, in this Seville neighborhood, you can visit the Museo del Baile Flamenco. This museum not only shows the history of Flamenco but it serves as a stage for live Flamenco performances.

Stroll around Santa Cruz Seville, to be enchanted by its colourful narrow streets and dreamy squares. You will stumble upon cute little tapas bars which will blow your mind. The best way to experience Santa Cruz is by aimlessly walking around and getting lost in its beauty and mesmerizing atmosphere.

Seville nieghborhoods
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2. El Centro – Seville Neighborhoods

Are you looking for the commercial shopping area in Seville? Then check out El Centro. It reaches from the Puerta Real to the Puerta Osario which encompasses the bustling main shopping area in Seville. Moreover, Calle Sierpes and Calle Tetuan are famous shopping streets. From expensive to affordable, you will find what your heart desires. El Centro is also home to the big department store El Corte Ingles. However, El Centro is more than just filled with shopping opportunities. Sights like the Town Hall, the Setas de Seville, a modern wooden structure and viewpoint, as well as the Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador are located in El Centro de Seville.

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3. Feria

The hippest place to be in Seville is Feria. Feria literally means ‘Party’. Obviously, this district cannot be missing from the list of best Seville neighborhoods. The barrio surrounds the street of Calle Feria. This Street is full of Vintage and Second-Hand stores as well as cute cafes. Furthermore, it hosts the best fleamarket in Seville every Thursday! Walking along this rundown yet charming street you quickly realize that Feria is the artsy and alternative neighborhood in Seville. Every other facade is embellished with amazing graffiti.

The young mullet-wearing Hipsters will go to Alameda de Hercules at night. This is the best spot to party. You will find one bar next to another and in between also some fun clubs. This district is also home to most of the gay and LGBTQIA+-friendly bars and clubs in Seville. This district is exciting and very different in contrast to the rest of the city which could be considered a bit buttoned-up. Feria, on the other hand, with its shabby, grungy yet colourful and welcoming atmosphere is the best place to experience a different Seville.

Hipster neighborhood Spain

4. Triana – Seville Neighborhoods

Cross the river to get to the working-class neighborhood Triana where you will experience a very different atmosphere. Walk along the Calle Betis next to the river and enjoy the colourful facades of the houses. Due to this street’s multitude of bars, it is known for its vivacious nightlife. Within Triana, you can find plenty of flamenco shows as well. Generally, it is a very vibrant neighborhood filled with artists and musicians. Furthermore, this barrio is famous for its historic tile potteries where you can find and buy the most beautiful tiles in Sevilla. This is perfect if you are still looking for the perfect souvenir!

Triana barrio

5. Arenal

Arenal is a more fancy neighborhood in Seville. The barrio stretches around the stunning-looking 18th-century bullfight arena. This neighborhood is a rather expensive residential neighborhood which becomes noticeable watching the well-dressed crowd in the tapas bars and restaurants during lunch there. This district used to have Seville’s port and played an important historic role in Columbus’ world exploration. If you want to know more about the history of Arenal, check out the interesting Naval Museum. Nevertheless, the main attraction of this Seville district is the bullring as it is also one of the most important and gorgeous ones in Spain.

Seville neighborhoods
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6. Macarena – Seville Neighborhoods

The Seville neighborhood of Macarena is located north of the city centre. This is where you can visit the biggest remaining part of the Moorish city wall. This magnificent old monument stretches from the Puerto de la Macarena to the Puerta de Cordoba, which used to be the entrances to the city. Although this district is home to one of the oldest relics of Seville, in recent times it became a lot more modern and commercial. The Andalusian parliament and the Mercado de la Feria can be found in Macarena. Furthermore, this district is also the starting point of the Semana Santa processions, every year during Easter. Check out this stunning neighborhood to experience the mix of old and new in one district!

7. Distrito Sur

Walking south from the city centre you will reach one of the most impressive Seville neighborhoods: Distrito Sur. Since Seville hosted the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929, this district got an immensely expensive yet beautiful makeover. In Distrito Sur, you can walk through the most beautiful park in Seville called Parque Maria Luisa. Step into this extravagant green world and admire its fountains, ponds and decorative details like beautiful and colourful tiles. Right next to this stunning park is the Plaza de España. Another one of Seville’s most impressive monuments. This is the perfect example of exceptional neo-mudéjar architecture. Beautiful tiles, stunning fountains, wonderful pavilions and bridges as well as a cute canal with pretty boats are part of this breathtaking Plaza de España. If you are lucky you can catch a spontaneous flamenco performance under one of the great arches at this monument. Distrito Sur is also home to multiple museums like the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions and the Seville Aquarium.

Plaza de Espana
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