Best vintage shops in Seville: Our Top 9 Favourites

If you are looking for vintage shops in Seville, look no further! Seville, the capital city of Andalusia, has everything that second-hand shoppers and thrift store enthusiasts can think of! While there are many types of vintage stores in Seville, from antique furniture to vintage knickknacks, in this article we only collected and present the vintage clothing stores we recommend you to check out!

1. Best vintage shops in Seville: Ropero

vintage shops in seville

Ropero is a vintage and second-hand clothing store in the heart of Seville. This store is one of the staples of the vintage scene. What’s more, the good news is that they offer cheap and eclectic styles of clothing. Other than their vintage clothing selection, check out their small vinyl collection!

Where to find Ropero: Address: Feria, 37, 41003 Sevilla

2. Flamingos Vintage Kilo Sevilla

You might be already familiar with Flamingos Vintage since it is an American vintage clothing chain. As the name suggests, this vintage store is selling clothes by weight. Moreover, their clothes are of North American origin and they sell selected good quality vintage clothing. They usually receive their deliveries from their headquarters in Texas, and the prices are reasonable: €13kg, €24kg, or €39kg. So if you are looking for unique American vintage pieces with a particular style and mostly in perfect condition, do not hesitate to check out Flamingo Vintage Kilo in Seville.

Where to find Flamingo Vintage in Seville: Website, Address: Jesús del Gran Poder, 61, 41002 Sevilla

3. Wonder Vintage Sevilla

This is for the thrifters who are looking for fashion treasures when shopping second-hand! Wonder Vintage has authentic, retro vintage styles and unique pieces. They have women’s and men’s clothing too so we are sure you will find something for yourself. And this might be a unique feature, but Wonder Vintage is obsessed with vintage printed shirts! You wouldn’t believe it but they have hundreds of patterns, vibrant colors, floral prints, animals prints, and the list goes on and on! Besides that, they have retro, printed band t-shirts that differ from the mainstream ones everyone is wearing. Additionally, the owner, Mercedes Muñoz opened her vintage store after starting out selling vintage clothes on Instagram! It is truly a success story.

Where to find Wonder Vintage Sevilla: Website, Address: Correduría, 46, 41002 Sevilla

4. Humana

vintage shops in seville

Humana is a second-hand clothing store chain, so you can find their stores in Barcelona, Madrid, and other bigger Spanish cities. In addition, they have the type of authentic, sustainable, economic fashion with a committed social purpose. Buying secondhand is better for everyone and Humana tries to make vintage shopping accessible and sustainable. Plus, sometimes they have special sales when you can buy clothing items for only 1€! Make sure to check out their deals before you visit them.

Where to find Humana: Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, 52, 41003 Sevilla

5. Mosaico Vintage

Did someone say sustainable fashion and second-hand vintage? Mosaico Vintage caters exactly to that. This vintage shop chain offers retro styles and a wide range of quality pieces for affordable prices. Similar to the store mentioned above, Mosaico Vintage also has many special sales and seasonal offers to check out their Instagram page or Facebook page to get up to date.

Where to find Mosaico Vintage in Seville: C. San Eloy, 17, 41001 Sevilla

6. Moda Re- Sevilla

vintage shops in seville

Buying second hand is buying sustainable, and Moda Re- knows this and takes it to the next level. What makes them different from the other shops though is that beyond selling second-hand clothes, they also provide employment for people who are socially excluded. Since the textile industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet, they believe saving, recycling, and reusing clothing is linked to caring for the environment. So just remember, if you shop at Moda Re-, you support a very environmentally and socially conscious, sustainable, and responsible company.

Where to find Moda Re- Sevilla: Instagram, Address: Pl. del Salvador, 11, 41004 Sevilla

7. Península Vintage Clothing

Península Vintage Clothing has mainly 80s and 90s-inspired vintage clothing. The keyword with their vintage store is colorful. If you come here, you will find some quality pieces transported from Tokyo, London and Bangkok. But besides that, their mission also includes finding clothing items from Andalusia to reduce the environmental impact of shipping clothes. At Península Vintage Clothing you will find some durable clothes from the late 20th century that already proved to stand the test of time. Check out their Instagram for some cool clothing!

Where to find Península Vintage Clothing: Website, Address: C. Puente y Pellón, 18, 41004 Sevilla

8. The best flea market vintage shops in Seville

Mercadillo Hippie Artesanal flea market

At Plaza del Duque, you can find the hippie flea market booth and one of the best vintage shops in Seville! From Wednesday to Saturday you can visit this place between 9 am and 8.30 pm. Here they sell second-hand clothing and accessories, handmade pieces, especially jewelry, etc. Perfect for original, one-of-a-kind pieces and special souvenirs!

Where to find the Mercadillo Hippie Artesanal flea market store: Pl. del Duque de la Victoria, 25, 41002 Sevilla

Zoco del Parque María Luisa flea market

vintage shops in seville

At one of the most unique flea markets in Seville, you can find some amazing secondhand clothing pieces. Every month on the third Sunday, from 11 am to 3.30 pm, you have to visit the flea market in Parque María Luisa, the park located next to Plaza de España. As the collection always changes, we cannot guarantee that you will find a specific type of clothing. But this is the fun part of it: stroll around the park and spontaneously discover the best pieces of the flea market!

Where to find the Zoco del Parque María Luisa flea market store: P.º de las Delicias, s/n, 41013 Sevilla

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