The Best Miradors in Granada – Top 12 Best Views of the City

Granada is a city that captivates the senses. The sight, with impressive monuments such as the Alhambra, the Cathedral, or the landscapes contemplated from its viewpoints. The smell, of the jasmine-scented streets of the Albaicín neighborhood. The hearing, with the flamenco zambras of Sacromonte. Its history is through the touch of the millenary stones and the taste of its gastronomy and tapas. Granada has much more than can be told.

Let’s discover the best miradors in Granada from where at least our sight will be delighted.

1. San Miguel Alto Viewpoint

Best miradors in Granada
Best miradors in Granada

It is situated next to the Ermita de San Miguel Alto. It is one of the highest viewpoints. From it you can see a wide panoramic view of the Vega, the Albaicin, the Alhambra, and in the distance the Sierra Nevada. For this reason, this is one of our favorite miradors in Granada.

You can get there on foot from the Albaicin neighborhood, by car from the rest of the city, or by bus using line 9 from the Triunfo stop. We recommend you treat yourself with something to eat while you enjoy the scenery.

2. Mirador Vereda de EnmedioBest mirador in Granada

After visiting the Mirador de San Miguel Alto, follow the paths to the Sacromonte neighborhood. This is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Granada but also one of the least known. This area is full of caves which nowadays are used for flamenco shows. You can also visit them and discover how the gypsies from Europe and Africa lived in the 15th century.

3. Abadia del Sacromonte Viewpoint

The Abadia del Sacromonte is a huge artistic, cultural and religious complex and consists of the Santas Cuevas, the Abadia of the 17th century, the College of the 17th century, and the Seminary. It is also one of the first private Universities in Europe that was founded here.

If you plan to visit the Abbey, you should know that it preserves a very valuable heritage. However, not all of it can be visited: much of it can be found in the Abbey Museum, the Plataforma de Vico, the oldest map of the city of Granada.

4. Silla del Moro Viewpoint

Continuing with the highest viewpoints in Granada, this viewpoint is ideal for the more adventurous. You can go hiking and at the same time enjoy incredible views of the city. One of the best hiking routes is the Ruta Silla del Moro from where you can see the Alhambra and the city. The viewpoint has free access and is also open on weekends.

It can be reached on foot from the San José Cemetery or from the end of the Paseo de Los Tristes.

5. Mirador Placeta de Carvajales

If you prefer to minimize your climbing this is a particularly good viewpoint with a great view of La Alhambra. It is one of the most beautiful squares in the Albaicín quarter. It consists of a courtyard with a small fountain, where you can see the Alhambra reflected in the water. Locals often walk their pets here and relax on one of the scenic benches.

To get there you have to walk up the streets of the Albaicín.

6. Viewpoint La Mezquita Mayor

This mosque is the first Muslim temple in the city of Granada. Inside you can also visit the Centre of Islamic Studies and a beautiful garden. From this garden, you can enjoy incredible views of the Alhambra, the Albaicín area and the Darro. Admission is free and you can get there by bus (line C31 or C32) or walk from the Mirador de San Nicolas.

7. Mirador de San Nicolas – Best mirador in Granada

Best miradors in Granada
Best miradors in Granada

Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful viewpoint in Granada. The beauty of this viewpoint is indisputable as you will have in front of you the Alhambra and the Generalife, as well as the city and the Sierra Nevada. To these views, we must add the music of the artists who play in the square and the lively atmosphere of all the people who visit this viewpoint.

Although it is very busy at the time when the sun starts to go down, if you do come to visit Granada then you should not miss the sunset from here! If you want to enjoy these views for longer, just below the viewpoint there are restaurants where you can enjoy the gastronomy of Granada with views of the Alhambra.

8. Mirador Aljibe Cuesta de las Tomasas

Walking up the cobbled streets of the Albaicin you will come to this viewpoint. Here you should turn around before continuing on your way and gazing at the Alhambra between the little white streets of the neighbourhood.

9. Carmen de Los Geranios viewpoint

Also close to the San Nicolas viewpoint is a beautiful house which houses a museum. This place was the residence of the artist Max Leon and has now been converted into the Max Moreau Museum. Inside you will discover a recreation of the life of this painter. But also through his canvases dedicated to still lifes, portraits and landscapes you will see his passion and love for his city. When you go out onto the terrace from the gardens you will have beautiful views, which makes this viewpoint one of the best miradors in Granada.

The museum can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:30am to 1:30pm and from 4:30pm to 6:00pm and admission is free.

10. Mirador Ojo de GranadaBest mirador in Granada

Just on the other side of the Albacin is this viewpoint, this time with incredible views of the Cathedral and the historic centre of the city.  It is located next to the famous Calle Elvira, a street known for its tea shops, restaurants and souvenir shops. Enjoy the best western side views of Granada!

11. Viewpoint Carmen de la Victoria

The Carmenes are characteristic houses of Granada with gardens and orchards inside. From this particular viewpoint you can enjoy the gardens as well as a beautiful view. Admission is free, but reservations are required. You can get there on foot or by bus C1 or C2.

12. Mirador Casa del Chapiz

Opposite the Mirador Carmen de la Victoria is this stunning mirador. It is one of the most important houses in the Albaicín and has beautiful gardens with fountains. The entrance fee is 2 euros and like the previous viewpoint it can be reached by bus or on foot.

13. Mirador Lavadero del Realejo

It is located in the upper part of the Barrio del Realejo, known as the Jewish quarter of Granada. This viewpoint is also called Lavadero de la placeta de la Puerta del Sol. Its name comes from the gate that was featured in the Zirid wall. To get there you will have to walk through the streets of the neighbourhood until you reach the upper area.

14. Viewpoint of San Cristobal

This is one of the highest viewpoints in the city, from which you can see a panoramic view of Granada and a different perspective compared to the other viewpoints. For us, this is one of the best miradors in Granada from where you can see the Zirid wall and the Palace of Dar-Al-Horra. It can be reached on foot or by bus using the C31 and C32 lines.

15. Mirador La LonaBest mirador in Granada

This is one of the best miradors in Granada, from where you can see, next to the Cathedral, the houses of the historic center surrounded by trees. Our recommendation is to go during the sunset when the sky is covered with a reddish color.

As you can see, wherever you are in Granada you have wonderful views of the city. Whether you plan it or not, walking through the streets, you will reach the best viewpoints. All you have to do is take comfortable shoes and start discovering. What are you waiting for?

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