Going from and to Granada by train: schedules and lines

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Are you planning on spending some time in Granada and you’re looking for fun things to do? Do you like day trips around the region but you also want to be comfortable? We have the solution just for you. An excellent way to move around in Granada’s suburbs is by taking the train. Are you up for a longer trip? There are lines that leave from Granada Train Station and go as far as Barcelona. Things might be a little complicated for a person who just now arrived in Granada, but we are here to help. In this article, you find everything you need; information about going from and to Granada by train: schedules and lines.

Granada is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia and the whole of Spain. The region, in general, is worth exploring once you’re in the city and you can do that very easily! Even though the most convenient way would be renting a car, taking the train is more comfortable and obviously cheaper. Buckle up and keep reading to find out more information about tickets, schedules, lines in Granada and everything you might need.

Going from and to Granada by train: Granada Train Station

Conveniently situated near the main sites of gorgeous Granada, the city’s small train station brings those arriving in the city close to all the action. You will find it at the convergence of Calle de Halcon and Calle Doctor Jaime Garcia Royo. Trains are an easy way to travel to and from the city of Granada, it is also possible to take trains from Granada (RENFE) Train Station to towns in Granada province.

Destinations from and to Granada by train

The regional train network runs services between Madrid and Granada, taking 4 hours 25 minutes. High-speed AVE trains offer trips from Madrid to Grenada from 3 hours 55 minutes. There’s also a night train from Barcelona that is on the plan so that passengers arrive at Granada in the morning after a refreshing night’s sleep.

Coming from the west, Seville to Granada can be done in 3 hours 15 minutes by train. However, the station is currently being remodelled, and the rail services running through are being reduced during this period of time. This is all part of adding Granada to the New Rail Access to Andalusia that will connect central Spain to the region.

If you need to go to the city centre, the N1 and N3 buses stop opposite Granada train station and go there directly. The Granada Airport bus line (blue colour in contrast to the red urban buses) runs services according to flight arrivals and departures. There is also a taxi rank that you can use outside the station.

Go to Madrid from Granada by train

So you’re in Granada and you decided to visit Madrid by train. Or you are in Madrid and you found out how easy it is to reach the beautiful Andalusian city and you need more information. You’re in the right place! Here’s everything you need to know.

First things first, you should know that there is an AVE train that connects Madrid with Granada. What is an AVE train though? AVE stands for Alta Velocidad Española (literally High-Speed Spanish). They are high-speed trains that can reach 300 km/hour (186 miles/hour) speed and operate on special high-speed tracks. There is 568 km of high-speed tracks between Granada and Madrid.

The AVE train has three departures from Granada: at 7:10, 16:00 and 19:18; and three departures from Madrid: at 7:20 (7:35 on Saturdays and Sundays), 14:35 and 19:35. It takes about 3 h 05 min – 3 h 19 min to get to Madrid from Granada. There is one stop in Antequera, which is 47 minutes away from Granada; and another stop in Córdoba, 1 h 21 min away. The price for a ticket in economy class with a flexible rate is between 30 and 80 euros for one way.

Go to Barcelona from Granada by train

Barcelona is another very popular destination for both locals and tourists from Granada. A lot of people find the perfect chance to visit both cities no matter how far away they are from each other. But don’t worry, by taking the train from granada you can arrive easily in Barcelona in just a few hours. And all this while being comfortable and admiring the view outside your window.

Details on how to get to Barcelona by train from Granada

The AVE takes about 6 h and 25 min from Granada to Barcelona. There is a daily train departing from Granada at 15:35, and from Barcelona at 6:50. During the journey the train stops at six different places. These are: Antequera (50 min away from Granada), Puente Genil (1h 11 min away), Córdoba (1h 38 min away), Zaragoza ( 4h 29 min away), Lleida (5 h 16 min away) and Camp Tarragona (5h 48 min away). The trip to Barcelona costs between 60 and 120 euros one way ticket with Flexible fare.

Go to Seville from Granada

Last but not least, you can visit the beautiful city of Seville with the train as well. The journey time between Granada and Seville is between 2 hours and 20 minutes and 2 hours 45 minutes. Trains stop at Loja, Antequera-Santa Ana, Puente Genil-Herrera and Córdoba before they end up in their final destination. In Córdoba the trains have to reverse the gear to change the direction, so the stop here is a bit longer (about 5 mins).
Keep in mind, the fastest bus from Granada to Sevillemakes the trip in 3 hours, and the slowest in 4 hours and 30 minutes . In comparison to train tickets the bus price is significantly cheaper, between 5 and 30 euros but the train is faster and more comfortable. The minimum fare for the Seville – Granada train is 47 euros. If you buy a rail pass, the travel journey will also be cheaper.

Take a look at the time schedule for trains between Seville and Granada below

Where can I buy train tickets in Granada?

If you’re eager to plan your trip you need to know where to find the tickets you need. There are three ways to buy your train tickets. The first one is to buy the online on RENFE’s website. The second one is to buy them in Granada’s train station where you can pay either by cash or card. There you can also get more information about ticket changes, refunds and bookings. You can also call RENFE and arrange your tickets by phone, but it is not recommended.They do not have a free call number and it could be very expensive to call them from a mobile phone.

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