The Most Romantic Restaurants in London: 5 Spots for an Unforgettable Date

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Are you thinking of surprising your partner with a romantic, unforgettable dinner? Well, finding a restaurant that provides a perfect setting for your special getaway moment can be hard sometimes. A dimly-lit, intimate place, soothing music, a roaring open fire, a cosy corner, a delicious bottle of wine, some glowing candles, that’s all you need! We have collected some of the most romantic restaurants in London that will take your breath away as soon as you walk through the door. Keep reading until the end and choose one from the list to have an intimate meal with the person you love.

1. Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden

Details: 33 King Street, WC2E 8JD ££££

Covent Garden’s multi award-winning Clos Maggiore is continuously voted the most romantic restaurant in London, for good reason. This magical place is a timeless classic when it comes to romance, drawing inspiration from the country inns of Provence and Tuscany. Luxurious wood panelling, cherry blossom-decorated glass roof, twinkling fairy lights and open fire crackling in the stone fireplace, all add up to the cosy, warm and inimitable atmosphere. Clos Maggiore has a seasonally inspired classic French cuisine with a truly impressive wine selection. You get bold flavours combined with chic presentation and charming sommeliers will eagerly help you to choose the perfect bottle of wine for your menu.

When you make your reservation, make sure to specify where you want to sit to avoid being disappointed. Moreover, it goes without saying that the waiting list can be months long, so you have to book you place well in advance.

This place will make you feel as if you were floating between this world and a fairytale wonder. Not surprisingly, many choose this place to propose to their beloved…

2. The Most Romantic Restaurants in London: Andrew Edmunds, Soho

Details: 46 Lexington Street, W1F 0LP ££-£££

Don’t expect anything fussy here, this place is all about unpretentious romance and cosiness. In the evening, when the candles are lit, you’ll be carried away by a nostalgic and authentic atmosphere reminiscent of bygone times. Not every date should be about refined elegance, sometimes a lovely chat over flickering candlelight and a glass of tasty wine is worth more. Old style romance never gets old, and this lovely shabby chic style wine bar and bistro will provide a perfect spot for you. If you want to have exceptional food with good portion sizes for a reasonable price combined with a wide-ranging and reasonably priced wine selection, this is your place.

Just make sure you book in advance, it’s very popular! One more thing, trying their polenta cake is a must, it’s excellent.

3. Berners Tavern

Details: 10 Berners Street, W1T 3NP ££££

Berners Tavern represents genuine, timeless elegance. The beauty of this place will leave you dazzled and speechless. There is one huge alluring lobby bar which looks fabulous with its portrait-lined walls, ornate plasterworks and exciting gilt-framed artworks. If you want to make a huge impression on your partner this place will sweep them off their feet. Furthermore, the solemnity of this restaurant makes it a perfect spot for celebrating such an important milestone in your life as a wedding anniversary. You deserve to celebrate at this glamorous restaurant! Everything is pleasantly here dimly lit setting a perfect ambience for luscious romance.

Attentive staff, exciting cocktails, excellent service, mouth-watering food, breathtaking ambiance which is art in itself, you’re almost guaranteed to spend an amazing evening at this gastronomic gem.

4. The Most Romantic Restaurants in London: La Poule Au Pot, Belgravia

Details: 231 Ebury Street, SW1W 8UT ££££

What come to your mind when you hear rustic cuisine soaked in the breath of Provence? Yes, you’re absolutely right guessing France, the country of pure romance. Feeling the passion of Provence in a cosy little London restaurant sounds impossible, right? But it is very much possible. La Poule Au Pot offers an authentic re-creation with its cosy little nooks, vintage tableware, wicker baskets and bunch of grapes hanging above your head, twinkling lights, and last but not least fine, rustic food made of excellent ingredients. Get yourself cosy in one of the lovely little tables with a candle flickering on it. Choose a tasty glass of wine from the decently priced wine list. Don’t be surprised, it’ll be served in carafe bottles.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be the romantic type, this quaint gem is guaranteed to bring out your inner romantic. Having a magnificent candlelit dinner in this unique French establishment is unmissable if you’re in London and you crave for eating at a truly romantic spot.

5. The Colony Grill Room

Details: 8 Balderton Street The Beaumont, Brown Hart Gardens, W1K 6TF  ££-£££

Do you want to be transported back to the 1920s and have a lovely, romantic meal among vintage snaps sitting on a red leather banquette? If so, the Colony Grill Room is your spot! This effortlessly chic New York-style grill room provides a perfect place for an intimate meal. Here you can taste transatlantic favourites like steaks, crustacea or shellfish. Once there, try the pumpkin risotto, it’s out of this world!

Excellent food prepared by chefs with an impeccable culinary background, welcoming and vintage atmosphere, compact but wide-ranging wine list, swift and courteous service, all of this will warm up your body and soul. This is a perfect spot for a first date or for celebrating anniversaries. Looking a little bit like a Gatsby club lounge, the restaurant is simply fabulous and the atmosphere is wonderful. It will be a very memorable date for sure!

Before you go, please find the official links of the restaurants here:

1. Clos Maggiore
2. Andrew Edmunds
3. Berners Tavern
4. La Poule Au Pot
5. The Colony Grill Room

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