How to seek free accommodation while traveling

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Traveling is kind of expensive. You need some money if you want to admire the beauties around the world. Especially for young people, it’s not that easy to afford a lot of trips. With maybe just a half-time job and rent to pay there’s not that much money left for holidays. Also, for every other generation, it could be interesting how to save some money during your trip. I will show you how to score seek accommodation while traveling.

Stay with family and friends

Why not visiting your uncle in Melbourne during your trip to Australia? Having family and friends all over the world is a big advantage while you’re traveling. They can always give you free accommodation instead of paying for a hotel or hostel. Especially if you’re only staying for a couple of days it’s the ideal place to stay. Also, it’s the perfect chance to visit these friends or family members.


Wild camping

The perfect accommodation for those of you who like adventure and nature. Camping is such an easy way of traveling. Everything you need is a tent, a mattress, and a blanket. You can get those things quite cheap on the internet. Or just have a look in your basement and attic. It’s not the most convenient place to stay but it’s for free. You just need to be careful in which country you’re camping. Not every country allows to camp on public land!

Free accomodation while traveling: Loyalty programs

Earning points on your Credit Card while you’re flying

A way to get free accommodation while traveling is loyalty programs. Frequent flyer programs, for example, work very well. Some airlines or credit card companies give you points for every flight you take. You can usually use these points to get a lot of free things. If you don’t want to use the points to get a discount on your next flight, use them to get a free place to stay. Lots of hotels work with airlines, so you can use the points you received to pay for your accommodation. Always make sure you receive the points after your flight if the airline has a frequent flyer program.

Work exchange

Au pairing

Work exchange is another way to seek free accommodation while you’re traveling. Usually, you work for somebody and they will give you a place to stay. Most of the time they also provide you with food and a small wage. You can do any kind of work, depending on where you are and what you want to do. On the one hand, you can work for families, babysit or teach the kids. An example of this is Au pairing. On the other hand, you can also work for all different kinds of organizations and help them with their voluntary work.


Also, Couchsurfing could be a way for you to get free accommodation. In this online network, people offer their spare bed or couch to travelers. It is absolutely free and you get to know local people. If you’re lucky they will show you around their region and introduce you to the country.

Free accomodation while traveling: Write a travel blog

It will be a very hard and long way until you finally find free accommodation with your travel blog. You have to be very good at getting the attention of people and gathering subscribers. Hotels will only give you free accommodation if you have a lot of influence on people with your blog. If you’re reaching many people with your blog, hotels can use your stay and your videos as a promotion for future guests.

There are more ways to save some money during your trip. Have a look at our article about the top 10 tips to save money while traveling.