Top 10 countries for cheap beer in Europe

This is the perfect chance for beer-lovers to get to know the top 10 countries where you can find cheap beer in Europe. Also, the average price of a beer says a lot about the costs of living in a country. Furthermore, this index could help travelers to pick cheap and affordable destinations and it normally represents the average prices of a country very well. I will show you the top 10 countries where you can get the cheapest beer in Europe.

No. 10: Belgium

The first country on our list for the cheapest beer in Europe is Belgium. The average price for a pint in Belgium is 1,50€, which is already quite cheap and it’s only number 10 of our ranking. Belgium is famous for its middle age cities, as well as its architecture from the Renaissance.

No. 9: Lithuania

Trakai. Lithuania

The next country that you can visit, if you are searching for cheap beer in Europe, is Lithuania. The price for a pint here is almost the same as in Belgium, only one Cent less (1,49€). Lithuania is also one of Europe’s hidden gems and it’s the perfect destination for outdoor activities like camping, biking, or hiking.

No. 8 of the top 10 countries for cheap beer in Europe: Poland

Poland is our number 8 of countries for cheap beer. If you order a pint in Poland they charge you about 1,47€ on average. It might be a little bit more in touristic hotspots like Warsaw or Krakow but still an affordable price. The number of visitors in Poland increases every year. This is because of the variety of activities and things to do in the country. Poland is full of historical monuments, as well as beautiful nature.

No. 7: Hungary

Number 7 of the top 10 countries for cheap beer in Europe is Hungary. For instance, the average price for a pint is only 1,18€, you can get your beer in Hungary’s capital Budapest, located on the river Donau. Moreover, you can just order your cheap pint in one of the destinations around the Lake Balaton and enjoy nature.

No. 6: Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

The next country which I would recommend you for cheap beer is Serbia, you will get your beer for more or less 1€. For this reason, a good place to order a pint is the capital Belgrade, it’s one of the largest and oldest cities in southeastern Europe. Finally, the city is famous for its buildings from the time of communism.

No. 5 of the top 10 countries for cheap beer in Europe: Bosnia-Herzegovina

The first country in our ranking where the price for a beer is less than 1€ is Bosnia-Herzegovina. The average price for a pint here is 0,97€. Bosnia is a historical country with lots of villages from the middle age, lakes, and rivers. Apart from the capital Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina is also famous for its beautiful nature.

No. 4: Slovakia

Slovakia is number 4 of the top 10 countries for cheap beer in Europe. If you order a pint in one of Slovakia’s cities they will charge you an average of 0,93€. As a mountainous region, Slovakia is popular for activities in nature, such as skiing or hiking.

No. 3: Bulgaria

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We are already in the top 3 of countries for cheap beer in Europe. Our number 3, with a price of 0,91€, is Bulgaria. As a popular touristic destination, the country is very famous for its beautiful nature and beaches. In addition, in Bulgaria, there are a total of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

No. 2: Czech Republic

Czech Republic, country with the highest beer consumption per person

The second cheapest country in Europe for beer is the Czech Republic. The average price for a pint is only 0,84€. Also, Czech Republic is the country with the highest consumption of beer per person. As well as that, the capital Prague is a very popular and affordable touristic hotspot with a lot of things to do.

No. 1 of the top 10 countries for cheap beer in Europe: Ukraine

Ukraine, place where you find Europe’s cheapest beer

Finally, if you wanna have the cheapest beer in Europe, you have to go to Ukraine. Here you’ll find pints for only 0,58€, which is really cheap. Also, the cost of living in Ukraine is quite low, which makes it a good and affordable touristic destination. In addition to that, the variety of things to visit in Ukraine is astonishing. On the one hand, you have the coast and beautiful mountain regions. On the other hand, the country has unique cities, like Kyiv, with historic buildings and architecture.