Top 10 gift ideas for travelers

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Are you wondering what you could buy for someone who likes to travel? Do you want to make that friend happy and give him or her something that could be useful for their trip? Here are the top 10 travel gifts every traveler needs.

To ensure their mobile doesn’t die: buy a power bank

Nowadays almost everybody has a mobile phone. It’s useful to stay in contact with family and friends and for emergencies, especially when you’re on holiday. I’m sure your mobile phone went dead at one time or another. Above that, it’s quite annoying when you’re not at home or not near a plug where you can charge your phone. Therefore, my first recommendation for a travel gift is a power bank. Usually, they’re quite small, so you can easily fit them in your bag. From there on, your friends never have to worry again about their phone going dead.

Useful travel gifts: Earplugs

Journeys can get quite noisy. Especially when you’re using public transport such as the plane, train, or bus, which are often crammed with people. To make sleeping during your trip easier you can buy your friends some earplugs. With them, they won’t have to worry about noise during their journey. It’s also a very cheap present.

To rest during the trip regardless of the time: an eye mask

You can get your friends an eye mask with their earplugs to make sleep even better. Especially when you’re traveling during the day, an eye mask could be very useful. In fact, public transport often possesses lighting during the day and during the night. With an eye mask, they can simply cover their eyes and fall asleep easily. It’s one of the top travel gifts every traveler needs.

Charging electronic devices abroad: Buy an adapter

It depends where your friends are going, but usually, a must-have for travelers is an adapter. Countries have different types of plugs, so you might not be able to charge or use your electronic devices if you haven’t got an adapter. While most European countries have the same kind of plug, you need an adapter for example in the United States or for countries that used to be UK Overseas Territories.

Travel gifts: Extension cable

To charge or use different devices at the same time, without buying more than one adapter, an extension cable is a very good gift. It’s also useful if there’s no plug close to the places in your hostel or hotel, where you would need it. The extension cable makes your charger longer and you’ll be able to use your devices everywhere in the room.

Reuseable water bottle

A reusable water bottle is a perfect gift. On the one hand, you reduce your plastic consumption enormously. In a lot of countries, you can drink water just from the tap or even hotels offer you filtered water. On the other hand, drinks stay cold in the bottle. Ideal for countries with a warm climate. Furthermore, you can get the water bottles with different designs and a cute present will come out of them.

Dry bag

The ideal gift for friends, that are going on holiday at the sea, is a dry bag. It’s a waterproof bag in which you can put everything without getting wet. Perfect for boat trips or other water activities. Also, if you’re just relaxing on the beach or pool it’s very useful to put your towels, water bottles and, suncream in.

Travel gifts: Suitcase weigher

We’ve probably all been in this situation where you don’t know if your suitcase is heavier than the permitted weight. Especially in hotels you usually don’t have a scale to weigh your suitcase. For those situations, the light and portable suitcase weigher is the perfect travel gift every traveller needs.

Neck pillow

To make the flight or the ride on the bus more comfortable you can get your friends a neck pillow. Seats in planes, trains, or buses are usually not as comfortable. With a neck pillow, your trip gets comfier and it will help you to sleep better.

Card and photo

My last gift recommendation is probably the easiest and cheapest idea. A card and a photo is a very personal gift, everyone would be happy about it. On the card, you can just write some personal lines to your friends. And with the photo, they have something to place in the hotel room for some decoration. It’s a memory of your friends or family at home and one of the top 10 travel gifts every traveler needs!

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