Top 5 best solo travel destinations in 2021

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Solo traveling is the ultimate chance to gain self-confidence and enjoy new experiences. Especially for young people, it’s the ideal way to get used to adulthood without their parents. But also for every other age, it’s the perfect way to escape daily life. Are you interested in a solo trip this year? Here are the top 5 best solo travel destinations in 2021.

No.5 of the top 5 best travel destinations in 2021: Netherlands

top 5 best solo travel destinations
Amsterdam, Netherlands

You probably wouldn’t have expected it, but the Netherlands is one of the top 5 best solo travel destinations this year. It is the perfect place to visit for a relaxed and calm trip. I would especially recommend you the capital Amsterdam. Go and rent yourself a bike and discover the city while getting some impressions of a unique lifestyle. If you’re open to meet other people and get to know different cultures and nationalities, you might stay a few nights in one of the Netherlands hostels. You will get in contact with other solo travelers and you can explore the country together or enjoy the Dutch nightlife.

No.4: Canada

Moraine Lake, Canada

The next place in our ranking of the top 5 best solo travel destinations in 2021 is Canada. As a very low crime rate country, it’s the ideal destination for adventure- lovers. No matter how long you’re staying in Canada you’ll never run out of places to visit. There is a wide range of National Parks and activities from which you can choose from. You can visit Canada all year round, depending on which climate or activities you are keen on doing.

No.3 of the top 5 best travel destinations in 2021: Iceland

top 5 best solo travel destinations
Skógafoss, Iceland

Have you ever wanted to experience the Northern Lights? Come and visit the number 3 of the top 5 solo travel destinations in 2021, Iceland. This beautiful isolated island is the ultimate place to give your body and mind a break from your daily life. Iceland is not like your typical solo travel destination where everybody goes, but still the perfect place to discover nature on your own. Iceland has a variety of activities and it’s the ideal place for those who are interested in photography. Apart from that, it’s the people that make the country so great. You always feel welcome, no matter where you go, and you never feel lonely.

No.2: New Zealand

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

The smaller and cheaper version of Australia is stunning New Zealand. Why should you go there for your solo trip? First of all, the native language of New Zealand is English, which is quite a big advantage to communicate with locals. Second, it is a very safe country, so you’ll feel secure during your stay. Then, a lot of solo travelers go to New Zealand, so it’s very easy to get to know people in the hostels or during activities in the tourist hotspots. And overall, the country is enriched by its unique and gorgeous landscapes.

No.1of the top 5 best travel destinations in 2021: Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

In my view, the number one place to go to is Thailand. I would recommend this destination especially to people that are traveling alone for the first time. The main attractions in Thailand are visited by plenty of solo travelers from all over the world. On every corner, you find tour operators that show you how to travel from one destination in the country to another. Also, the cities are full of hostels where you get to know other people very easily and quickly. There’s a lot to do in this beautiful country. Furthermore, there’s the capital: Bangkok. It’s the ideal place to get some impressions of a chaotic Asian city. The south of Thailand is also worth a visit because of its beautiful beaches and unique nature. I’ve picked Thailand as my number one solo travel destination because of its variety of things to do and apart from that, it’s also very cheap.