Top 5 best cities for cheap shopping in Europe

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Each person travels for different reasons. Some people travel in order to swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach under the hot sun. Some choose to visit ancient cities with a rich history to enjoy the magnificent sights and masterpieces of architecture, and some go to places where they can do active sports — ski tourism, camping, rock climbing, surfing, etc. And some travel for cheap shopping in Europe.

Sometimes shopping in another country allows you not only to save money but also to find things that are not available in your home country. In addition, in many European cities, there are large outlets where rare branded items can be found and allow bargains from your favorite brand to be bought for much cheaper. In addition to original items from famous designers, there are many local shops, (both inexpensive and luxury) with stylish and quirky clothes in every country.

Of course, the most obvious shopping destinations are the fashion capitals of the world, such as Milan, Paris, or London. There, you can buy the most elite goods from the trendsetters of world fashion. However, even in these cities, shopping may not be so expensive. You just need to find out in advance information about places with affordable clothing brands and outlets. Which is why we do the work for you in this article exploring cheap shopping in Europe.


Spain is ideal for large-scale shopping. This country is the birthplace of popular brands for the middle class all over the world. Mango, ZARA, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Bershka, Stradivarius — almost every third inhabitant of the planet wears clothes of these brands. You can see affordable prices for all products in almost all the numerous stores in the country.

But even if there are stores of these brands in your city, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go shopping in Barcelona. The fact is that many designers only leave their collections in their native land. In addition, the clothes that get to other cities may differ in both quality and price.

But, of course, there are hundreds of luxury boutiques in Barcelona. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, and many other stores are waiting for you on the boulevard Passeig de Gracia.


In Vienna, you can not only admire the unique architecture, enjoy strudel and listen to the opera, but also shop cheaply. The city is filled with modern shopping centers that seemingly harmonize with the old buildings.

The main shopping points of Vienna are the famous department store “Steffl”, where there are products of the most popular manufacturers; the shopping streets of Kerntnerstrasse and Ringstrasse with an abundance of various shops, and the old central market Nashtmarkt.


Amsterdam, the city of permissiveness can claim to be the capital of cheap shopping in Europe. The city is famous for its antique, second-hand, and jewelry salons, as well as the famous district of 9 streets. This is a large shopping area in the center of Amsterdam, with many shops, boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. All popular products, from vintage items to the most modern outfits from the best manufacturers in Europe, are concentrated in 9 streets.

It is almost impossible to get around all of these shops, but shopping on Kalverstraat, Harlemmerstraat, Utrechtsestraat, and Hoftstraat will be more than enough for you. There are about 1000 different shops for the best shopping in Europe on these streets.


Germany may never have positioned itself as a European fashion center, but this city will also delight you with a variety of places for pleasant shopping. Galeries Lafayette and the Ca-de-Vee Trading House are two huge complexes, where there are is a vast number of all the most popular shops.

What distinguishes shopping in Berlin from shopping in other European cities is a large selection of goods at affordable prices. Along with luxury brands, there are also stores for middle-class representatives, as well as the most budget brands. Historical souvenirs, such as pieces of the legendary Berlin Wall, are in particular demand here.


In Prague, it is pleasant not only to walk through the scenic streets but also to shop. Palladium is the largest shopping center in the Czech Republic, where all of the world’s best clothing brands can be found. You should also visit Wenceslas Square, crowded with dozens of shops. For connoisseurs of luxury brands, an elite Parisian street will be ideal. Especially popular in Prague are handmade leather products — bags, belts, or purses. And after a bustling shopping trip, you can relax in the local bar and drink a glass of the famous Prague beer.

So, many factors speak in favor of shopping in different European cities — a rich assortment, exclusive brands, proven quality. In addition, you can combine a pleasant acquaintance with the culture of another country with a cool shopping experience that will make your trip even more enjoyable. So, buy tickets and go on an exciting journey for the best shopping of your life!

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