Travel through Austria: 7 unmissable stops

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Are you looking for a destination with beautiful nature and stunning cities to escape daily life this summer? With a variety of things to do, Austria is the ideal place to go. Hiking, swimming, and sightseeing are all activities you can do this summer in Austria. I will show you 7 unmissable stops on your travel through Austria.


Travel through Austria
Palace Schönbrunn

As the capital of the country, Vienna is a must-see on your travel through Austria. Not only is Vienna the largest and most popular city in the country, but it’s also known for its high quality of life. In addition to this, people often refer to Vienna as “the city of music”. A lot of musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven lived in this city. However, one of the main attractions is the palace Schönbrunn. It was the summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. Also, the Vienna state opera is a must-see for music lovers. Furthermore, the Karlskirche, an old baroque church, is definitely worth it to visit.

Travel through Austria: Salzburg

Another stop you shouldn’t miss on your travel through Austria is Salzburg. As the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is an amazing city with beautiful baroque architecture located in the center. Salzburg has also one of the best-preserved city centers north of the Alpes.


Travel through Austria

Hallstatt is the ultimate destination for Asians, especially Chinese people. With around 800.000 visitors every year, Hallstatt is a very popular and quite crowded place to visit in Austria. Nevertheless, Halstatt, known for its production of salt, is definitely one of the 7 unmissable stops on your travel through Austria. The city of Hallstatt is located on a mountain and next to a lake. Picture-perfect views are turning the destination into a unique tourist attraction. Hallstatt is also the perfect spot for walks and a swim in the lake.

Travel through Austria: Krimmler waterfalls

Many of Austria’s attractions are natural spots. The Krimmler waterfalls are located in the national park of Hohe Tauern, close to the city of Salzburg. With a height of 385 meters, the Krimmler waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Austria and Europe. The 4km hiking route will take you about 1,5 hours. During the hike, you get to see the waterfalls from different perspectives. The national park is open from May to October and costs 10 Euro for adults and 5 Euro per child.

Ice Caves in Werfen

Another nature attraction in Austria is the Ice Caves in Werfen. Austria’s steepest cable car takes you up the mountain and to the entrance of the caves. From there, you walk with your tour guide into the 42 km-long ice caves. The caves are full of big icebergs which were formed during the centuries. These “ice-giants” emerged due to the snow which melts in summer. You can visit the caves every year from May to October.

Travel through Austria: The Grossglockner High-Alpes-Street

Travel through Austria
Grossglockner High_Alpes_Street

This 48km long route is ideal to see as much as possible during a road trip through the country. On your way, you will pass small lakes, fields, traditional mountain huts, and cute little restaurants. It is designed for tourists and there are plenty of short hiking trails that start from the Grossglockner High-Alpes-Street. Furthermore, there are restaurants where you can have traditional meals in front of a spectacular landscape.

The Tscheppach Canyon in Kärnten

The canyon created over thousands of years by the rushing waters of the stream Loiblbach is the ideal sight in Austria for the summer. The trails along rivers, streams, and waterfalls are ideal for families. It also offers a wide range of trails. It’s the ideal destination to spend some time in nature. The Tscheppach Canyon in Kärnten is something you shouldn’t miss on your travel through Austria.

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