Top 5 most inexpensive countries in Europe for an unforgettable vacation

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When it comes to traveling in Europe, everyone imagines France, Italy, or Switzerland. However, there are many other beautiful, but inexpensive countries in Europe that are less known. Despite this, these countries also have magically beautiful nature, magnificent architecture, and delicious national cuisine. In addition, traveling to less popular destinations is also a great way to save your budget.

Eastern Europe is one of the most profitable destinations for travel. In this location are the most inexpensive countries in Europe. At the same time, a vacation in these countries can be really amazing. The countries of Eastern Europe are famous for a comfortable mild climate, beautiful nature, mountains, thermal springs, ancient architecture, and rich culture. Sunny Spain and Portugal can also boast very affordable prices for travellers. Among the inexpensive Nordic countries, Finland occupies an honourable place.

The most inexpensive countries in Europe: Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country of beautiful nature, rich architecture, a warm sea, and the hospitality of local residents. You can go here for an inexpensive family vacation, especially with children, and equally inexpensive and high-quality treatment. “Winter” Bulgaria is a great place for beginner skiers, as well as for youth companies.

Sozopol, Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, you can find everything that a modern traveler needs. There are beautiful beaches, spiritual places, and healing springs, the amazing interweaving of architectural styles and ancient monuments, wonderful nature, ski resorts, and clean air. The resorts of Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Golden Sands, Rusalka, Sunny Day, and many others are available for those who love beach holidays. We should mention that in 2018, eleven Bulgarian beaches were marked with the Blue Flag meaning that they are very clean and well-equipped.

The size of the country allows you to cover several regions at once in one trip. There are not many large cities in the country, but you can spend the whole vacation just to explore the capital Sofia and Plovdiv.

The most unexpensive countries in Europe: Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most unusual countries in Europe. It is a mixture of the Adriatic Sea, mountains and lakes, traces of the Venetian past in architecture, Muslim traditions, and clean, healing air. The most popular locations in Montenegro that are definitely worth visiting are the Bay of Kotor (one of the most beautiful places), the resort of Herceg Novi, Petrovac with convenient beaches, Ulcinj with very interesting places. Montenegro is very compact — you can drive from one end of the country to the other in less than a day by car. All those who do not want to spend all their savings on a vacation will be satisfied with a trip to the country — prices in Montenegro are very affordable.

Kotor, Montenegro

The most unexpensive countries in Europe: Poland

Poland firmly occupies the place of one of the most inexpensive countries in Europe. Poland appeals to fans of both cultural and active rest. There are many beautiful cities in Poland that are worth seeing at least once in your life — majestic Warsaw, ancient Krakow, dynamic Wroclaw, and charming Gdansk on the Baltic Sea coast. Each city can please travellers with beautiful architecture, many inexpensive restaurants with delicious dishes, and fun parties at night.

Colorful houses in Wroclaw, Poland

Fans of active recreation will also enjoy a vacation in Poland. There are about 150 ski resorts in this country, where you can comfortably relax with the whole family. All Polish resorts are equipped with modern lifts and slopes of different levels of difficulty.


Moving to Western Europe, we draw your attention to beautiful Spain. Compared with nearby Italy and France, prices are much more democratic. Every town in Spain consists of unusual traditions, incendiary parties, or a refreshing taste of local beverages such as Tinto de Verano.

Tibidabo Amusement Park, Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a country with an ancient history and culture. This is a huge open-air historical museum, which is surrounded by seaside resort areas. Many resorts in Spain are recognized as the best in Europe. Connoisseurs of museums, history, culture, and ancient monuments can spend an unforgettable vacation in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Toledo, and other cities. Both large cities of the country and small towns preserve monuments of many cultures: Celtic, Greek, Phoenician, Roman, Arabic, Jewish, and Christian. The north of Spain with its unique beauty is ideal for lovers of rural tourism.


Finland is one of the happiest and safest countries in the world. This country is ideal for those who want to relax. Named “Land of a thousand lakes”, Finland attracts tourists with beautiful northern nature, a hot sauna, ski resorts, and delicious fish cuisine.

Helsinki, Poland

The capital of the state of Helsinki is viewed as a charming European province. Among its main attractions are the medieval fortress of Sveaborg, the rock-cut church of Temppeliaukio, the shopping street Aleksanterinkatu and one of the best museums in Scandinavia “Linnanmaki”. There are still many large cities in Finland. For example, Kuopio, Tampere, and Turku. There are many ski resorts in the country. The Aland Islands are a real paradise for fishing lovers. Tourists of all ages adore Lapland — the birthplace of Santa Claus.

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