Discover the best beaches in Sicily, south of Italy

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South of Italy is world-recognized to have the best beaches in the world. In particular, Sicily is one of the most popular destinations of the state, among both Italians and tourists. No doubt! The island of Sicily is bordered by three different seas: The Tyrrhenian Sea in the north and west, the Ionian Sea in the east, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Organizing a road trip through Sicily means swimming in three different seas. Given the fact that the island is not that big, stopping by all three of them won’t be that hard. How amazing is that? The water is warm and crystal clear, and the landscapes are breathtaking. Not only, but the entire region is also famous for its delicious food; Italians are famous for their cuisine, and this region is a great example of it. Keep going and discover the best beaches in Sicily!

The scale of the Turks

This is location definitely has one of the most unique landscapes of Sicily. Located between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle, you will find an impressive white cliff, right next to the beach and, of course, the sea. Bring your sunglasses, because the stairway can be dazzling! This amazing work of nature is made of soft limestone and white marl. The name Scale of the Turks (Scala Dei Turchi in Italian) probably comes from the fact that the ships of the Turks and the Arabs used to dock here. By visiting this place, you can do many things. You can sunbathe on the beach or you can climb on the cliff and admire the spectacular view.

Scale of the Turks
Scale of the Turks

Best beaches in Sicily: Cala Rossa

While exploring tuff quarries in Favignana, the main of the Egadi Islands, you may stumble across Cala Rossa. The latter is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Sicily but in the whole of Italy as well. The crystalline water of the Tyrrhenian Sea is surrounded by magnificent rocky cliffs, where you can admire the view and feel the true essence of Sicily. In between the reef, there is one little sandy beach that you can reach by boat, sailing the turquoise waters, or on foot, an impervious walk through the cliffs. The name Cala Rossa (Italian for Red Cove) comes from a historical battle that took place in 241 a.c. between Romans and Carthaginians, during which the blood of soldiers dyed the waters red.

Best beaches in Italy:Favignana

The Island of Women

The Island of Women (Isola Delle Femmine in Italian) is located a few miles near Palermo, an amazing Sicilian city. The location consists of two different nature reserves: it’s very important to respect and cherish what Mother Nature has created here. The municipality works a lot to safeguard the local flora and fauna. Not only, but it’s also the home of several Roman and Greek archaeological sites. To sum up, not only you will find a stunning beach and sea, but also a protected natural area and alluring constructions from the past. What more to ask?



The coastline of Cefalù, near Palermo, is one of the most stunning of the region. The turquoise, warm water makes the trip magical. Imagine sunbathing and admiring the view while sipping a slush (granita in Italian, a typical iced sweet). Moreover, the city holds a unique scenery; there are many caste ruins to admire, beautiful hills and historic streets. If you haven’t visited this charming hamlet in your life, I particularly suggest you to. You will be amazed!


The White beach

If you are planning to visit Lipari, you can’t miss Spiaggia Bianca (or The White Beach). Being one of the most famous locations in the Eolie Islands, it attracts tons of tourists every year. White pumice stone builds the seabed and decorates the landscape, creating an unusual contrast with the black sand touching the shore. I suggest going snorkeling to admire the ancient piers. These were once used to transport obsidian and pumice extracted from the quarries.


Best beaches in Sicily: The island of Rabbit

A few meters from the coast of Lampedusa, there is a sandy beach called Island of Rabbit (Isola Dei Conigli in Italian). You are probably wondering if the name recalls the presence of a rabbit. Well, unfortunately not. In fact, the word comes from “rabit”, very similar to an Arabic phoneme that can be translated with “connection”. When you visit this splendid island, go and look for an isthmus that, at times, emerges between the islet and the coast. Sicilian people know how to invent interesting names, indeed. The breathtaking view and the magnificent sea do the magic, making the island of Rabbit one of the best beaches in Sicily.

Top 6 best beaches in Sicily – Lampedusa

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