Travel corridors: list of Quarantine-Free Countries

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The good weather is coming and many people just can’t wait to get out of their country and explore a different environment and culture. Are you wigging out trying to plan your trips and holidays and finding out which countries you can travel to? Many countries still have high rates of Covid cases and this is why there are just a few options available in terms of tourist destinations at the moment. However, by reading this article, you will get to know about travel corridors and decide where to go.

1. Canary Islands

Travel corridors: Canary Islands
Canary Islands

You can access this autonomous Spanish region by presenting a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before arrival. This is the case for those arriving by air as well as by sea. In addition to that, you must complete and sign an online electronic form. By doing this, you declare that you have not had Covid symptoms in the last few days. Regarding restrictions, autonomous Regions are the competent authorities regulating access to these places. The situation in this part of the country is pretty laid back: open bars and restaurants and fewer restrictions. In general, a maximum of 10 guests can sit at each table. In Gran Canaria for example, catering establishments are open until 10:30 p.m, it is possible to have 6 people per table. Moreover, in general, is it also possible to visit museums and go to the cinema by following social distancing rules.

2. Cyprus

Travel corridors: Cyprus

From the 1st of April 2021, all passengers from countries in the “Green Category” are not required to hold a Covid-19 test certificate and to self-isolate. However, travelers from the Orange Category countries have to take the PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival. If you are arriving from a Red Category country, then you are also subject to a second test 72 hours after arrival; while you wait for the result you must isolate. As for the accommodation and catering establishments, they are open with limitations. From 15 March, restaurants are open until 9 p.m with a maximum number of 8 guests per table. Non-essential shops are open, not just those selling medicine and food

3. Travel corridors: Iceland


Since March 2021 the situation in this country has been improving. Therefore, on the 1st of May 2021, travel restrictions in this country will be based on the EU Traffic Lights map. From that time, travelers from low-risk areas (green and yellow) will be exempt from quarantine measures if they present a negative PCR result at the border. For what concerns travelers from other areas not considered to be at low risk, in addition to the first PCR test, they will also have to quarantine for 5 or 6 days and then take another test. What’s new is that those who are able to present valid proof of having been vaccinated against COVID-19 will not be required to present a PCR test, nor to quarantine after arrival.

So what’s the current situation like? Catering facilities and hotels are starting to reopen gradually. Stage performances, cinema showings, and other cultural events will be permitted with up to 50 audience members, all of whom have to be seated. But in this country, they are also taking into consideration other interesting activities such as Sky Lagoon.

4. Greece


This country is going to open its gates on approximately the 15th of May. Kestellorizo, Meganisi, Furni; Kastos are some of the covid-free areas, while islands with less than 1000 inhabitants are about to complete the vaccination program. These include Lipsi, Koufonissi Donousa, and Folegandros for example. To enter Greece you must present a negative covid PCR test 48 hours before arrival. This is not mandatory if you show proof that you are vaccinated or that you already had covid. However, you might have to take the test inside the airport if they pick you for random testing. If you test positive, you must quarantine.

5. Travel corridors: Seychelles

Travel corridors: Seychelles

The archipelago of the Indian Ocean opened to tourists on the 25th of March. You need a negative PCR test to enter, but you won’t have to quarantine. There are no travel restrictions in terms of commuting from one island to the other. The measures taken are the same as all the other countries. For instance, you should wear a mask, wash and sanitize your hands, keep a minimum distance of 1.2 meters from strangers. It is possible to use swimming pools and spas, as well as mini clubs. This is an appropriate destination in this period of time. Not only for its beaches but also because of its fascinating natural spots. Therefore, it is possible to try out many outdoor activities here.

6. Turkey and Kapadokya


Turkey is currently open as a tourist destination. All passengers arriving in Turkey by plane or boat should complete the Travel Entry Form 72 hours before departure. The HES code will be automatically generated and you have to bring it with you and keep it for your entire stay. You must also have a negative PCR test to enter. At the moment, the curfew is from 9 p.m until 5 am. But don’t worry, you will still be able to try out the traditional culinary products because restaurants are open from 7 a.m until 9 p.m. Moreover, while you’re here, don’t miss Kapadokya and its unique attractions, such as the air balloon ride or a visit to the typical caverns.

7. Travel corridors: Mexico

Chichén Itzá

Mexico, the last of the countries you can travel to, has opened its doors since the 1st of June 2020and it continues to do so. A Traffic Lights Map is in place here, which means each region has different laws according to the current situation. Every 15 days each region updates its information and decides whether or not to loosen its restrictions. Keep updated on the situation here. Quarantine and covid tests are not required to enter this country. However, we do advise you to make sure you don’t have the infection for the safety of everyone. You will certainly be able to enjoy Mexico’s traditional meals. What’s more, this is the perfect time to visit Chichén Itzá, the city of the Maya, avoiding cues and cramped spaces.

These were our countries you can travel to! Read about our top 5 easy sustainable tips for travellers here

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