7 national dishes you should try in Ukraine

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Ukrainian cuisine is very satisfying, delicious, and diverse. Neighboring states had a great influence on the formation of Ukrainian cuisine. Nevertheless, the national Ukrainian cuisine did not include the traditions of Old Russian cuisine, the connection with which was lost after the Mongol-Tatar invasion. Ukrainian cuisine has long been widespread far beyond the borders of Ukraine, and some dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, for example, borsch and varenyky, have entered the menu of international cuisine.

One of the most favorite types of meat of Ukrainians is pork. Housewives often prepare traditional lard from pork — one of the most important national dishes of Ukraine. Ukrainians eat salted, boiled, smoked, and fried lard, as well as cook on it and even use it in sweet dishes. Ukrainian cuisine includes an abundance of flour products. The traditional dish is baking from a simple yeast-free dough: varenyky, galushki, shuliki. Ukrainian cuisine is characterized by the abundant use of eggs. Vegetables also play an important role. Ukrainians use them as side dishes to fatty meat food or serve them as independent dishes with lard.

If you are going to travel to Ukraine in the near future, check out our list of national dishes that you should definitely try there.

National dishes: borsch

Ukrainian cuisine has given the world such a cult dish that has enriched the global cuisine as borsch. This is a complex beetroot-based dish, which includes up to 20 components. For the preparation of traditional borscht, Ukrainian use several culinary techniques. At the heart of any borsch (and there are many types of them in Ukraine) is the creation of a rich broth and easy frying and softening of vegetable dressing before placing them in a saucepan.

National dishes: varenyki

No less typical national Ukrainian dish are varenyky. Varenyky are made with a filling of mashed potatoes, stewed cabbage, mushrooms, or meat, then before serving they are flavored with fried onions or pork rinds-pieces of fat fried to a crunch. The filling can also be sweet: with cottage cheese, cherries, blueberries, grated apples. Sour cream is served with sweet varenyky. In addition, Ukrainian women make “lazy” varenyky: they cut the curd dough into lozenges or roll it into balls and cook until ready.

National dishes: kutya

In confectionery, Ukrainians most often use shortbread dough. Ukrainians use wheat, rye, and buckwheat to make cereals of various grinds and cook porridges and kutya from them. Kutia is a porridge that is prepared mainly for Christmas, New Year, and Epiphany. It is brewed from whole grains of wheat with the addition of raisins and nuts and watered with honey. Usually, Ukrainians eat kutya at the beginning of the meal. They serve low-fat milk with almonds, poppy seeds, or nuts for kutya.


Lard is not only a favorite product of many Ukrainians, it is a symbol of the Ukrainian table. Ukrainians serve it on the table as an independent dish in smoked, salted, or fried form, or use it as a seasoning and fat base for other dishes.


These are a kind of cabbage rolls with minced rice and meat, stewed in tomato sauce. Thanks to this combination of products, golubtcy have unusual taste qualities. The traditional fillings for golubtcy is rice and minced meat. But fillings with the addition of mushrooms, bacon, beans are also acceptable. Instead of rice, Ukrainians sometimes use buckwheat, wheat, and other cereals. Each housewife decides for herself what to fill the dish with, but still, the classic option is golubtcy in tomato.


Nalistniki is one of the national dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Ukrainians prepare nalistniki from thin pancakes, in which they wrap the filling. Fillings for the leaves are very different: minced meat, mushrooms, jam, poppy seeds, etc.  Although the most common nalistniki are pancakes with cottage cheese filling.  Ukrainians serve it with berry or chocolate gravy.

National dishes: Chicken Kyiv

You can try the famous cutlets all over Ukraine, not only in Kyiv. These cutlets are crispy on the outside and incredibly juicy inside. It is impossible to resist the tender chicken meat, golden crust of breadcrumbs, and creamy filling. Chicken Kyiv is a roll of chicken chops, deep-fried. Inside the cutlet, there is a piece of butter with cheese, mushrooms, egg yolk, herbs or garlic.

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