Weekend in Warsaw on a budget: 4 things you should know about

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The capital of Poland is a dynamic European metropolis with rich history and unique historical monuments. This is a city that is constantly changing and offers a different experience each time you visit it. So, read on and learn how to spend a weekend in Warsaw!

1. Weekend in Warsaw: Panorama of Warsaw

In the center of Warsaw, you can see the Palace of Culture and Science. It’s an example of socialist realism architecture, a modern visiting card in the city. From the observation deck on the thirtieth floor, you can see the panorama of Warsaw. You can admire the impressive skyscrapers and both banks of the Wisła. In the socialist realist style, after World War II, Poland also erected monuments, public buildings, and even entire neighborhoods, such as the Marshalkowski residential area (Marszałkowska Dzielnica Mieszkaniowa or MDM) in the surroundings of the Constitution Square (Plac Konstytucji) or the Muranów district, built on the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto.

2. Tastes of Warsaw

Warsaw is the culinary capital of Poland. Among the numerous gastronomic establishments, there are many dairy bars (bar mleczny) – budget fast-food restaurants, which opened back in the days of the People’s Republic of Poland. The food courts Hala Koszyki and Hala Gwardii, trendy places with dozens of restaurants and bars, make a real splash. Breakfast fairs and food truck conventions are very popular, as well as the Fine Dining Weekend and Restaurant Week festivals. To find out about gastronomic events, be it the opening of a new establishment, a food festival, follow the local portal. On the website, you can choose a specific cuisine or type of meal – everything to make your life more appetizing.

3. Weekend in Warsaw: Transport

The route to Warsaw depends on your strength and resources. There are at least three ways to get to the city: by train, bus and plane. But we do not write off alternatives – your car, hitchhiking, bicycle, walking on foot, are also a good way to move around. Public transport tickets are about PLN 3.40 (€ 0.80) for a 20-minute journey.

Weekend in Warsaw: transport

4. Accommodation

It is difficult but possible, to divide the districts of Warsaw by living standards. On top of all, of course, is Śródmieście. Wilanów, Mokotów, Sadyba are considered the other most prosperous. Those who are wealthy dislike the Wola, Praga-Północ, Ursus, and Włochy districts. But the division is quite flexible. For example, although Mokotów is not considered cheap, it is there that there are the most car thefts and burglaries. Furthermore, the industrial districts of Prague-Północ or Praga-Południe are gaining more and more popularity among young people, making their unsafety a stereotype that belongs to the past. There are about 1200 budget hostels in Warsaw. You can find the best option for yourself – in the center, in the forest, or even in an abandoned factory. However, if you get particularly unlucky, you can contact the Polish Youth Hostels Association (ul. Chocimska 28).

Weekend in Warsaw: accomodation

5. Weekend in Warsaw: Museums

There are about three dozen galleries and sixty museums in Warsaw for every taste: from the usual historical, artistic, natural, to the museum of caricatures or the Museum of Asia and the Pacific. Most of them have one pleasant thing in common: the days of free visits.

Weekend in Warsaw: Museums

The capital of Poland is a busy place, to come back from its gloomy past. The price has become the motivation for the new generation of young residents, who have helped promote enthusiasm, making it a popular tourist destination. The price is ideal for a short trip for a few days.

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