A weekend in Barcelona without breaking the bank

Beautiful Barcelona, located in the province of Catalonia, is a city that you should visit once in your life. It is full of history and culture. However, Barcelona is not the cheapest destination to go to, but it’s definitely worth it. I will give you some tips on how to spend a weekend in Barcelona without breaking the bank.

A weekend in Barcelona without breaking the bank: Accommodation

weekend in Barcelona

As it is a big European city, the average prices for a night in a hotel are quite high. We don’t want to break the bank, so we should look for a different kind of accommodation. Usually, hostels are the cheapest places to stay. That doesn’t mean that you have to sleep in bunk beds and share a room with other people. Hostels also offer private single or double bedrooms. Furthermore, you will get to know other travelers straight away. People with whom you can do activities during the day or go out at night.

A weekend in Barcelona without breaking the bank: Public transport

The public transport system in Barcelona is very good. You can get the Metro from almost everywhere and it’s quite cheap. Don’t spend your money on Taxis or Uber during your weekend in Barcelona! Furthermore, if your accommodation is in the city center, you can walk to pretty much all the interesting spots. For what concerns sightseeing in places that are a little bit further, the Metro is quick and easy.

Eating out

weekend in Barcelona
Market Barcelona

Like in every other touristic city, food and drinks are expensive. Also, restaurants at the beach or with a nice few are not the ideal places for eating out if you want to spend your weekend in Barcelona on a budget. Try to find places where local people go to. That’s where you’ll get the chance to eat traditional Spanish food and save some money.

Places you must visit

Sagrada Familia

1. Weekend in Barcelona: Las Ramblas

The first place where you have to go during your weekend in Barcelona is Las Ramblas. It’s a street with many trees and shops along the road. Starting at Plaça de Catalunya and finishing at the port, Las Ramblas is the perfect walkway to get some first impressions of the city. You also shouldn’t miss the big market while you’re in this area of the city.

2. The beach

Barcelona has a lot of beautiful beaches. Just take an afternoon off and sunbathe. It’s totally free and you might get the chance to meet other travelers. You can also do activities such as Beach Volleyball.

3. Weekend in Barcelona: Montjuic

With the Metro the Montjuic is only a few minutes from the city center. There’s a wide range of things to do here. On the one hand, there is the beautiful historic Castell de Montjuic. On the other hand, there is the modern Olympic Park which was built for the Olympic Games held in Barcelona in 1992. You also get to admire a stunning view over the city and the port on the other side of the hill.

4. Museums

Barcelona is full of interesting museums. Usually, most of them cost some money but on a Sunday you get the chance to visit some of them for free. From art museums to museums that focus on a wide range of topics, such as sport and the Olympics, I’m pretty sure that there’s something suitable for everyone in Barcelona.

5. La Sagrada Familia

Even if the entry to La Sagrada Familia isn’t free, you should at least visit the cathedral from the outside. This historical building, which has been having ongoing constructions since 1882, is a must-see during your weekend in Barcelona. Moreover, it’s one of Barcelona’s most relevant monuments.

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