A jam-packed trip: Top 10 fun things to do in Madrid

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. There are many factors in its favor: the gentle Mediterranean Sea, stunning architecture, majestic mountains, and rich cuisine. In addition, Spain is a very hospitable country where you will always be greeted with a smile from natives. Another added bonus: prices in Spain are really very, very affordable. You should start your acquaintance with this beautiful country from of course, the capital.

Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the heart of Spain. It is a city of extraordinary beauty with a large number of magnificent castles and palaces of various eras, cozy parks, and fascinating fountains. Millions of tourists come to Madrid every year to see the brilliant creations of world-famous masters of art, such as Velasquez, Goya, Rembrandt, Titian, etc., whose works adorn the halls of the Prado Museum. Anyone who visits Madrid will be impressed by its cultural and historical heritage (and, of course, by the cool night parties that make your stay in Spain unforgettable). We are sure that you already know off by heart all the sights that you can visit in Madrid. But what other interesting things can you do in the capital of Spain? We have prepared for you a list of 10 things to do in Madrid.

1. Fun things to do in Madrid: try gazpacho

In the hot season, Spain’s most famous cold soup, gazpacho, made from tomatoes and olive oil, will perfectly help you out. Gazpacho is made from mashed tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, garlic, onion, and vinegar. This is a very popular cold soup not only in Spain, but also abroad, and it is perfectly refreshing in summer. The Spaniards usually serve the soup separately, and they bring the vegetable mixture in a saucepan, so you can put as much as you need. Some restaurants are experimenting with gazpacho ingredients. Often you can even find strawberry gazpacho.

2. Walk through the rose garden in the city park

In the southern part of the Western Park, there is a stunning rose garden Rosaleda Ramón Ortiz — one of the largest rose gardens in Europe with an annual change of composition. Every year the rose garden is replenished with new types of flowers, which are evaluated in an international competition. You can freely come here during the competition and walk around the vast territory of the park.

Useful tip: You can get to the rose garden park by cable car from the Casa de Campo Park or by metro to Moncloa or Plaza de España station.

3. Have dinner at the oldest restaurant in the world

The Botin Restaurant (Sobrino de Botín) is the oldest and still operating restaurant in the world. You can even see a sign inside that says that the restaurant Botin got into the Guinness Book of Records. The Botin restaurant has four floors, but if you want to feel the atmosphere of the XVIII century (the restaurant was open at that time), then you should go down to the basement. It is very popular among visitors, so it is better to book places in advance on the restaurant’s website.

Useful tip: if you visit this restaurant, be sure to try the restaurant’s signature dish – baked lamb or piglet, which is cooked here according to old recipes.

4. Fun things to do in Madrid: go to a bullfight

When it comes to Spain, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is a bullfight. The roots of this tradition go back centuries and are associated with ancient Indian ritual games.

Bullfighting in Madrid takes place from March to October at the Las Ventas Arena. You can buy tickets right before the start of the performance (it’s better to arrive a couple of hours before the start) or on the official website. The beginning of the performance depends on the month, but not before 17:30. The bullfight lasts about two hours.

5. View the city from the gallery of the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid) is used as a royal residence only during official receptions. The rest of the time, the palace is open for excursions. Take a walk through the magnificent castles of the Royal Palace, admire the canvases in the art gallery, look into the Throne Room. And there is also a gallery in the residence of the Spanish kings, from where you will have a magical view of Madrid (Spanish kings once stood there).

6. See the annual procession of sheep through the city

If you go to Madrid in the middle of autumn, you can observe such an unusual phenomenon as the annual procession of sheep. At this time of year, shepherds lead their sheep through the city center, driving them from Castile-Leon to Extremadura, and in the spring they lead them back. For the people of Madrid, the sheep procession is a real holiday, so you should see it too!

7. Walk through the Sabatini Gardens

If you are tired of the bustling metropolis, go to the Sabatini Gardens. The Sabatini Gardens (Jardines de Sabatini) are part of the Royal Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid). They are one of the most peaceful and quiet places in the city. Here you can relax on a bench, walk through the boxwood labyrinths and feed the pigeons.

8. Dance on the roof of the Rooftop bar

But if you are a fan of fun parties, go to the terrace of the Rooftop bar, which is located on the roof of the Melia hotel. Here you will be able to participate in the coolest parties of the city in the company of Madrid residents. So take the elevator to the top, buy an amazing cocktail, and dance until the morning, enjoying the view of Madrid at night.

9. Have a picnic in the Spain Square (Plaza de España)

Spain Square is one of the central squares of the city with many fountains and monuments. Many Spaniards come here in the evening for a picnic when the heat subsides. Buy delicious tapas, a bottle of wine or beer, and have a great time in the main square of the city.

10. Fun things to do in Madrid: try a tortilla

Do you want to join the Spanish culture and have breakfast like a real Spaniard? Then order a tortilla – a Spanish pie made of potatoes, eggs, onions, and olive oil. Once it was food for the poor, but now tortilla is served in the best restaurants in Spain.

Where to try a tortilla in Madrid: the most famous tortillas in the Spanish capital are served in restaurants Casa Dani, Hevia, Taberna Pedraza, Pez Tortilla or Las Tortillas de Gabino.