4 things you must do in Seville

The beautiful city of Seville can be found in Andalusia, the southern part of the country. Today, it’s one of the most famous cities in Spain. There you can walk between the courtyards full of oranges and buildings of stunning architecture. Keep an eye out for flamenco dancing in the street and enjoy cosy plazas after dark. Seville is a dream come true for most travellers. Nowadays, it’s also known for its Holy Week and Feria celebrations, its famous cathedral and Royal Alcázar palace. The Andalusian capital is easy to walk or bike around. In its streets, Christian, Muslim and Jewish heritage is still visible today. You can always wander beyond the churches and religious sites and discover the multicultural past of the rest of the city. If you are eager to find out more about the sights and must-see places, here are 4 things you must do in Seville.

1. First thing you must do in Seville: Visit the Triana District.

triana seville - things you must do in Seville
Triana, Seville

When you first arrive in the city, try visiting the beautiful neighbourhood of Triana. Positioned right across the river from the city centre, the neighbourhood is very easy to reach. By walking or riding a bike there, you can also enjoy the view of the Guadalquivir river. In the past, this river used to separate the aristocrats from the poorer and working classes. The first thing you will see when you cross to Triana will probably be the traditional Triana Market. The market is a pretty covered space where some vendors sell fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. There you can also find coffee, pastries or souvenirs.

Take this chance to visit some historical places you can find around there. Underneath the market, you can find the remains of the medieval Castle of San Jorge. Nowadays there is the Museum of Tolerance. The exhibition focuses on the abuse of power by the Catholic monarchy throughout the years. Most importantly it gives the visitors an insight at some of the thousands of people who were imprisoned and tortured, such as Jews who had converted to Christianity but were suspected of secretly practising their previous religion. You can walk through the ruins of homes, stables and jail cells of that period and the admission is free.

2. Second thing you must do in Seville: Have some tapas in Triana

things you must do in Seville
Seville, Spain

After the sightseeing, find one of the multiple tapas places in Triana and enjoy some traditional Spanish food. It will be a great introduction to Seville’s food and Spanish cuisine in general. The area used to be very famous once and it has still kept its glory. Sailors and ceramics workers used to seek shelter there. This is one of the reasons why the residents still refer to the area as the Independent Republic of Triana. In this area of such an elegant name, you can find whatever your heart or your stomach desires.

You can always wander around by yourself or with your friends and discover some hidden gems of the region. If on the other hand, you would love to get some advice from the locals, we recommend you look for a food tour to join. There are a lot of them around the region, and a simple google search must bring lots of results. Find the experience that works for you and you will probably get the chance to meet other tourists too. No matter how you prefer to discover Spanish cuisine, don’t miss your chance to try anything that gets your attention.

3. Visit Setas de Sevilla

las setas - things you must do in Seville
Las Setas de Sevilla

Instead of spending all of your time on traditional museums and attractions, we recommend you add something different to your trip. It is the second out of the 4 things you must do in Sevilla. This interesting looking building is Metropol Parasol and also known as Las Setas or Setas de Seville which literally means “mushroom”. Las Setas is supposed to be the biggest wooden structure in the world. It actually looks like giant mushrooms joined together. You can find the building above the La Encarnación square in El Centro and we strongly recommend you pay a visit to it.

After you purchase your ticket inline or in person, you can climb up to the top of the building. The city is already pretty when you walk around but seeing it from above is an entirely different experience. You can also watch a 15′ video about Seville inside a room on the top floor of the building. In a basement under the structure, there is also a small museum where Roman and Moorish remains are on display. There is a market on level 0, whereas levels 2 and 3 are the outdoor terraces.

4. See a Flamenco Show

flamenco show - things you must do in Seville
Flamenco Show

You cannot visit the region of Andalusia without watching a Flamenco performance while you are there. The dance originated in the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It was and still is part of gypsy heritage with roots in Indian, Arabic, and Spanish culture. Flamenco is a defining marker of Spanish identity as it was also recently recognised by UNESCO’s World Intangible Culture Heritage. This form of art is a unique mix of the dance itself, but also the sound of the guitar and the song.

In Seville, you can choose from an array of places to enjoy a Flamenco performance. It depends on what you’re looking for or what you’d like to see. There is quite a lot of flamenco entertainment packaged for tourists which you can find with a simple search online. Some may include food and drinks or historical visits and information. One of the most popular places to watch such a performance is the Flamenco Dance Museum. It might be a small venue but is certainly offers an intimate experience, where you can be closer to the dancer.