Alternative Malaga: Hipster Guide to Malaga

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Malaga is known for its amazing beaches, beautiful fortress Alcazaba, the castle Gibralfaro, and the birthplace of Picasso. These are some of the many reasons why tourists from all over the world visit Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol. Sunny Malaga promises you a good time any day of the year. Soak up the sun on the beach or let the old town and its history enchant you. But what to do after you have seen the main attractions? Are you interested in experiencing the alternative side of Malaga? Alternative Malaga has a lot to offer to the hipsters travelling here. If you want to know all about the best hipster places to visit in Malaga, then keep on reading this hipster guide to Malaga.

Street Art in Alternative Malaga

Are you interested in Street Art? Then you will love Malaga. Malaga has a vibrant street art scene. The most important and colourful neighbourhoods are Soho and Lagunillas. Soho used to be a residential district for wealthier people. However, this changed and it has become rather run-down. Street artists saw the potential of this area and the initiative Malaga Arte Urbano Soho (MAUS) managed to breathe life into this neighbourhood again. They invited famous artists from all over the world to colour the neglected and run-down walls of Soho. They definitely did not disappoint. Lagunillas is a neighbourhood in the East of La Merced. It is a rather quiet neighbourhood as it is a popular residential area. More importantly, it is a colourful and vivid neighbourhood due to the amazing street art, you can find there. Stroll through these two neighbourhoods away from the old town to experience alternative Malaga.

alternative malaga
Photo by Danielle Suijkerbuijk on Unsplash

Rio de Malaga

A very (literally) underground place in Malaga is the river in Malaga. Due to dams, the river called Guadalmedina is mostly dry throughout the year. The riverbed thus has become an urban and hip place to hang out for young people. The city of Malaga has begun to transform the riverbed trying to improve the area. They planted a lot of trees and other greenery and created river walkways on the upper platforms of the river. It is supposed to become an urban green space of about five kilometres. Almost all year round you will find locals bringing their volleyball net to play a game. Furthermore, it has also become a popular canvas for graffiti artists. Frequently, you can see people doing photoshoots there, playing with their dogs, and listening to music on music boxes.

La Casa Invisible for Beers

The most underground place to drink in Malaga is definitely La Casa Invisible. It is a colourful inner courtyard with beautiful tiles and graffiti art on the walls. There you will find the alternative crowd of Malaga. While you can only buy beer there, you are also allowed to bring your own drinks. It is a communal space for everyone, a stage for workshops as well as social and cultural events, and activities.

Vintage and Second-hand Shopping in Alternative Malaga

If you are looking for some unique clothing in Malaga, check out these amazing vintage stores. There are a lot of amazing places to find second-hand pieces that will be perfect for your wardrobe. The best vintage store in the centre of Malaga is Peninsula. While the shop is rather small, there is always a great selection of vintage clothes and bags. Another great place is Mosaico. It is a lot bigger and you might have to search a little bit longer but there are always some beautiful gems to find. Check out their Social Media as they have amazing discount days every month. For some really cheap pieces, you need to go to Cudeca. It is a charity shop with clothes as well as other things. There are multiple Cudecas all over Malaga. You can easily find one near you.

Alternative malaga
Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Concept Stores

Malaga has some lovely concept stores, focusing on sustainability. Check out the Caramaba Store in the centre of Malaga. This is the perfect place to find presents. From jewellery and bags to decoration and water bottles – Caramba Store has plenty of beautiful and sustainable products for you or someone you love. Alternative Malaga is also home to Veganized. Veganized sells sustainable, vegan and non-toxic fashion. Among the brands are Armed Angels, Feuerwear and NAE. They also offer some zero-waste products and cool water bottles.

Hipster Malaga
Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

Hipster Cafes in Malaga

Check out these two coffee shops for the most amazing coffee and snacks. Mia Coffee House in the centre of Malaga offers sustainable third-wave coffee. The flavour of this coffee is simply amazing. Swing by for a coffee and something sweet and sit down in this Hipster coffee place in Malaga and just enjoy the alternative vibe. Another amazing place is Next Level Speciality Coffee. They also serve a really good breakfast! For more inspiration on the best cafes in Malaga, check out this article.

alternative malaga

Food and Snacks in Alternative Malaga

If you are looking for vegan and organic empanadas and sweets, go to El Cambio. Their wide selection of vegan empanadas is truly amazing. Furthermore, their vegan croissants are delicious as well. Check out Luz y Tierra, for plastic-free food shopping. This organic supermarket has a great selection of high-quality and local products. If you do not want to cook for yourself, you should go to Recyclo for the ultimate Hipster feeling. This place combines a Café with a bike shop. This cool yet cosy place serves food for everyone. Vegans will have a good time as well since there are a lot of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. Let’s be honest, what is more hipster than bikes and vegan food?

Plastic free
Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash

Pasaje Melendez Garden

Pasaje Melendez Garden is a very unique and alternative place in Malaga. Walking through an old metal gate, you will see beautiful pots and plants everywhere. Although the facades seem run-down, they are embellished with art. The combination of shabby and beautiful makes this place very special. This secret gem is rather hidden and you can easily overlook it, but you definitely should not.

Pasaje Melendez Garden

Vinyl and Records

For all the music nerds out there, you need to visit a vinyl store in Malaga. The best vinyl and record shops in Malaga are Mundo Vinilo, Sleazy Records and Disco Candilejas. Visiting one of these is a must if you love vinyl or even collect them. These shops have a wide variety of different kinds of music genres.

Photo by Mitchel Lensink on Unsplash

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