Best bookstores in Granada: Our top 5 favorites

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Bookstores are some of our favourites places in the world. Whether you are a person who loves to read in their free time or devour books every day, this article is for you. When you visit a new city, browsing for bookstores is a nice way to see more of the city. At the same time, you will be doing some shopping for new stories. If you find yourself in Granada, look no further, these are some of the best bookstores in Granada.

Despite being named a UNESCO City of Literature in 2014 and being the birthplace of famous poet Federico García Lorca, Granada is not known for many famous or celebrated bookstores. However, if you find yourself in the city looking for reading materials, you’ll find a good handful of nice places. You just have to look around a little bit to find bookstores in Granada that are worth visiting. But don’t worry, we got you! We made it easier for you to browse for books of your favourite genre. Get lost in aisles full of stories in Spanish and English while enjoying your time in this beautiful city. Read below to find out more!

1. Best bookstores in Granada: Librería Praga

Javier opened the bookstore in 1997, a year of the financial crisis during which he decided to make a living as a bookseller. He believes he was naïve to think that only by being a good reader you can start a bookstore from scratch. But the truth is that he could and he did it very well. This happened especially because, already in 1997, he had what he calls “intuition” that Internet sales were going to be something important. So he opened the bookstore in May and in June of that same year he already had a website for online sales.

For Javier, his bookstore on Gracia Street has always had a local and universal function. Local because it is closely linked to the Magdalena neighbourhood and universal, because of its presence on the Internet.

What is so special about this bookstore in Granada?

Praga is “an old bookstore that sells some new books”. Its catalogue, like its personality, also has a dual function: literary and popular. New and used books. The new books they bring are the ones they like, no “bestsellers”, and they focus on the literature and essays they choose. Their eagerness to select is the most characteristic feature of this bookstore. However, the opposite happens with used books: they try to have everything, the widest possible range. It is, in short, a literary bookstore, independent, away from the commercial madness, and in which there is no shortage of classics or those well known and loved books for which time does not pass. You can dive into their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to visit one of the best bookstores in Granada.

2. Librería Inusual

For the owners of Librería Inusual, setting up a bookstore has been almost like a revolutionary act. That’s because with the rhythms of today, with everything digitized, they have decided to stop the world and invite people to stop there with them. They found and got their perfect place in Natalio Rivas street in March of last year. So, as they say, they had to be very patient. But the good thing about things that are done slowly is that they can be done well. They made their shelves themselves and set up their beautiful bookstore -with exquisite taste-, which opened its doors for the first time in September of the year of the pandemic.

Without having dedicated an enormous amount of time to the thought of setting up a bookstore of their own, at some point, suddenly, all the steps they had taken in life led them to now have Inusual. And they were indeed very happy with that, of course. They managed to have one of the most beautiful and best bookstores in Granada despite all difficulties.

In Inusual you can find a catalogue that is very focused on small publishers, and on books that are a little bit more different. They also have a lot of art there: paintings, photography, tapestries. They also sell a lot of handicrafts by artists from Granada. You can buy there through their website (deliveries usually take about 24/48 hours) and you can also see on their Instagram and Facebook how beautiful Inusual is.

3. Ubú Libros

This beautiful bookstore was opened seven years ago. The owner had been working at the bookstore Praga for seven years and, with the experience she gained there, she decided to go one step further and open her own bookstore. In this way, she felt she was taking over the baton from other bookstores that were closing. She started with Ubú in Realejo and then moved to Buensuceso Street. Since 2019 she has had a new partner and a new location, on the same street, although a couple of doors up.

Ubú started selling old books and then decided to complete the collection with new books. These were not so easy to find second-hand: novelties, living writers, books by women. So they began to focus on independent publishers and genres that did not have so much room in other bookstores. Some of them revolve around poetry and theatre. Ubú has now many shelves full of books that different people will like. Mountains of books that people who pass by recommend, the infinite contributions and different experiences that everyone contributes to. Ubú not only has a lot of character, but it also has many personalities, which are those of everyone who passes by. This is why it is included in this list of the best bookstores in Granada.

A more particular feature of this bookstore is that many activities are held there. Some are more bookish, such as book presentations; others include all kinds of arts: films, exhibitions, concerts, theatres, and reading workshops. They say that their key is to listen to what people propose and say yes to everything. If you want to enter now you can see their Instagram, Facebook and their website, where you can also buy online.

4. Best bookstores in Granada: OVNI Bazar Bizarro

OVNI has been open in Granada for almost five years. The owners life has always been linked to comics and books in general. So she decided to set up the bookstore and satisfy her need to live surrounded by them; perhaps because of the fascination she had since she was a child for Asterix, Tintin, Valerian, Papyrus, Lucky Luke etc. We love the space, and the atmosphere and we couldn’t omit it from this list of best bookstores in Granada.

OVNI is an amazing store but seeing it come to life has been an adventure. The owner studied Fine Arts and has worked for the French and American market as a colourist and layout artist. . She studied Graphic Arts and worked as a graphic designer until nine years ago; then she founded her publishing house Libros de Autoengaño. It was on a tour of alternative book fairs, in 2016, that the idea of Ovni was born in Duquesa Street.

OVNI is very difficult to describe because it is an authentic “bizarre bazaar”. The owner, Lucía likes it when they say it is a bookstore “for girls and queers. It is, after all, a cultural space, that it is inclusive and safe for many people. But what Lucía likes most about her space is that “it makes all people feel good”. Stop by her Instagram and stop by the physical shop, if you have the chance. Or browse the online store, which has expanded its sales to all of Europe.

5. El Tiempo Perdido

El Tiempo Perdido was born in Marqués de Falces and changed premises in the middle of last year; it is now in Puentezuelas street. The new location is amazingly beautiful. The people who work there are also very nice and that’s why it is in the top five best bookstores in Granada; as it is more than logical. The bookstore is very active on social media and they have many recommendations with great taste and respect for literature. They also have a podcast, “El Tiempo Perdido” and they have projects for workshops, presentations and other types of events.

For the people who work there, being a reader is fundamental, and in the bookstore, it is also appreciated. The owner says that to be a good reader (also a good bookseller) “you have to have time, read a lot and know how to explain what you read”. In general, the spirit of this bookstore is to sell books that can stand the test of time, whether they are current or not. Don’t miss your chance to go visit them when you are in Granada or stalk them on social media.

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